Ubisoft Shanghai Studio Hiring For A New AAA Might And Magic Title

A new AAA Might and Magic is finally underway!

Ubisoft has planted itself all over the globe. AAA titles are pumped out every year or two, with Ubisoft branches working east to west. Ubisoft has started to explore more into existing IPs as per their recent hirings. It’s no surprise that many job listings go out. Dozens of game studios under Ubisoft actively work on titles. They are also brewing games hidden behind the curtains. After a year or two, we may get to hear more about these titles. 

However, this approach of Ubisoft has stagnated its reputation. Nowadays, game studios cling to the same old formulas and hardly innovate because of profits. In one of the recent articles, we discussed Ubisoft hiring for an unannounced FPS title. The Ubisoft Mainz branch is also hiring for an unannounced title. Today we stumbled upon a listing for an old and once-beloved IP, called Might & Magic

Ubisoft Hiring Senior Brand Manager For Might & Magic

Ubisoft is working on a new AAA installment in the Might & Magic title. The senior brand manager position is open for the shanghai branch of Ubisoft. It is often referred to as “Paris of the east.” A brand manager has heaps of responsibilities. They could make a day and night difference in how the game is marketed and portrayed to the general public. Ubisoft notes the following regarding the senior brand manager position.

Ubisoft Shanghai is looking for a Senior Brand Manager to champion the brand marketing and product marketability of a new Might & Magic AAA game. Under the management of the Brand director, join an ambitious team and help reinvent one the biggest Fantasy franchise in video game history.

Like the older titles, the new Might & Magic ought to be medieval-fantasy based. According to the listing, it will also include strategic elements. Ubisoft is looking to “reinvent” the Might & Magic series.

Ubisoft Shanghai Studio Hiring For A New AAA Might And Magic Title
Qualifications for the Senior Brand Manager

Examining the qualifications gives the gist of what to expect regarding the genres of the title. This AAA title will incorporate the features of its predecessors and new ones alike. A new Might & Magic title on next-gen may become a prominent Ubisoft game if they execute it correctly.

This roleplaying medieval-fantasy genre has not seen a new game for a couple of years now. It’s refreshing to see a new installment being in the works. The last few installments received a lot of criticism.

All in all, we may have to wait for years before we hear anything concerning this title. The game may brew for a decennium for all we know. Undoubtedly, gamers would prefer the wait instead of a lousy installment. The Might & Magic series holds a special place for fantasy genre enthusiasts. Let’s hope that Ubisoft does the title justice. What are your thoughts about this? Let us know in the comments below!

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