Square Enix Trademarks The Porpotia Serial Murder Case And Paranormasight In Japan

The applications for registrations were filed on November 10.

Square Enix, a Japanese conglomerate, has been in the middle of a major revamp both in Japan and abroad. They have recently sold three of their overseas studios to a Swedish company called Embracer Group, in a bid to focus their resources on developing AAA games.

Now, according to the publication of the gazette of the Japan Patent Office, Square Enix has filed a registration for two trademarks under Class 9, which is reserved for machinery and equipment including commercial video game machine software, programs, and virtual reality game software.


  • Square Enix has filed a trademark registration for The Portopia Serial Murder Mystery and PARANOMASIGHT in Japan.
  • It was revealed in the latest publication of the gazette of the Japan Patent Office. 
  • The registrations were filed under Class 9 which includes gaming machine software, program, and virtual reality game software.
  • The purpose of this filing is unknown.
  • Square Enix is yet to comment on this.

One of the filed trademark registration is for a Japanese mystery visual novel adventure video game, The Portopia Serial Murder Case, developed by Yoji Horii and Koichi Nakamura. The trademark for the title was originally filed in 1985 and was accepted in 1988. So Square Enix has filed for a new trademark for the title.

Portopia Serial Murder Case trademark registration filing

The Portopia Serial Murder Case game was released for PC-6001 in 1983. The game is considered a pioneer which came to define the visual novel genre.

The game had very engaging gameplay where the player had to play the game using typical commands. The player was given several choices and the game’s story proceeded depending on the choices the player made. The game had multiple endings as well.

Along with class 9, the trademark registration was filed for class 41(education/amusement) and class 42(science/technology). This

The other trademark was filed under the name of PARANOMASIGHT. In addition to Class 9, registration was made under Class 16(paper), Class 28(toys), and Class 41(education/amusement). No information regarding this title is available.

PARANOMASIGHT trademark registration filing

The Portopia Serial Murder Case was registration was filed under the serial number 2022128962 and PARANOMASIGHT under 2022128871.

The purpose behind these filings is not known. And Square Enix has not made any comments on their intended purpose behind this. But looking at the classification of these filings under Class 9, it seems that the company might be looking to develop video games based on these titles. But it is just a wild goose chase for now.

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