AC Mirage: All Wilderness Tales Of Baghdad [Location & Completion]

Learn all about the 2 AC Mirage Wilderness Tales Of Baghdad, along with their location and how to complete them.

There are 2 Wilderness Tales of Baghdad in AC Mirage. Wilderness is a huge area, and exploring all of it is only possible if the player has completed these 2 set tales. However, due to it being so big, some players might find it difficult to complete these tales because you will not have any idea where to go unless you know the area of wilderness inside out. 

Key Takeaways
  • The tale is a side quest or activity available in AC Mirage.
  • There are 2 tales of Baghdad in the wilderness region of AC Mirage.
  • The first tale is called Curse Of The Si’la’ while the second is called Treasure Hunt.
  • Players can complete the Curse Of The Si’la’ tale by locating the 7 objects instructed by Ma’bad.
  • For the Treasure Hunt tale, players must find Tiferet’s blue pot in Ukbara.
  • Both tales are fairly easy to complete and reward players decently for their efforts.

Complete information on Wilderness of Baghdad:

Tale NameLocationHow to StartObjectiveReward
Curse Of The Si'la'Abandoned village on the West side of the WildernessSpeak with Ma'bad in the villageLocate 7 objects scattered around the village. Use eagle vision to find them.Skill Point
Treasure HuntNorth side of the Wilderness, village of UkbaraSpeak with Tiferet in UkbaraRetrieve a blue pottery vase from a submerged house. Dive deep into the water to find it.100 dirhams (if vase is not broken), 50 dirhams (if vase is broken)

Wilderness Tales of Baghdad In AC Mirage

Now, as mentioned before, there are 2 tales in the wilderness region of AC Mirage. The first tale is named “Curse Of The Si’la’” while the second tale is called “Treasure Hunt.” The tales themself are easy to complete and do not take that much time. However, locating them in the wilderness alone is a hard task.

Curse Of The Si’la’

Location of the Curse of Sila
Location Of Curse Of The Si’la’ [Image Credit: eXputer]
The tale is located in an abandoned village right beside the river located on the West side of the Wilderness. Players can get here easily by traveling West of the observatory viewpoint.

Objects You Need To Examine [Image By eXputer]
  1. Once you enter this village, you need to speak with Ma’bad.
  2. In the conversation, Ma’bad will tell you about the 7 different objects scattered all around the village.
  3. You can use your eagle vision to locate these objects.
  4. Eagle vision will make these objects glow and thus will make it easy for you to locate them, so once all of them are collected, go back to Ma’bad.
Reward: Skill Point [Image Taken By eXputer]
The tale will then be completed, and you will be rewarded with a Skill Point in AC Mirage.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt Location [Screenshot Credit: eXputer]
  1. You need to go to the north side of the wilderness if you want to initiate the Treasure Hunt tale.
  2. There is a village there known as Ukbara; go to the village and try speaking with a woman named Tiferet.
The Blue Pottery Vase [Screenshot By: eXputer]
  1. She will let you know that she is looking for a piece of blue pottery inside the house she is standing in front of.
  2. Now, she will inform you to get the vase for a small fee; to get the vase, you will have to dive deep into the water.
  3. Once you find the area where the stones meet the roof, enter through the opening, and into the home you go.
Reward Of 50 Dirhams [Screenshot Taken By: eXputer]
After finding the blue pot, return it to Tiferet to complete the following task. You will be rewarded with 100 dirhams if you do not break the vase. However, if curiosity gets to you and you break the vase, you only get 50 dirhams.

And with that, my AC Mirage Wilderness Tales Of Baghdad guide ends. Here, you learned about the location and completion of all the tales located in the wilderness region of AC Mirage. To learn more about AC Mirage, you can check Usama’s thoughts on it through his AC Mirage review

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