Tencent Working On Its Own VR Headset, Suggests Industry Insider

The company might be looking into hardware now.

Like any industry in the world, the gaming industry is very competitive at the top. Companies like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have been fighting it out at the top for decades now. However, they have a new competitor, Tencent, which is a new goliath in the industry.

The Chinese-owned technology company has already made its mark in the gaming world through PUBG. It has an exciting future with so many acquisitions and great projects coming out with time. Players will be even more excited to know that the company is looking into hardware.

According to an accredited industry insider, Jez Corden, Tencent is looking to make a new VR headset. While talking on The Xbox Two Podcast, he revealed that the company is looking for new hardware and that hardware will allegedly be a VR headset.

“I actually have a VR leak,” says Jez Corden. “Tencent is making a VR headset.” However, he doesn’t provide any details about this besides this information. However, there has been no information from Tencent regarding this rumor at the moment.

VR is supposed to be the future of gaming and every major company is investing heavily in it. Sony has the PlayStation VR 2 coming up with major titles, like Horizon: Call of the Mountain. Oculus Quest is another really big VR headset in the market, so there is already a lot of competition.

Tencent dipping their paws into the VR market will make the future of this technology even more exciting for the players. Making Headsets could also be the start of something even bigger for Tencent. The company is already making big moves but it has made no hardware commodity yet.

If the company wants to compete with the industry giants, like Sony and Microsoft, it needs its own hardware device. Maybe this alleged VR headset will eventually lead to that. However, take this with a grain of salt, as it is only a rumor as of now. All in all, this is remarkable news for players who will have more to look forward to.

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