When it comes to success stories on YouTube, few come close to that of Jimmy Donaldson. More famously known by the name MrBeast, Jimmy decided to try his luck on the platform at the age of 13. Under his older account name, MrBeast6000, he would usually upload “Lets-play” gameplay videos.

But MrBeast was still not getting the views he wanted. He made several attempts to get the desired views with several video ideas but to no avail. But that changed in 2017 when he uploaded a video counting to 100,000. That video became his first viral video. 

Throughout 2018 MrBeast made multiple viral videos with bizarre video ideas. Those ranged from watching pain dry for an hour to staying underwater for 24 hours. He spent ridiculous amounts of money on these videos as well.

In 2018 PewDiePie vs T-Series battle for 100,000,000 subscribers was the talk all Internet. During that time Jimmy decided to buy advertisements to help the Swedish streamer. He also bought several seats in Super Bowl LIII where he and his team honed shirts with “Sub 2 PewDiePie” written on them.

From 2019 onwards MrBeast grew exceptionally. He even hired his friends full-time to do videos with him. He is now known for making ridiculously expensive videos with even absurd challenges. He also owns several businesses like Beast Burger and Feastables. He also has several YouTube channels. 

He is now the fastest-growing YouTuber in the world with now over 100,000,000 subscribers. In November 2022 he was also included in the Guinness Book of World Records for Most Subscribers for an Individual Male on YouTube. To stay up to date about the latest news on MrBeast, do follow eXputer.