Analog Horror Needs A Faithful Recreation In The Gaming World

Running around in the backrooms under the influence of the dreadful yellow wallpaper would make for an experience like no other.

The gaming industry has a wide array of genres and niches for players to enjoy. Even those who did not play major titles have at least heard about them. Titles like Resident Evil and The Last Of Us are amongst the largest in the community, but, horror comes in many ways, and gaming is just a minor forum in the grand scale of things.

Apart from games, we have movies and TV series that go above and beyond the limits of horror. Unfortunately, one in every ten series or movies actually entices the level of horror, most of these have cheap jumpscares or niche ideas, but some movies take a more psychological approach. Fortunately, there is a genre so terrifying, that it needs recreation in the gaming world.

Analog Horror commits to psychological trauma, facing the entirety of the cast against an entity so overwhelming that it breaks the spirit of anyone watching it. Cosmic beings, An infinite yellow maze, Alternate beings, and a mind-taking virus. Let me guide you, through these terrifying worlds.

Up first, we have the most popular analog horror in existence, The Backrooms. Originally starting out as a Reddit post, quickly received a large cult gathering, but what actually are the Backrooms? Well, imagine a game, any game, done? Now, run into a half-open door that will not open, and keep ramming into it. If you are lucky, you will clip through the door, but sometimes, you fall off the map. To reach the backrooms you must No-Clip out of reality and fall into the yellow trenches of the Backrooms.

Kane Pixels, a creator on YouTube gave life to this concept by making extremely high-end videos showing what the Backrooms are and what was their origination. Run around the infinite buzzing corridors looking for a way out, now that would be a great idea for a game. Although minor fan games do exist, nothing concrete exists, and that truly is a missed opportunity for Analog Horror, and one of the reasons it can’t get out to more audiences.

Up next, one of the most terrifying series ever conceived, something so sinister even advocates of horror can not deny its significance, The Mandela Catalogue. The story follows religion, and how it can be manipulated against humanity, the only problem, the enemies are not human.

Created by the talented Alex Kister, it showcases a battle between angels and devils and how they manipulate children to dream up unimaginable horrors, the Alternates. Entities that make someone kill themselves by inducing fear, and in turn take over their place in reality.

Something resembling a more narrative approach would end up being more successful in capturing the essence left by the series. But even I must add, making a game on this has been done, but it wasn’t even close to the peak that the series has achieved. In order to strive, we need a team of dedicated storytellers to work on a title.

And our final Analog Horror of the day, GEMINI HOME ENTERTAINMENT. A seemingly normal broadcast station showcases horror of an unfathomable scale. The end of entire worlds, hive minds, and humanity’s integrity, are all at stake.

A more physical approach like No Man’s Sky or Outer Wilds might be effective looking at the sheer scale of horror introduced in this series. But something more open might also do the job well. This series is a war between worlds, it needs to be chaotic.

So, these are some of the greatest Analog Horror series out there, but there are more like the Walton Files, Local 58, and The Smile Tapes, we never lose the number of good concepts, only how to cross them over to the gaming world effectively.

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Ahmed Shayan

Moving from genre to genre, Shayan is always looking for the next immersive title that he can sink his teeth into. Whenever he is free, he can be found exploring the infinite universe in No Man's Sky or camping on a corner in Valorant.

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