Hulu No Longer Supports The PlayStation 3

The streaming service has terminated support for the once-glorious console.

Gaming and other entertainment media like movies and TV shows are closely linked to each other. We get many adaptations of video games in the form of movies and TV shows every year. Vice versa is also true even though it is an old tradition now. 

Looking at the future, this relationship is only going to strengthen going forward. Dozens of shows and movies based on video games are coming out in the upcoming years. And unlike before, the recent quality has been good so they won’t be horrible either. 

Hence, it has always made total sense to have streaming services like Netflix and Prime Video on consoles. All of the modern PlayStation and Xbox consoles have this option so these devices can be an entertainment hub and not just gaming consoles. However, one of these consoles has had its support for a streaming service revoked.

Major Takeaways:

  • Hulu no longer supports the PlayStation 3.
  • The app has ended support without an announcement.
  • The console isn’t among the supported devices on Hulu’s website

Hulu no longer supports the PlayStation 3 console and you cannot use the streaming service there. A user on the NeoGaf forum first broke this news to the masses. This change has come out of nowhere as there was no announcement from anyone. 

For the NeoGaf user, a message popped up when they tried to use the app. It said that the “app OS no longer supports this device” and is hence not usable. So, no matter if you have paid for it, you cant use it on the PlayStation 3. 

When you go and check on the official Hulu website, this comes out to be true. In the list of devices that the streaming service supports only the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 are present. There is no sign of the PlayStation 3 on this list even though it was present before. 

PlayStation 3 Hulu
Hulu no longer lists the PlayStation 3 as a supported device

Hence, the streaming service has suddenly ended app support for the console without any heads up. That is a bad move considering a minority still use the PlayStation 3 as a streaming box. Not announcing that this app will no longer support a certain device is weird. 

But, the PlayStation 3 is genuinely a really old console. It first came out way back in 2006, almost a whopping 16 years ago. That is a long time and Hulu ending support for the console makes total sense. 

Even though it was only a streaming service, it is kind of an end of an era. Not many uses will remain for the Sony PlayStation 3 if the streaming services go away. But, it will certainly die as a legend.

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