This New $400 Victrix Pro Controller Comes Without An Analog Stick Or D-Pad

The acclaimed Victrix Pro FS-12 Controller is specifically tailored for those willing to push the limits in their respective fighting games, hence the design choice.

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  • The new Victrix Pro FS-12 costs $400.
  • It comes without a d-pad or analog stick.
  • It is a new, officially licensed PlayStation product.

One single missed input, one wrong flick of a thumb, could quite literally make someone lose a tournament game that they had been training for years. This is the essence of fighting games, titles that force players to use extreme inputs to gain the slightest edge over their opponents.

Over the course of many decades of possibility-defining games, there are players who have dedicated their lives work to finding the correct moves and finding that correct counter, but even if someone gains a certain ‘skill’ advantage, they still need to learn to implement it. This is where controllers like the Victrix Pro come into play.

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Some time ago, many professional players started shifting over to more distinct controllers, one fitter for competitive play. In this era, many controllers like the Victrix Pro were discovered and started to become a staple for pro players.

With this new generation of huge controllers, people were still finding ways to make it more efficient, and hence they started using a new type of controller, one without any analog stick.

Referring back to the start of this article, one wrong move can easily spell doom for any player playing in an environment as competitive as fighting games.

Players need to be sure that neither they nor their controller slips up during a deciding battle, so in order to at least end the controller variability the players decided to use pads that had no analog or d-pad.

Of course, whenever a new trend arises, huge tech publishers jump on the market and hype train. After seeing the success of controllers like the Victrix Pro, PlayStation ultimately decided to publish officially licensed pads, Namely the Victrix Pro FS-12

When talking about the controller itself, it is extremely high quality, with buttons positioned in very efficient positions to maximize the speed and accuracy of the exceedingly meticulous combos that players might be doing.

Fighting games like Street Fighter are based on reflexes, an immense study of mechanics, and hours of practicing new and unexpected combos.

While a casual gamer would mash ‘X’ over and over, a more serious player would make moves unlike any other. In order for moves like these to occur, players need the appropriate tools, another great example of the Victrix Pro.

This controller is built for those willing to put in dozens and dozens of hours of their life into one specific game to gain the slightest of edge. To us, improving a minor amount is useless. To these pros, it is worth everything.

Another thing to really note about this controller is its amazing amount of options it offers to players. The ace up the Victrix’s sleeve is its easy ability to remap its controller. This level of preference helps players to experiment more and try out new things, both good and bad.

One final thing to note is preference. Maybe some players just play better on a keyboard rather than on this specific model, or maybe players would want to change their controllers for different games.

Nevertheless, as long as players continue to evolve, we can be sure to see more innovative controllers hit the market at the same time.

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