PlayStation 2 Classic Shadow Hearts Trademarked In Japan

The PlayStation 2 series of role-playing video games has recently been trademarked in Japan by Universal Entertainment.

Sony has a myriad of legendary and classic games to boast about. This library is so vast and has some really good games separate from the company’s major titles. One such series is Shadow Hearts for the PlayStation 2. It also consists of a prequel game in the form of Koudelka on the original PlayStation console. Shadow Hearts: From the New World was the last game in the series and came out in 2005. Plans were in place to create another game in the series but they never came to fruition. Recently, a trademark now suggests that a revival of the franchise might be happening.

Earlier today, it was revealed that Universal Entertainment recently filed a trademark for Shadow Hearts in Japan. The studio made this filing on April 27 in Japan and it became public on May 11. We already know about the new PlayStation Plus tiers launching very soon on the consoles. One of the biggest perks of this is the ability to play old PlayStation titles on the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. You can pick any old PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, or PlayStation 3 title and run them on your current-generation consoles.

Shadow Hearts
Shadow Hearts recently trademarked by Universal Entertainment in Japan.

This opens a window of opportunity for a lot of older franchises, like Shadow Hearts. More players are going to be exposed to those games, so this is the best time to make a comeback. Universal Entertainment might also see some sense in this formula and are, hence, renewing the trademark of Shadow Hearts. It was fairly successful on the PlayStation 2 and got relative commercial and critical success. Hence, rebooting a franchise like this may not be a bad idea at all.

We are only about the trademark as of now and nothing else is known about the future of Shadow Hearts. It may be a sequel or a complete reboot of the original series, only time will. Hopefully, we see something that players are going to adore from Universal Entertainment.

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