Satisfactory Review – A Breathtaking Simulator

For an early access title Satisfactory has an incredible amount of content to offer.

Satisfactory Review
  • Story And Setting
  • Gameplay
  • Visuals And Performance


While it still may be in Early Access right now, Satisfactory has an incredible amount of content and fun to offer to its players.

  • Developer: Coffee Stain Studios
  • Publisher: Coffee Stain Publishing
  • Release Date: 19 March 2019
  • Platforms: PC
  • Tested On: PC


  • Hours of Content
  • Visually Appealing
  • Great Co-op


  • Bugs
  • Early Access Product

If you’re a fan of building games, chances are you have heard of Satisfactory already. However, for the more conventional players, this title might be quite a hassle to approach. So our Review will cover all aspects of starting life on Massage-2(A-B)b, the alien planet that the game takes place on.

But before we start talking about the crucial aspects of the game, it is important to note that it is an Early-Access title that was released by Coffee Stain Studios on Steam in 2019. The game is far from perfect right now, but the amount of players that have supported the game from the start has been remarkable.

Story And Setting

Multiplayer in Satisfactory image
Setting. (Captured By eXputer)

Satisfactory is far from being finished and is still in the early stages of its development. Therefore, the lore of the game is not yet known or confirmed. However, it is important to note that there is most definitely some story that will be added to the game later on, and traces of it exist even now.

In the game, you can pick up Alien Artifacts, which often have a chain of commands from your FICSIT companion. FICSIT is the major organization in Satisfactory responsible for many of the items you can access. Other elements of the lore are linked with entities found on the alien planet, and we will discuss these entities in another section. 

Satisfactory is far from being finished and is still in the early stages of its development.

The setting of the game is quite something, as you’re stuck on an alien planet with some of the most spectacular views in any open-world game. So far, there is only one open-world map you can explore, but it has several sections in it. A desert, plains, oceans, mountainous, and even a swamp filled with spiders are just a few among them.

It does have a pretty well-implemented Multiplayer system, so you don’t have to explore it all alone. You can directly join another player’s world or play together on a server. So if you’re looking for a game to kick back with, then this is the one for you.


Iron Factory
Gameplay. (Image Captured By eXputer)

The gameplay in Satisfactory is derivative of its name, and the gist of the game is exploring the world and finding ore clusters to fuel your production. You can then focus on starting entire factories, or you can do what we did and make one long mega factory. Granted, that’s not the most appealing way to play the game, but it is one of the fastest.

You can automate almost everything in the world, using complex machine systems and building efficient conveyor systems. However, you must progress with milestones to unlock better machines and power sources. One of the things to take note of is the existence of Uranium. As you would think, it is highly radioactive and will kill you if you are around it for a long time.

In addition to that, you can also go around foraging for lost hard drives at crash sites, or even explore the combat side of Satisfactory with some of its horrifying enemies. The ones in the game now are Plasma Spitters, Stingers (Spiders), Hogs, and the most annoying ones, the Crab Spitters.

You can automate almost everything in the world, using complex machine systems and building efficient conveyor systems.

Another cool feature we noticed while making our Satisfactory Review is the Awesome Shop. You can convert your items into tokens and use those to buy cosmetics. They can be in the form of special building blocks, items, or even items that help you look classy. There is also a coffee mug if that’s something you’re into.

Finally, the last thing to note in the gameplay section is the movement. You can travel on foot, build zip lines, set up truck stations, or even make an entire train network. With Satisfactory, your creativity with the given tools is your only limit. There are already some amazing builds for you to gain inspiration from, but some of the ones we worked on are shown below.

Visuals And Performance

Home Base Satisfactory
Visuals. (Image By eXputer)

We have stressed once before how beautiful Satisfactory is visually. And we’d like to mention that even if you don’t have the latest systems, you can still run it on high settings and take in all this game has to offer. Additionally, you can use some visual mods to get an even better experience.

With that said, the game is still in the early development stages, so it has many bugs. Fortunately, these bugs are mostly found in Multiplayer and are nothing too annoying, and the community has already worked on countermeasures to safeguard you from these.

The game is still in the early development stages, so it has many bugs.

One of the bugs we found particularly annoying is the game crashing when a creature becomes hostile toward you. It isn’t a stutter or a lag, but an immediate crash report that shuts down the game. We only encountered these bugs in Multiplayer mode. One of these ways you can counter this bug is by using passive mode in your game settings.


Horizontally Laid Factory
Verdict. (Captured By eXputer)

Finally, the time has come to conclude our Satisfactory Review. All in all, this is a fantastic game in the making that will, in due time, become a great open-world simulation title It has a perfect environment to chill in and focus on whatever aspect of it that you enjoy.

Whether it’s exploration, combat, building, or putting your brain to the test with complex automated factories, there is a lot to enjoy here.

This has been our Satisfactory Review. While you’re here, consider checking out some of our other articles. 

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