AC Mirage: How To Solve ‘Find What I Stole!’ Enigma

Learn how to solve the 'Find What I Stole' Enigma in AC Mirage to earn the Black Zanj Outfit Dye in the Soap Boiler's District.

In Assassin’s Creed Mirage, you’ll encounter enigmas, which are essentially riddles and puzzles scattered throughout Baghdad. Solving these enigmas will earn you valuable rewards like outfit dyes and talismans. The AC Mirage Find What I Stole Enigma is one of the first Riddles you will likely encounter in Baghdad.

Key Takeaways
  • Find What I Stole! Enigma scroll can be found near the Damascus Gate Prison in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.
  • To Solve this Enigma, you must head to Soap Boiler’s Region in Harbiyah.
  • Locate large, colorful cloth triangles in the southwest of this region from an aerial view.
  • Beneath these clothes, you will find the Black Zanj Outfit Dye in a Gazebo.

For more insight, you can view the following Youtube video as another hands-on experience to solving the ‘Find What I Stole’ Enigma in AC Mirage:

What Is The Find What I Stole! Enigma

AC Mirage: Find What I Stole Enigma‘Find What I Stole’ Enigma Scroll [Image by Exputer]

The AC Mirage Find What I Stole! Enigma hints at investigating the soap boilers and then scanning for colorful fabrics from elevated vantage points.

If you follow these instructions, you’ll discover a valuable treasure waiting to be claimed. However, pinpointing the exact location referred to in this enigma can be quite challenging.

‘Find What I Stole!’ Scroll Location

AC Mirage: Find What I Stole‘Find What I Stole’ Scroll Location [Screenshot by Exputer]

Follow these steps to obtain the “Find What I Stole!” Enigma Scroll:

  1. Once you return to Baghdad, head to the North of the Damascus Gate Prison in the Harbiyah territory.
  2. Make your way through the Qutrabbul Gate.
  3. After passing through the gate, turn right and proceed through the archway.
  4. Soon, you’ll reach a smaller path that leads toward the water.
  5. Keep following this path, and then turn right.
  6. Keep walking along this route until you arrive at the location of the enigma.
  7. Once you’ve reached the location, activate your eagle vision to highlight the scroll lying on the ground. 

AC Mirage Find Waat I Stole Enigma‘Find What I Stole’ Enigma Scroll [Image By Exputer]

To access the enigma you’ve collected, enter your inventory and go to the ‘Bag.’ On the right side of your screen, scroll down until you find the section labeled ‘Enigmas.’ This section shows a list of all the enigmas you’ve collected and those waiting to be solved. Click on an enigma to read it and review the clues it provides for solving it.

‘Find What I Stole!’ Reward Location

AC Mirage 'Find what i stole' Enigma
AC Mirage ‘Find What I Stole’ Enigma reward location [Screenshot by Exputer]
Follow these steps to obtain the “Find What I Stole!” Enigma Reward:

  1. To solve the “Find What I Stole” Enigma, travel to the Soap Boiler’s District, which is situated in the southeast corner of Harbiyah.
  2. Upon reaching this area, players should utilize Enkidu, The Eagle, to gain an aerial view of the Soap Boiler’s District.
  3. Concentrate your attention on the district’s southwest corner, where you will notice a series of large cloth triangles spanning the corridor.  These are indeed the colorful fabrics referred to in the enigma note.
  4. These large cloth triangles can also be seen on the Map if you zoom in on the Southwest corner of the District (Marked on the Map above).  
  5. Now, players should proceed toward the colorful fabrics mentioned earlier and locate a Gazebo, a wooden structure beneath them.

The treasure linked to the “Find What I Stole” Enigma can be found on the ground inside this gazebo. To claim it, enter the structure and interact with the glowing spot on the ground.

AC Mirage 'Find What I Stole'
AC Mirage ‘Find What I Stole’ Enigma Gazebo [Image by Exputer]

‘Find What I Stole!’ Enigma Reward

The reward for solving the AC Mirage Find What I Stole Enigma is the ‘Black Zanj Uprising’ Outfit Dye. You can equip this cosmetic item via the Inventory menu, but please note that it can only be applied if the player is currently wearing the Zanj Uprising Outfit. You can obtain the Zanj Uprising Outfit by completing the Harbiyah Upper Harbor Gear Chest puzzle.

AC Mirage Find What I Stole
AC Mirage ‘Find What I Stole!’ Enigma Reward [Image by Exputer]
That’s about it regarding the AC Mirage Find What I Stole! Enigma. To learn more about Assassin’s Creed Mirage, you can read Usama’s thoughts in his Review of AC Mirage.


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