VRChat’s Addition Of Easy Anti-Cheat Sends Community Into Frenzy

The virtual reality platform's decision to stop client mods has not gone down well with players.

Virtual reality (VR) has been slowly setting in to become the future of the gaming industry. Many AAA games and other services are in the works for VR in the gaming industry. It is gaining popularity day by day, and the best example of that is the virtual platform, VRChat.

Almost 30,000 players play VRChat every day on Steam, making it one of the most popular games there. However, even with the huge numbers, the game is still in early access and has a lot of woes. Even though VR worlds like this are the future, problems are common as the technology is fairly new.

However, the game has overcome many of these problems through help from its player community. Players have been making mods for VRChat since the start, and the game has allowed it thus far. However, all of that is going to change now, according to a new update, and players aren’t happy. 

Yesterday, VRChat announced the addition of Easy Anti-Cheat in its normal Beta trials for the game. In an official statement, the platform dropped this new feature to stop client mods out of nowhere. Usually, Beta trials last at least a month, but this one is for only one day.

All of this makes it pretty clear that VRChat wanted to impose a ban on mods as lowkey as possible due to player response. However, this did not remain stealthy, as the community erupted as soon as it was announced. The game has now got more than 5,000 negative reviews, as noted by TheGamer.

Negative reviews of the game on Steam.

Due to this review bombing and outpour of anger from the community, the game’s review score is now mostly negative. Many of the mods in VRChat have fixed the problems of developers and made the game safer. The game allows these client-side add-ons despite them being against the terms and conditions of the game as they help it run.

Hence, seeing how all of these mods are going to break after the anti-cheat update, the reactions of players is fair. VRChat has tried to defend itself and give an explanation for this new addition. It says that the mods are a root cause of many issues for the players and developers of the game.

Crashes and harassment, besides other problems, are caused by these mods, so VRChat is taking steps to remove them. However, players on many forums have said that this is just false information and nothing else, as is stated in a post on the feedback forum for the game explaining the real motives behind this. So, it’s safe to say that VRChat has dug itself a pretty deep hole with all of this. Mods will no longer protect the players from hackers, and we have no idea how effective anti-cheat will be.

What do you think about this? Do tell us your opinions in the comments below!

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