AC Mirage: 4 BEST Tools [Our Picks]

Discover all the useful tools in AC Mirage to help Basim become extremely stealthy and get past all the guards with ease.

In AC Mirage, it is vital to use the best tools available to Basim in order to complete each assassination as efficiently as possible. There are multiple tools available in the game that make stealth a lot easier, but knowing which ones to use and when to use them can be quite tricky. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are six total tools in AC Mirage. 
  • Tools are used to help you tackle multiple challenging situations and improve your overall stealth abilities
  • The best tools in AC Mirage make it easier to remain undetected.
  • However, some tools require a lot of mastery before being able to correctly implement them in actual situations.
  • You need to spend ability points to unlock further tools. 

AC Mirage Best Tools Overview

Here is an overview and comparison of the best tools in AC Mirage:

RANKToolTotal AmmunitionRange/DamageAoF/DurationBest For
1Throwing Knives46018mLong-Range Fights
3Smoke Bomb410m4mCrowd Control

4. Torch

The Best Tool For Exploration In AC Mirage.
torch showcase
Torch Showcase [image by eXputer]



Total Ammunition




  • Why I Chose This: The torch is something I’d consider an essential utility item and tool that can become extremely handy when traversing through the map, especially when you enter caves or explore at nighttime.

After training with assassins and joining Nur for a nighttime patrol, the torch becomes a part of your equipment. Unlike other tools, the torch doesn’t have upgrades; its main function is to light up dark places and clear away cobwebs, making exploration easier. For example, in the mysterious room hidden beneath the water in the Northern Oasis, the torch proves to be quite useful.

However, its utility isn’t limited to exploration. The torch can be used creatively against enemies, too. If you find yourself in a tight spot, you can throw the torch, using it as a distraction to slip past your enemies unnoticed. You can also set enemies on fire using the Torch.

  • No requirements.
  • Helps illuminate dark areas.
  • Can distract enemies or even light them on fire.
  • Challenging to use for offense.
  • Slightly underwhelming range.

3. Smoke Bomb

The Best Crowd-Controlling Tool In AC Mirage.
smoke bomb
AC Mirage Best Tools Smoke Bomb Showcase [screenshot by us]



Total Ammunition




Area of Effect


  • Why I Chose This: Smoke bombs in Assassin’s Creed Mirage are indispensable tools that greatly aid in combat and stealth, and I found them crucial for creating quick escape routes or providing strategic advantages during fights.

When used, the smoke bombs release a stunning red smoke that disorients enemies, making it challenging for them to see and react, providing you the perfect opportunity to strike or escape unnoticed. The versatility of the smoke bombs is further highlighted by their upgraded versions. The smoke bombs can help you remain silent and even heal Basim inside the smoke.

Such features are invaluable, especially in tough battles where health doesn’t regenerate automatically, offering additional tactical options to navigate the challenges of Assassin’s Creed Mirage effectively.

  • Effective disruption tool.
  • Allows crowd-controlling.
  • Creates opportunities to escape or attack.
  • Upgraded version can also offer healing capabilities.
  • Discourages stealth.
  • Immediately alerts nearby enemies.

2. Blowdart

The Best Stealth-Based Tool In AC Mirage.
best tools in ac mirage
AC Mirage Best tools Blowdart Description [captured by eXputer]



Total Ammunition






  • Why I Chose This: If you’re someone who likes to clear areas with stealth kills to make the challenge, this is a must-have tool.

Initially, blowdarts are non-lethal, allowing you to put enemies to sleep for a short period. This is especially useful if you want to avoid being detected or need to move past guards without causing a commotion.

  • As you continue your journey and upgrade the blowdart, it becomes more potent, transforming into the lethal Berserker Darts.
  • These enhanced darts are not just ordinary; they turn enemies against each other, creating chaos and helping you achieve your objectives more subtly.

The Berserker Darts ensure that your enemies do most of the hard work for you, making your missions smoother and more manageable. You can also turn the Darts into Poison Darts, rendering each enemy useless on the spot. I personally prefer using the Blowdart when there are multiple enemies, and it’s hard to pick them off one by one. 

  • Guaranteed takedown.
  • Crucial for stealth.
  • Helps in crowd-heavy areas.
  • Several different variants.
  • No damage output.

1. Throwing Knife

The Best Tool For Long-Ranged Combat In AC Mirage.
ac mirage best tools throwing knife
AC Mirage Throwing Knife Showcase [screenshot by us]



Total Ammunition




Area of Effect


  • Why I Chose This: Based on my experience, this is an extremely versatile tool, enabling you to interact with the environment, like causing explosions by hitting oil jars or dropping crates onto unsuspecting enemies below.

Throwing knives in Assassin’s Creed Mirage are essential tools that you receive early in your adventure at Alamut Castle during your assassin training. They are loyal companions in your stealth missions, allowing for quick and silent eliminations.

  • Upgrades enhance the throwing knives’ capabilities, ensuring that you can always recover them and even add poison damage.
  • Additionally, upgraded knives are also efficient against armored enemies.
  • By aiming for the armored enemies’ legs, they get knocked down, allowing you to perform an instant kill.

Additionally, throwing knives is vital for solving multiple puzzles by helping you break through windows or locks. I would recommend checking out the Bazaar Chest guide, as it perfectly showcases how to use the throwing knife to get past locked doors. 

  • Reliable and versatile.
  • Can be used for stealth kills.
  • Upgraded versions are much stronger.
  • Essential for certain puzzles.
  • Limited damage output.

My Thoughts On The Best Tools

Personally, I tend to rely on the Torch and the Throwing Knives the most, and I consider them the best tools in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

I recommend reading the best skills guide, where you’ll learn about a skill that lets you activate slow-mo while aiming with knives in mid-air. That is one of my go-to moves while trying to remain stealthy. You can see all the tools in action here.

But, with that, you know about the best tools in AC Mirage. There are six total tools to choose from, but depending on your own playstyle, you may consider certain tools better than others. I would also recommend reading my best Assassin’s Creed Mirage weapons guide to complement your tools with better equipment. 

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