2025 Is Going To Be An Insane Year For Gaming

With the new video games showcased by each big corporation, the future of gaming looks very delicious.

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  • PlayStation State of Play, Xbox Games Showcase, Nintendo Direct have all been fairly remarkable.
  • The world has not seen such an extensive and satisfactory catalog since 2016.
  • Will the games be up to expectations, especially in tandem with the interest of the fans? 

This year has been a total snack for gamers blessed with many delights like Stellar Blade, Rise of the Ronin, the upcoming Elden Ring, Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, and many more. 2024 alone has set a precedent for upcoming games, but 2025 is coming in like a bang. There have been three big showcases by the three top dogs in the industry: Nintendo, Microsoft, and PlayStation.

These companies have showcased amazing games set to release in 2025; the landscape of the video game world is expected to transform with various genres, innovative gameplay, and, most importantly, a tremendously captivating narrative. Let us talk about each of these in detail.

Nintendo Is Switching It Up

The Big Three Of Nintendo
The Big Three Of Nintendo | Image By eXputer

What do Nintendo and their fanbase have in common? Their love for their exclusive titles. Since the dawn of time, Nintendo has been behind other consoles in terms of raw power, but do they need it? Nintendo always has and always will focus on the gameplay and the beauty of it, regardless of the game not running on 4k 120 frames per second.

YouTube video

With this in mind, Nintendo has announced various great titles upcoming on the Nintendo Switch, and they look nothing short of glorious. As a Zelda fanatic, how can I not lose my mind when I play as Zelda for the first time in thirty-eight years? Yes, you heard that right. The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom is the upcoming Zelda title where the roles are reversed. This time, the princess of Hyrule will have to save the hero of Hyrule, Link.

YouTube video

The trailer showcased some excellent mechanics, with Zelda using witchcraft and magic spells to solve world puzzles and deal with enemies. The game feels different yet so similar. The Essence of Zelda is there, but the mechanics have been tuned up to a hundred.

Another big series by Nintendo is Mario. Four titles are coming to the Switch: Mario & Luigi: Brothership, Super Mario Party Jamboree, the highly awaited remake of Luigi’s’ Mansion 2, and lastly, the remake of Donkey Kong Country Returns.

The Pokemon series is also set to launch a banger in 2025, as they announced Pokemon Legends Z-A in March. Nintendo is cooking, and I am up for it!

The Fabled Return Of Xbox

Xbox Coming In With A Massive Library
Xbox Coming In With A Massive Library | Image By eXputer

The renowned Fable series is finally getting a reboot. Fable is a Microsoft-exclusive action RPG series with a considerable cult following. With three main titles under its belt, fans have wanted a reboot of the series for years, but there was little to no hope until the Xbox Games Showcase.

It revealed the Skyrim-esque game coming onto the Xbox next year with fantastic fidelity, great open-world exploration like the good old days, and a captivating narrative. I hope Playground Games does justice to the series, as I look forward to playing it and revisiting my childhood by modern standards.

YouTube video

We have good news for Gears of War fans: They have also been blessed by a new title set for 2025: Gears of War: E-Day. Though no gameplay was shown, the cinematic we saw was hyperrealistic, and it seemed like we were in for a good one.

At the showcase, WUCHANG: Fallen Feathers was revealed as a new title resembling a blend of Black Myth: Wukong and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The trailer showed some gameplay, and mind you, it looks visually stunning, with fantastic combat and different abilities to utilize; fingers crossed, here’s hoping for Microsoft to step on the gas finally.

PlayStation Is Not Playing This Time

Sony Showcasing Greatness Yet Once Again
Sony Showcasing Greatness Yet Once Again | Image By PlayStation

On the 30th of May, PlayStation unleashed a fury of wild titles onto us, some new, some remakes, all perfect. Silent Hill 2 was showcased, and it looks greatly improved and better than what we saw earlier this year. The transmission of the game showed that the remake had done an outstanding job of encapsulating the essence of the original.

YouTube video

While on the subject of Horror games, the remake of Until Dawn was also announced for 2025, and it seems visually appealing. There is room for replayability for the old players who played the first one.

A new title coming to the PlayStation is Phantom Blade Zero. This game described in a sentence would be a title made by putting Sekiro, Nioh, and Soulsborne games in a blender. I mean this as a compliment, as the game’s trailer showed the main character being able to do parkour and having a fast-paced combat system, good swordplay, and a very dark, eerie atmosphere.

The Big Three

Upcoming Top Dogs
Upcoming Top Dogs | Image By eXputer

Shame on you if you are a video gamer and do not know about any of these games. 2025 could be considered an excellent year for any single title out of these three: Grand Theft Auto 6, Death Stranding 2, and Assassin’s’ Creed Shadows. The year in a gist will be an all-out war between Hideo Kojima, Rockstar Games, and Ubisoft. Congratulations to all my fellow gamers. Here’s’ to another incoming great year of gaming.

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