Warhammer 40k Space Marine Might Get DLC Pack On 10th Anniversary

Consider jumping back into the orc slaughterfest.

So in a stroke of what can only be described as a miracle from the heavens, it appears that one of the best Warhammer games “Warhammer 40k Space Marine” is actually getting a new DLC. Listed on SteamDB, it shows that Warhammer 40k Space Marine is getting an extra DLC Pack to celebrate its 10th Anniversary.

As listed on the very recently updated SteamDB page, it seems there has been something planned for the game’s 10th Anniversary.

This is an incredibly pleasant surprise as Warhammer 40k Space Marine is not only largely considered by many to be among the best of the games set in the 40k universe, it’s also one of my favorite hack and slash games that I played as a wee lad of 9.

Perhaps this can also be seen as a sign that the game might be making a return with a sequel, as showing sudden interest over a game that has been considered dead and buried for the past 10 years is a pretty interesting sign. Chances for a sequel were almost non-existence since THQ’s closure, who were the publishers for the game, but it might be that THQ Nordic, which has been bringing back older franchises like Darksiders and Destroy All Humans to modern consoles, still owns the rights to the Space Marine IP.

Warhammer 40k Space Marine came out back in 2011, published by THQ and SEGA and developed by Relic Entertainment, the game was an action hack and slash/Third-Person Shooter set in the Warhammer Universe that saw you playing as the Titular Space Marines. Absolute badasses in giant hulking suits capable of crushing a skull with their feet. The game was largely praised for its gory and satisfying combat, interesting story and characters, and its engaging world, while also criticized for its short length and cliffhanger ending.

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