AC Mirage: Solve This Problem Quickly For Me Enigma [Location]

Learn all about the AC Mirage Solve This Problem Quickly For Me Enigma, including its location, solution, and reward.

Enigmas are tasks that you have to complete. The completion of these set tasks leads you to some sort of treasure scattered around all of Baghdad. You have to decipher clues and explore quite a bit to get your treasure. Solve this problem quickly for me is another one of these enigmas in AC Mirage.

Key Takeaways
  • Enigmas are tasks that you have to complete to get different sorts of treasure in AC Mirage.
  • The AC Mirage Solve This Problem Quickly For Me enigma can be found in the Karkh region.
  • While the solution to the enigma leads you to Jarjaraya, which is towards the North Wilderness.
  • The reward for solving this enigma is The Gold Hidden One Dye.

Baghdad is absolutely huge, and there is no possible way for the player to know where to go after and before finding the enigma. On top of that, enigmas do not have a track marker, so you have absolutely no idea where to go!


Enigma Location
Enigma Location [Image Credit: eXputer]
Players can find the enigma on the roof of a building under a tent in Karkh. The building can be found in the northeast of the Qadi District Office. Be aware; as there are guards around the area all the time, you must avoid or assassinate a few to get to the enigma.


Treasure Location
Treasure Location [Image By: eXputer]
  1. To find the treasure, get moving to Jarjaraya.
  2. Jarjaraya is a burned-down and abandoned village in the south of the wilderness.
  3. The village lies right beside the Tigris River.
  4. Once you find the village, try to find an area with a lot of huts together.
  5. After finding these huts, look for a hut with a small tower beside it.
  6. Inside the hut will be your reward, which will be glowing. 


Reward [Image Taken By: eXputer]
  • The set reward for solving this problem quickly for me enigma is The Gold Hidden One Dye.

My Take On The Enigma’s Rewards

And with that, my AC Mirage Solve This Problem Quickly For Me Enigma ends. Here, you were informed of the location, solution, and reward for the Solve This Problem Quickly For Me Enigma. If you ask me if the reward is worth it in my personal experience? Not really, since it’s pretty much an outfit dye that exists for cosmetic purposes in AC Mirage. I’d rather wear Altair’s Master Assassin Outfit instead of using the dye.

Furthermore, to learn more about AC Mirage, you should check out Usama’s thoughts in our Assassin’s Creed Mirage Review. Also, if you want to add something, you can do so through the comment section below.

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