Psychonauts 2 Guides

Psychonauts 2 is a 3D platform adventure that continues the tale of Raz Aquato, the psychic circus runaway who is the latest member of the Psychonauts, an elite group of agents who aim to maintain peace across the world. Featuring quirky missions and mysterious conspiracies, the game lets players explore the minds of multiple characters and use tons of customizable psychic powers to take down a variety of baddies. In doing so, Psychonauts 2 manages to deftly portray complex themes on mental issues and ponder necessary questions we can all relate to, while also maintaining an air of levity thanks to its wonderful humor and engaging characters. The worlds are visually striking, the level design is top-notch, and the story is simple yet stellar. All in all, Psychonauts 2 builds on its predecessor to deliver an enjoyable and heartfelt experience that will leave you wanting more. Our guides at eXputer aim to help you make the most out of Psychonauts 2, be it completing side quests and collectible missions, or getting the best gameplay tips out there!