Gabe Newell: Valve Has Games In Development And Would Announce Soon

Gabe Newell Opens Up About the rumoured "Citadel" (Half-Life 3) Project and potential announcements.

Valve’s Founder and Billionaire, Gabe Newell, told TVNZ that the company currently has games in development and plans on announcing soon. Newell gave a lengthy interview to the New Zealander Magazine, discussing various topics, ranging from Cyberpunk 2077 to the eSports scene of Dota 2 and CSGO.

Newell was asked about the on-going rumors of a new Half-Life or Source Game known as Citadel among fans. This came to the spotlight when the voice behind Valve News Network YouTube Channel, Tyler McVicker, stated that Citadel is the codename for the upcoming Valve game which would feature an asymmetric PC vs. VR Structure Meta.

Luckily question-related to Citadel was asked by the TVNZ Journalist, Luke Appleby, to which Newell refused to answer and explained Citadel could be a code name to anything. He further commented that code names at Valve change continuously, and like always, he wouldn’t speak on upcoming projects because “I avoid the community coming up with new equally-difficult-to answer questions.

“We have a bunch of code names — are you referring to a code name?” he said. “I don’t know what ‘Citadel’ is; what is Citadel? Just to be clear — internally, we have a bunch of different names, and they change over time.”

Although Newell declined to say anything about Citadel, he did say that there were games in development at Valve, and the announcements are just on the way.

“We definitely have games in development that we’re going to be announcing — it’s fun to ship games,” Newell Told TVNZ

The Valve Boss also looked back on Alyx, the studious first single-player game after 9 years, showing future aspirations for a new title.

“Alyx was great — to be back doing single-player games, that created a lot of momentum inside of the company to do more of that.”

The entire interview is fascinating, as Newell also discussed the controversy of Cyberpunk 2077, showing sympathy and respect to developers.

new valve game
Gabe Newell.

“When people have those kinds of reactions, my first thought is that this is an opportunity for us, and I assume that the Cyberpunk 2077 developers are similarly just using it to crank through and make improvements that are going to be beneficial to their customers.

“They have a long history of doing a great job, of continuing to invest in their products over time and I suspect that they’re going to be very good at making their customers happy over time.

At this point, we can’t make anything of this statement except knowing that Valve is making a new game. Rumour has it that this could be either Portal 3, Half-Life 3, or the canceled sequel – Left 4 Dead 3. Let us know in the comments below, which game you are eager to see!

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