AC Mirage: All Outfits And How To Get Them

Learn everything there is about all 9 outfits in Assassin's Creed Mirage, alongside their locations and upgrade paths.

AC Mirage has 9 outfits that players can get, two being from DLCs that can only be purchased. These outfits provide additional perks and bonuses for combat. Players might want to know about all the outfits and where they can be acquired in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. 

Important: Players need to buy the DLC pack from the Animus store to get some of these outfits!
Key Takeaways
  • There are 9 outfits in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. 
  • The main benefit of unlocking the outfits is they grant additional perks that further enhance the combat.
  • The only drawback is that some of these outfits are locked behind a paywall.
  • Using Upgrade Schematics specific to an outfit further improves their respective perks in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

AC Mirage All Outfits

Below is a summary of all the outfits and how to acquire them in AC Mirage: 

AC Mirage OutfitsPerkUpgradesHow To Get
Initiate of AlamutSilent Blade50%, 75%, 100%Progress into the Taking Flight mission
Zanj UprisingInfamous20%, 30%, 40%Go to Harbiyah and get the first gear chest
Abbasid Knight OutfitLick Your Wounds1% HP, 2%, 3%Get the first gear chest in Karkh
Hidden OneDeadly Moment5%, 10%, 15%Find the first gear chest in Round City
Rostam OutfitSound of Silence50%, 75%, 100%Complete The Marked Coins contract
Milad's OutfitForgotten TerrorNoneGet 5 mysterious shards that can be used for the Oasis Chamber.
SandSecond ChanceNoneDeluxe Pack from the store
Jinn OutfitLasting CurseNoneAnimus store
Fire DemonIncinerateNoneAnimus Store

1. Initiate Of Alamut 

Initiate Of Alamut
Initiate Of Alamut (Image Credits eXputer)
Tier Materials Needed Upgrades 
1No materials neededOpponents will hear 50% less noise when assassinations are carried out. 
2One Initiate of Alamut outfit upgrade schematic, 30 steel ingot, 60 leather. Opponents can hear 75% less noise when assassinations are taking place. 
31 upgrade schematic, 60 Steel Ingot, 120 Leather Enemies will hear 100% less noise when assassinations occur. 

The Initiate of Alamut is one of the first outfits I recommend to players for the Silent Blade perk and a 3-tier upgrade.

  • The outfit has been described as the outfit of an initiate that belonged to the Hidden Ones. 
  • Out of all outfits, the Initiate of Alamut takes on a plain grey shawl on the head, combined with a defining belt protecting the waist and a slitted coat adorning the player. 
  • Silent Blade: Your opponents will be able to hear less noise from Basim during the assassination process.
  • Players will be able to get the Initiate of Amulet outfits in AC Mirage after completing the Taking Flight mission.

2. Zanj Uprising 

Zanj Uprising
Zanj Uprising (Image Screenshotted By eXputer)
Tier Materials Needed Upgrades 
1No materials needed Decreases the impact of the illegal actions on Basim’s notoriety by 20%. 
2Steel Ingot 30, 60 Leather and one Upgrade schematic Decreases the impact of illegal actions on Basim’s notoriety by 30%. 
360 Steel Ingot, 120 Leather, one upgrade schematic Decreases the impact of the illegal actions by 40%.

Another important outfit is the Zanj Uprising, featuring an Infamous perk and three upgrades that reduce the illegal actions against Basim. 

  • The Zanj Upbringing has been described as the outfit that belonged to the Zanj Rebel. 
  • Infamous: It will decrease the impact of illegal actions on Basim’s notoriety.
  • If players want to get the outfit, they must head to Harbiyah and loot the first main Gear chest.

3. Abbasid Knight Outfit 

Abbasid Knight
Abbasid Knight (Image By eXputer)
Tier Materials Needed Upgrades 
1No materials needed Basim can regenerate 1% HP every 2 seconds while being unseen, up to 50% max health. 
2Steel Ingot 30, 60 Leather and one Upgrade schematic Basim will regenerate 2% health every 2 seconds while being unseen, a max of 50%. 
360 Steel Ingot, 120 Leather, one upgrade schematic 3% HP can be regenerated. 

The Abbasid Knight Outfits is the third outfit in my list of AC Mirage outfits. It comes equipped with the Lick Your Wounds perk.

