Sony Has $5.1 Billion To Spend on Acquisitions Until 2024

What is next for the multi-media giant?

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  • In 2021 Sony announced their 4-year plan spanning from 2021-2024 in which they would spend 2 trillion yen in order to push their gaming and entertainment services
  • Following the 2021 announcement, Sony acquired various gaming and multi-media studios. 
  • In 2022 they had one of their biggest acquisitions to date by acquiring Bungie, developers of the Halo and Destiny franchise, for $3.7 billion in order to further their hold on the live-service games.
  • From 2023-2024, Sony still currently has $5.1 billion to spend on further investments.
  • Rumors suggest this amount could go towards a potential acquisition of Take-Two Interactive.

It seems that more acquisitions and investments from the media conglomerate are on the way, as Sony still has $5.1 billion left to spend on future prospects by 2024. The statement came from Sony’s own Morgan Stanley during a conference. 

Back in 2021, Sony claimed that it will spend 2 trillion yen, or in other words, $18.39 billion, on investments toward its gaming and entertainment services. Part of it would also include a push toward Sony’s plans for its subscription services.

Following this, in 2021, Sony acquired various notable studios such as Nixxes Software, Bluepoint Games, and Housemarque. 

Afterward, in 2022, it was reported that they still had $10 billion still left to spend, which was confirmed by the company itself in February. Following this was one of the biggest headlines of 2022 when the company acquired Bungie for an insane $3.7 billion to expand its grasp on the live-service market. 

The Bungie acquisition was followed by numerous small-scale acquisitions and investments in various gaming and other entertainment services, as well as a billion-dollar investment into Epic Games last year. 

Now in 2023 and beyond, they still have $5.1 billion left to spend. It is unclear as to what that investment might but a majority of Sony’s investments over time have been in the gaming space, with a handful of acquisitions being in other departments such as film, television, and music.

The majority of the aforementioned information was spotted by a user called “James Sawyer Ford” on NeoGAF. 

Amid the recent culture of rapid acquisitions, there have also been rising concerns about a system of monopoly in the gaming industry.

Sony has also adamantly opposed Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, constantly struggling to create hurdles for the company to halt the deal.  

However, if the deal does indeed go through, it suggests that Sony might fire back with a large acquisition of their own.  

Recently there have been rumors going around of Sony acquiring Take-Two Interactive, the publisher of IPs like Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne, Borderlands, and Red Dead Redemption. It would certainly not be a surprise if Sony were to acquire such a major publisher, especially considering that it has a market cap of just $20 billion. 

Could we expect a swift retaliation from Sony against Microsoft once the deal goes through? We will all find out in due time. 

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