Sony Patents To Personalize Game Narration And Difficulty For Every Player Using AI

The gaming system will also utilize the historical data of a user to craft a very personalized experience.

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  • Sony recently published a patent that discusses personalizing games’ narration and context to make each player using AI unique.
  • The difficulty and the provided assistance of a title can also be personalized for each user based on the experience level. Thus, the opponents will grow with you.
  • The proposed system may utilize historical interactions of a player with the game and the other entries played in the past to form the experience level.
  • For instance, a player may request help from a game of tennis to learn mechanics at any time, and the opponents and the map may get harder with experience level.

We stumbled on a patent recently published by Sony dubbed “PERSONALIZED DATA DRIVEN GAME TRAINING SYSTEM,” which seeks to customize video games fully to ensure each user receives unique assistance. Moreover, the legal document also aims to personalize game narratives and the specific contexts in video games.

As per the patent, the video games and the in-game training will be adapted to match every player’s unique style. Moreover, “a narrative of the video game is personalized to an experience level of the player. Similarly, assistance in interacting with a particular context of the video game is also personalized.

The image shows an example that monitors players’ interactions with games over time to provide personalized experiences.

Personalization will be implemented using the collected knowledge of every user. Every player’s experience level will affect how the game differs for them. “The computer system causes a presentation of the context in the video game such that the video game is adapted to the experience level of the video game player.

The image shows an example flowchart for adapting a video game and providing assistance.

Sony’s new method will also deeply analyze how the other players have played the game at the same experience level, influencing how the personalization is adapted for the new user.

The other players at the similar level will still alter the experience of a user in an indirect way, as noted by Sony’s patent. “For instance, the gaming system determines narratives in the video game of the other players at the same experience level. The video game is adapted based on one or more of the narratives.”

The experience level is based on data includes “historical interactions” with the said entry and the titles played in the past by the player. All of the accumulated information will then be utilized in either guiding the player or creating a virtual opponent to train.

Further, the gaming system generates a virtual player to challenge or coach the player and improve the player’s gaming skills. The skills of the virtual player is also set based on how the other players have played the video game.

The image reveals an example flowchart for adapting a video game and providing assistance based on a player’s experience level.

The virtual player will be seemingly adapted to have a similar or a little better experience level as the player. Sony states using different neural networks in an AI model to generate unique game contexts and narratives, as well as assisting every player in coaching them efficiently throughout the game. So, the foes will grow in skills with you.

The gaming system implements an artificial intelligence model to build the knowledge. For instance, the artificial intelligence model utilizes a number of neural networks. A neural network is trained based on interactions of video game players with one or more video games.

Sony iterates an example of a tennis game, noting different steps where the player may request help from the gaming system for a particular feature. For instance, if the user struggles and fails to complete a certain context (like hitting a tennis ball for a few times), the system will provide assistance by guiding the player.

A beginner player is ready to play a tennis set and requests a demonstration of how to score points. The adaptive agent demonstrates sequences of controller actions that the beginner player can invoke, where these actions relate serving a tennis ball, responding, smashing the ball, and/or other tennis-related actions.

The image reveals an example system that presents a visual instance of a virtual assistant.

Moreover, an instance of how the game’s narrative or context will be personalized according to every player is also explained through the Tennis example. A more difficult Tennis map will be generated for players with a better experience, leading to a more competitive and enticing match-up. 

The context generator 518 learns that as tennis skills improves, players are more likely to compete in advanced tournaments on difficult turf. If the player’s game session data 540 indicates that the player is a professional and has been winning tournaments, a tennis court with a real grass turf in a prestigious stadium is generated.

The newly proposed system could change the landscape of AAA games, and we could witness every player having unique experiences to match their skill levels. Its integration could lead to unique replayability because the entry will be able to adapt to a user’s changing experience and narrative by adding personalized difficulty.

Sony is well-renowned for filing a plethora of enticing patents as it continues its race against Microsoft to patent all the wild ideas. For instance, it recently published a patent to create in-game asset generation using voice. Another peculiar patent by the giant conglomerate explores the notion of a controller with proximity sensors.

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