GTA+ Subscription Could Be Coming To PC Soon

The controversial GTA+ subscription may be making its way to PC soon, according to a recent job listing from Rockstar Games.

Subscription services are very common in gaming nowadays. Not only are they popular among players but also bring in a lot of money for the studios. However, most of these services like the Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus are beneficial for the players. On the other hand, Rockstar’s new GTA+ is anything but convenient. The studio got a lot of criticism after they revealed this GTA V subscription, with players calling it a cash grab. Initially, only the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S were getting GTA+, but a new job listing suggests that a PC release isn’t far.

A recent job listing from Rockstar Games for the Product Manager, GTA+ Subscriptions position at the company’s New York office reveals that the GTA+ Subscription could be coming to the GTA V version of PC soon enough. Most of the listing describes how the task is to manage the social services of GTA V and cultivate a vision. One paragraph, however, stands out and makes this job listing worth reporting. While describing the tasks of the candidate, the listing goes on to say, “The Subscriptions Product Manager will help drive the program and product strategy through implementation of features across our own storefronts on the web, our PC application, and in-game stores as well as our stores with gaming partners.”

Job listing for the Product Manager, GTA+ Subscriptions at Rockstar Games.

It’s evidently clear by this description that one of the future tasks of the manager will include implementing this feature on PC. So, it’s safe to assume that the “PC application” is the PC version of GTA V. This new product manager will work to create a strategy to bring GTA+ on PC and other storefronts. So, it certainly won’t be a surprise now if we see the subscription service on our PCs soon.

Most of the reception to Rockstar Games has been very negative. Players and critics alike have condemned this move from the company, as it doesn’t benefit players much. Having to pay $5.99 per month for a game you already own is crazy enough but the benefits aren’t even great. Rockstar Games will give GTA V players only $500,000 of in-game cash every month if they subscribe, while other rewards are unknown.

The rest will most probably contain cosmetics and that doesn’t seem valuable enough for $5.99. Everyone thought that PC players would be exempted from this seeming cash grab but that doesn’t seem to be the case. If the listing is to be true, GTA+ is likely coming to PC, for better or for worse.

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