Star Control IV Has Been Confirmed By Stardock

Pre-production planning for Star Control IV has started, says developer!

Star Control is a notorious science-fiction game that was released back in 1990, developed by Toys for Bob and published by Accolade. The last sequel of the franchise, Star Control III, was released back in 1996 for MS-DOS by Legend Entertainment. The only recent instalment we’ve received is Star Control: Origins in 2018, which was developed and published by Stardock.

After decades of waiting for another sequel, fanatics of the franchise received Star Control: Origins for previous-generation consoles and PC, which was met with a lot of criticism from players. As a result, the game received many negative reviews and Stardock faced the consequences. Now, the company has confirmed that another sequel to the franchise is under planning and will start development soon.

Under a Steam Community Discussions thread posted by markelphoenix on 13th April 2021 titled “Future of Star Control”, Draginol, a developer involved in the development of Star Control: Origins, commented, “We have some preproduction planning for it. It’s tentatively called Star Control IV internally.”

Steam Control IV
Steam Control IV confirmed to be in pre-production planning by a Star Control: Origins developer. | Source: Steam Community

Previously, another developer involved in the development of Star Control: Origins, Schism Navigator, commented under the thread, “When we have something to announce we’ll do so :)” and the announcement has finally been made by the developers themselves.

Right now, it’s confirmed that a Star Control instalment is due for development by Stardock and it will be called Star Control IV. Unfortunately, there’s no certainty as to when the upcoming sequel will be released. Since the previous instalment to the game received significant criticism from the community, the expectations from Stardock for the sequel are very high. Still, this is massive news for fanatics of the Star Control franchise!

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