PS5 Teardown Video Might Have Confirmed the 664 GB Internal Storage Rumors

No Entry for Call of Duty Modern Warfare

So a few days ago, a PS5 Interface picture was leaked, showing 666 GB of available storage. The leak was ignored because It wasn’t official, and the entire image was really blurred.

Today, the PS5 Teardown happened, and we have seen some pictures of the hardware that are very close to the ones from Russian Leak. For example, here is the fan that looks exactly the same. There are numerous other pictures, that are quite exactly the same from the leak.

In case you aren’t aware of the backstory. Well, someone posted several pictures of PS5‘s UI, New Black Controller, It’s curved stand, and most Importantly the storage. The free storage from the leak was only 664 GB, translated from 664 ГБ.

PS5 Storage
PS5 Storage

Although, we know that System files take certain space, and it is mandatory. However, I’m not sure If fans would like 664 GB. This is significantly less, and with modern titles like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare taking more than 200 GB of space, this might be a serious problem.

The Xbox Series X System Files occupy 200 GB, as a result, 800 GB is available to users, which I think is still decent. Note that PS5 is 825GB, and Series X is 1 TB.

If the Russian leak was correct, then this Black Controller and UI are authentic as well.

PS5 Storage UI
Black DualSense with PS5 UI

This leak also emphasizes on a previous one. Some months ago In August, we had seen the first pictures of the DualSense In black. This leak had the exact same controller and even featured a boot up real-time video. Take a look at it.

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