AC Mirage BEST Skills [Top 8]

After spending 30+ hours, here is my recommendations for abilities to get for Basim in AC Mirage.

Best skills AC Mirage can make all the difference when playing the game for the first time because you can only receive them via the main story missions instead of leveling up this time around. These unique skills enhance Basim’s capabilities in-game and are organized in three different Skill Trees: Phantom, Trickster, and Predator. Furthermore, some skills will require you to invest 2 or 3 skill points to acquire them.

Important: You can Re-spec your acquired skills in the Skill Tree by holding the square button on the Playstation, X on the Xbox, or R on the Keyboard (PC).
Key Takeaways
  • Skills in AC Mirage are divided among the Phantom, Trickster, and Predator Skill Trees.
  • Skill Points are naturally acquired by completing the Main Story missions.
  • The benefits of the best skills is that you’ll have an easier time adjusting to the new Stealth mechanics and playstyle.
  • As a veteran player of the franchise and having played AC Mirage myself, I recommend obtaining the Breakfall and Knife Recovery skills.

The Best Skills In Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Following are the best AC Mirage skills, their respective tree, and skill point costs:

Chain AssassinationPhantom3
Knife RecoveryTrickster3
Extra Tool CapacityTrickster2
Pickpocket MasterTrickster4
Counter RollPhantom4
Enkidu AcuityPredator2

1. Breakfall

The Best Early Game Ability
ac mirage best skills
Breakfall (Image Captured by Us)
Skill Tree Phantom
Description Basim automatically performs a roll when landing from a dangerous height, reducing the amount of damage taken.
Cost 2 Skill Points

Nearly spending 100+ hours in previous titles such as AC Odyssey, I enjoyed the Demi-God feel of having no fall damage when leaping off high distances using the Leap of Faith ability.

Following that tradition with AC Mirage, Breakfall was easily the best early game skill that immediately caught my eye as it helps soften your landing when jumping from larger heights across the city. Health is crucial in AC Mirage, especially in combat, so having access to a skill early on that drastically reduces fall damage to HP from parkouring is definitely worth keeping in mind.

2. Chain Assassination

The Best Offensive Ability.
ac mirage chain assassination
Chain Assassination (Image Captured by Us)
Skill Tree Phantom
Description After performing an assassination, assassinate a second nearby enemy or throw a knife at a distant one if throwing knives are available.
Cost 3 Skill Points

While I certainly miss having the ability to double assassinate targets in previous Assassin’s Creed titles, the Chain Assassination fulfills that same wish for me. The skill is especially helpful during major story missions where I needed to infiltrate larger areas with tons of enemies to get to my Assassination target or objective.

So, having a useful skill that allows you to take down two enemies at once in close proximity will help you immensely, especially considering AC Mirage emphasizes a stealth approach.

3. Knife Recovery

The Utility Ability in AC Mirage.
ac mirage best skills
Knife Recovery (Image Captured by Us)
Skill Tree Trickster
Description All the Throwing Knives that hit an enemy can be retrieved from their corpse.
Cost 3 Skill Points

Throwing Knives are extremely potent in this game, considering you will need to exercise Stealth takedowns throughout the main campaign. In my hands-on experience with AC Mirage, Throwing Knives can practically one-shot enemies to the head at mid-range but can be limited in quantity early on, so having the ability to retrieve them from dead bodies for infinite usage will likely benefit you in the long run.

4. Extra Tool Capacity I & II

The Best Quality-of-Life Ability.
tool capacity ac mirage
Extra Tool Capacity (Image Captured by Us)
Skill Tree Trickster
Description Unlocks a new slot for a Tool by visiting the Banu Musa at a Hidden Ones’ Bureau.
Cost 2 Skill Points
Once acquired, the Extra Tool Capacity skills cannot be reset/respec’d back for skill points.