  • It has been described as the outfit of an Abbasid Knight.
  • Lick Your Wounds: Basim can regenerate HP every 2 seconds while he is Unseen, which can go to 50% HP.
  • After going to Karkh, you must get the first Gear Chest to unlock the Abbasid Knight Outfit. 

4. Hidden One 

Hidden One
Hidden One (Image By eXputer)
Tier Materials Needed Upgrades 
1No materials needed Focus Chunks will fill up an extra 5% anytime Stealth Kills are carried out. 
2Steel Ingot 30, 60 Leather and one Upgrade schematic Focus Chunks will fill an extra 10% when Stealth Kills are done. 
360 Steel Ingot, 120 Leather, one upgrade schematic Stealth kills can fill an extra 15% for the Focus Chunks

Hidden Outfit has a Deadly Moment perk and requires Steel Ingots and Leathers to upgrade.

  • Go to Round City and loot the first gear chest that you can find to get the Hidden One outfit in AC Mirage.
  • Deadly Moment: Anytime Stealth kills are performed, Focus Chunks will fill more. 

5. Rostam Outfit 

Rostam Outfit
Rostam Outfit (Image By eXputer)
Tier Materials Needed Upgrades 
1No materials needed Opponents will hear 50% less noise when moving around. 
2Steel Ingot 30, 60 Leather and one Upgrade schematic Opponents will hear 75% less noise when moving about. 
360 Steel Ingot, 120 Leather, one upgrade schematic Enemies will hear 100% less noise. 

The Rostam Outfit has the Sound of Silence perk and a specific schematic used to upgrade it. 

  • To get the Rostam outfit, players must complete The Marked Coins contract, which will reward them with the Rostam outfit
  • Sound of Silence: Opponents will hear less noise that Basim produces while he is moving around. 

6. Milad’s Outfit 

Milad's Outfit
Milad’s Outfit (Image Taken By eXputer)

The Milad’s Outfit has the Forgotten Terror perk and can be acquired through collecting 5 shards. 

  • The Milad’s outfit has been described to be where Unseen Isu energies will continue to overwhelm those with a weaker mind. 
  • To acquire the outfit, players will need to get 5 mysterious shards that will be used for the Oasis Chamber done through Nehal’s Investigation. 

The perk called Forgotten Terror for the Milad’s Outfit in AC Mirage is listed below: 

  • Forgotten Terror: Successful Air assassinations will set off a flash of lightning that will disorient any bystanders within a 15-meter radius. 
  • There are no upgrades required for the Milad Outfit. 

7. Sand Outfit 

Sand (Image Credits eXputer)

Moving on, the final entry in my list of outfits in AC Mirage is the Sand’s Outfit, which features a Second Chance perk and a rather enticing aura. 

  • The Sand outfit has been described as extravagant and light.
  • Players must buy the Deluxe pack from the Assassin’s Creed store to wear the Sand Outfit.
  • You can also head to the Bureau while doing the Baghdad Bound mission in the Harbiyah area to find it. 
  • Second Chance: Once during a battle, Basim can survive through a deadly hit and can slow down time. 

8. Jinn Outfit 

Jinn (Image By eXputer)

The Jinn Outfit is locked behind a paywall (Animus Store) and comes with a Lasting Curse Perk.

  • The Jinn outfit is described as one that strikes fear and sickness amongst people.
  • Players can only get the Jinn by purchasing it from the Animus Store, which can be accessed through the main menu. 

The perk called Lasting Curse and its effects are listed below: 

  • Lasting Curse: Afflictions applied to opponents will last 100% longer. 
  • There are no upgrades and schematics for the Jinn outfit. 

9. Fire Demon 

Fire Demon
Fire Demon (Image Credits eXputer)
  • Lastly, the Fire Demon outfit is another paid DLC outfit featuring the Incinerate perk.
  • Incinerate: Players can set the opponents on fire after a successful assassination.
  • The outfit can be purchased from the Animus Store.

My Thoughts 

I think that the Fire Demon and The Hidden One’s outfits look the best aesthetic-wise, but their perks also provide a considerable upgrade for players. However, you’re free to try out all the outfits before picking the one that suits your playstyle the best. With that, let’s wrap up the Assassin’s Creed Mirage All Outfits guide!

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