Source Code Of Capcom’s Countdown Reveals Resident Evil And More

Including titles like Devil May Cry and Street Fighter.

This Valentine’s day, Capcom set up a mysterious timer that is surrounded by a mist of speculations. This countdown will reach its conclusion on Sunday. Capcom fans have been relishing some fantastic games latterly. Amidst Resident Evil remakes, new installments in the long-running horror series, or varmints to hunt in Monster Hunter Rise. Capcom has provided the players with heaps of entertainment. Many wonder what the countdown will lead up to.

Source Code Reveals More Insight

The countdown is reaching its end on February 20th at 10 pm PT / 1 am ET. This will overlap with the season finale of Capcom’s Street Fighter Pro tour, which begins on February 17th. Fans have speculated this countdown to be different things, as discussed.

A recent Tweet by Juan has raised more questions than answers about the countdown. He inspected the source code behind the countdown, only to be left confused. The mist of speculation seems to have been strengthened by what was supposed to answer questions. The source code behind the countdown contains the names of their many IPs, including Megaman and Street Fighter. Titles like Resident Evil are also mentioned.

After examining those pictures, there seem to be two possibilities behind this countdown. Either the source code is a mere coincidence, or something big is landing on Monday. Gamers on Reddit jokingly speculated that they might be revealing an NFT collection. As hilarious as that is, it’s not out of the realm of possibility. It’s almost scary to think about it, considering the backlash that Capcom ought to receive.

What Could The Timer Reveal

Many have deemed that Capcom is going to reveal Street Fighter 6. After all, a reveal of Street Fighter 6 to fanciers at the climax of the Pro Tour would indeed be logical. 2022 ushers the series’ 35th anniversary. Last month, Capcom disclosed a new logo for Street Fighter as a revelry of “35 years of this incredible series. Another possibility is the announcement of a remake of RE4. We have yet more to hear about the Resident Evil Village DLC too.

On the other hand, some players assumed that Resident Evil 9 might get announced. That is highly unlikely, considering Resident Evil Village came out just a year ago. Knowing Capcom, they spend at least a couple of years molding their titles to perfection. However, the most accepted theory thus far has been remastering of Resident Evil 4. After the source code tweet, though, it’s more confusing than anything else.

However, take it with massive grains of salt. The countdown right now is just like a clock ticking in silence, just without the voice. Only the flow of time will reveal what lies behind that digital timer. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below!

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