From my favorite Throwing Knives to the Smoke Bombs, AC Mirage has a handful of utility tools to help you in gameplay so it goes without saying that this skill will essentially allow you to unlock a new slot to equip more tools at your disposal at a given time.

5. Engineer

The Best Tool Ability.
ac mirage engineer
Engineer (Image Captured by Us)
Skill Tree Trickster
Description You can select a second Tier 1 Tool Upgrade for each available Tool.
Cost 4 Skill Points
Warning: Resetting will remove all Tier 1 perks from the Tool. Visit the Banu Musa to reapply them.

Your Tools can be outfitted with different Tier upgrades to increase their usefulness, but you can only select a single upgrade for a tool at each Tier. However, with the Engineer Skill, you can select another Tier 1 upgrade, which I consider one of the best endgame abilities considering the overall viability of Tools in AC Mirage.

6. Pickpocket Master

The Best Phantom Tree Ability.
ac mirage pickpocket
Pickpocket Master (Image Captured by Us)
Skill Tree Trickster
Description Basim’s skills as a pickpocket increase, helping him retrieve his target’s valuables more efficiently.
Cost 4 Skill Points

While the description is a little vague, the Pickpocket Master essentially allows you to skip the Quick Time Event, where you must complete it to successfully loot the target of their belongings. I personally didn’t find the QTE to be that hard, but if you’re someone who struggles with it, then feel free to grab the Pickpocket Master skill to have an easier time with the mechanic.

7. Counter Roll

The Best Combat Ability.
ac mirage counter roll
Counter Roll (Image Captured by Us)
Skill Tree Phantom
Description Dodge toward an enemy’s Unblockable Attack just before it lands to vault directly behind them. A strong strategy against Armored opponents.
Cost 4 Skill Points

While I’m not a fan of the melee combat in AC Mirage, you will often find yourself battling against the Brute-type enemies, which can’t be directly attacked unless you damage them from behind. The Counter Roll will automatically position you behind enemies during their Unblockable attacks (indicated by a Red glow). So, it can become extremely handy, especially if you’re someone who can get overwhelmed by constant enemies.

8. Enkidu Acuity 1 & 2

The Best Predator Tree Ability.
ac mirage enkidu
Enkidu Acuity (Image Captured by Us)
Skill Tree Predator
Description Enkidu’s perception is increased, making tagging enemies easier.
Cost 2 Skill Points

If you want another of the best AC Mirage skills for the early going, increasing Enkidu’s ability to quickly tag enemies when droning with him can be more useful than you would think. By default, it takes a split second to hover over the target to actually mark them. Still, even if you get the first Enkidu Acuity skill, it will become much easier to scan the area from above for enemies in the vicinity.

Alternative Picks

We have picked some other skill options for you in AC Mirage that were not included in the guide because of gameplay differences.

  • Emergency Aim: A good choice, enabling you to quickly counterattack upon detection by the enemies, though there are times when this ability is ineffective.
  • Eagle Sense: This skill enables players to intuitively track and detect the movements of a target.
  • Stealth Recon: It illuminates enemies when the player is in a crouched and undetected state.
  • Elixir Pocket: An excellent trickster skill that can enhance the player’s Elixir carrying capacity by one.
  • Focus Boost: The focus bar replenishes more rapidly following each successful stealth kill.

What Skills Do I Recommend

After nearly spending 30+ hours in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, I recommend Breakfall and Knife Recovery skills. While you can certainly increase your Knife capacity later on using the Tool Upgrades, in the early going, I found that I often used them to ensure my multiple stealth takedowns easily.

Breakfall is also a no-brainer to pick up since you will need to jump from certain heights if the situation demands it to escape from Guards or get out of the Mission areas on completion, so taking minimal fall damage becomes necessary, at least for me.

This concludes my best AC Mirage skills guide. To know more about it, I strongly encourage you to read my Assassin’s Creed Mirage Review for my overall thoughts about the game. Let me know if you have any questions or queries about the guide in the comments section below!

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