PS5 Slim Vs. Old Model Comparison Reveals Significant Size Difference

The reveal video should've included this comparison right off the bat.

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  • In recent times, Sony has launched a newer version of the PlayStation 5, calling it the PlayStation 5 Slim and “the new look for PS5 console this holiday season.”
  • Apart from its smarter design that makes the unit appear sleeker, the console comes with a 1 TB SSD upgrade, along with a detachable disk drive option for the digital edition of the PS5.
  • Fans criticized the fact that the new PS5 Slim reveal video featured no comparison with the previous model, but one Redditor took that into his own hands to showcase the significant size difference between the two console versions.  

Out with the old, in with the new. Just about 4 days ago, PlayStation unveiled a new model of the PS5 that is going to replace the currently existing version ultimately. This is a practice that Sony has maintained ever since the days of the original PlayStation console, so the PS5 receiving the same treatment is hardly a surprise right now. That said, there is one thing that Sony could’ve done better revealing the PS5 Slim. 

The upgraded model’s announcement video was subject to criticism for not comparing the new and old versions of the console side-by-side, and thereby putting up a highly barebones presentation of the two new units by just headlining the video with, “Same Immersive Power. New Slimmer Size.” Coming to the rescue, one Redditor has done exactly what was asked of Sony—compare the two models together. 

PS5 slim 3D model and PS5 fat 3d model size comparison
byu/NatureCertain inplaystation

Thanks to Redditor u/NatureCertain, gamers can now have a crisp idea of how the new PS5 Slim model will compare against the OG for scale. The size difference is fairly substantial, as the following photo denotes, but is it still something that will make you want to upgrade to the refreshed variant of the console when it makes landfall in November? Not many are keen on saying yes to that. 

Anyhow, it bears noticing that the creator of the comparison has compared the PS5 Slim Digital Edition to the current-gen’s Physical Edition. That makes the comparison a bit out of place, but it’s still fairly accurate to a certain extent, and definitely makes the “The new PS5 has been reduced in volume by more than 30%, and weight by 18% and 24% compared to the previous models” statement precise.

The PlayStation 5 Slim and Older PlayStation 5 Model Side by Side
The PlayStation 5 Slim and Older PlayStation 5 Model Side by Side

For those not in the know, the prices of the PlayStation 5 Slim have been unveiled as well. First off, Sony has implemented a new design feature in the digital variant of the console, where the unit has the flexibility to hook itself up to a detachable disk drive that the manufacturer sells separately for $79.99. However, the company has raised the price of the digital edition to $449 as compared to the OG Digital Edition’s $399 pricing.

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And that has created an outcry from the side of the fans, who now have to pay about $50 extra for the disc-less variant of the PS5 Slim. Moreover, there’s that $29.99 vertical stand as well that the upgraded model of the PlayStation 5 won’t be able to stand without. The only consensus here is that if you’re thinking of buying the digital PS5 Slim, make sure that you stick to that decision. 

Regretting afterward will lead you to grab that Ultra-HD Blu-ray disc drive that Sony has launched, but by then, you will have paid about $530 for these two items. In contrast, the physical variant of the PS5 Slim still costs $499, the same as its older counterpart. Feel free to do the math here yourself. 

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