PlayStation Store Germany Taking Away All Studiocanal Content Soon

Some users believe that this action from PlayStation Studios is both unfair and "stealing".

Gaming has developed a really close relationship with movies and television shows in the recent past. Many studios have turned their popular video game IPs into movies to reach a wider audience. Films based on games have also been finding a lot of success lately and many new projects are coming up.

With such emphasis on adapting games to other media, it makes sense to have them on the original medium. That is why Sony and Microsoft now have movies and television shows available on their consoles. You can easily buy anything you want to watch and do something besides gaming.

All of these movies are available on the platform due to certain deals with the parent companies. If these deals aren’t renewed, they obviously expire and players can’t do much about it. Something like this is apparently happening on PlayStation Store Germany.

PlayStation Store Germany has announced in its recent legal notice that Studiocanal content won’t be available to see soon. From August 31, 2022, users can’t view any of the production and distribution company’s related content that they have in their library and have paid for. This is most probably due to a license agreement with the parent company coming to an end.

Hence, it doesn’t matter if you have purchased the movie or television show, you won’t be able to view it from September. No Studiocanal asset will be present on the PlayStation Store Germany and everything will be removed. We see the only harm of digital purchases in this situation, as you can’t permanently keep your purchases.

Players think that removing purchased Studiocanal assets from PlayStation libraries is wrong. Even though the license to keep the movies on the platform is ending, users should still be able to watch the things that they paid for. Some even consider the removal of these movies from the library as theft and cheating.

Furthermore, a huge list of all the movies and television shows leaving PlayStation Store Germany is also present on the website. The list has dozens of films and series that are leaving the platform for good after August. Some notable titles in this list are Paddington, John Wick, Daredevil, The Hunger Games, Saw and The King of The Hill. 

It’s really sad to see that such a rich library of media will not be present on the PlayStation Store Germany soon. However, the users not being able to retain the things that they paid for is far worse. We hope that Studiocanal content stays on other PlayStation Store regions and doesn’t suffer this fate.

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