AC Mirage: Hidden One Outfit [Location, Upgrades, Stats]

Learn the exact location of the Hidden One Outfit along with it's upgrades and dye to empower Basim's Focus Assassination ability.

There are many outfits available in AC Mirage, but out of all of them, the Hidden One Outfit stands out in terms of its aesthetics and the perks that it provides. In fact, the Hidden One Outfit is great for those who love leveraging the Focus Assassination ability. But, acquiring the outfit isn’t as straightforward as you might think.

Key Takeaways
  • The Hidden One Outfit in AC Mirage enhances the Focus Assassination ability.
  • Located in the Round City, acquired through stealthy navigation and overcoming guards.
  • Outfit upgrades are found at various locations, requiring strategic and environment-based problem-solving.
  • Enhanced outfit boosts focus regeneration significantly, aiding in stealthy approaches and assassinations in AC Mirage.

Location Of Hidden One Outfit In AC Mirage

ac mirage hidden one outfit dye location
Hidden One Outfit Location [image by us]
To find the Hidden One Outfit, you need to begin your journey in the inner perimeters of the Round City.

  1. As shown on the map above, there is a Gear Chest on the eastern side of the Round City.
  2. Specifically, the Chest is on top of the Shurta Headquarters, behind an armored brute, under a shed.
  3. I found getting to the chest to be tricky due to the fenced rooftop.

Starting from the northern side of the Shurta Headquarters, you’ll find a small section on the left side of the building without any fencing.

  1. Climb up through there and sneak behind the guard to assassinate him in order to get to the outfit with ease.
  2. Alternatively, I’d recommend getting to some high ground and directly assassinating the guard using your Focus Assassination ability to avoid having to sneak around.
  3. As you’ll be directly in front of the chest after assassinating the brute, you can access it with ease and move on. 

Also, check out the Bazaar Chest nearby; it contains a powerful weapon which you can learn more about in my Best Weapons guide.

Upgrade Schematic 1 Location 

Hidden One Outfit Dye Upgrade [captured by us]
After you’ve acquired the Hidden One Outfit, the next step is to get its upgrade schematics. The first Schematic can be found right at the southwest boundary for the inner perimeter of the Round City, as shown in the image above. The building has no specific name, just that it is next to a historical site. 

Get inside the building by breaking the floor [screenshot by eXputer]
In order to get the chest, you need to do the following:

  1. When you reach the location, use your Eagle Vision to spot the chest.
  2. It will be inside the building.
  3. To get inside the building, you need to climb up to the rooftop.
  4. You will notice that there is a breakable floor on the roof.
  5. Use Eagle Vision to find a nearby firepot; it will be on the adjacent roof, slightly below the main roof.
  6. Climb back up to the roof and throw the pot on the breakable floor to get access to Al-Jahiz’s House.
  7. Go down the stairs to find the chest with the Upgrade Schematic

Upgrade Schematic 2 Location 

ac mirage hidden one outfit upgrade schematic location
Hidden One Outfit Dye Upgrade 2 Location [captured by us]
The second Upgrade Schematic for the Hidden One Outfit can be found in the Mazalim Courts, north of the inner boundary of the Round City, as shown in the image above. The area is also restricted, with guards patrolling the area. 

Get inside by breaking the window [image by eXputer]
To get access to the Gear Chest, you need to do the following:

  1. Start from the west side of the Mazalim Courts for direct and easy access to the Gear Chest
  2. The Chest can be found inside the bell-tower-like structure on the west side of the Mazalim Courts.
  3. Climb all the way to the top and eliminate any enemies in the way.
  4. Use your Eagle Vision to spot a breakable window highlighted in red.
  5. Use a throwing knife to break the window.
  6. Enter inside to get access to the Gear Chest with the Upgrade Schematic




Hidden One Outfit Tier 1

Focus Chunks fill an additional 5% when performing Stealth kills

Hidden One Outfit Tier 2

Focus Chunks fill an additional 10% when performing Stealth kills

Hidden One Outfit Tier 3

Focus Chunks fill an additional 15% when performing Stealth kills

The Hidden One Outfit is great for those who love using the Focus Assassination ability, as it helps regenerate the bars a lot quicker due to the Deadly Moment perk. Regularly, the Focus bar fills up as you perform stealth kills. With the Outfit, you’ll be able to fill it up far more with each kill. I’d also recommend checking out our best outfits guide by Mina Anwar to discover more similar outfits.

What I Think About The Outfit

Locating the Hidden One Outfit Dye was not as tricky as I’d imagined. If you check out my guide on the Isu Armor, you’ll notice that acquiring that Outfit was relatively harder as you had to collect many Mysterious Shards. But with the Hidden One Outfit, all I had to do was be slightly stealthy. I definitely recommend using the fully upgraded version of the Outfit due to the boost in Focus regeneration.

With that, you know all about the Hidden One Outfit and its dye location in AC Mirage. You can also check out my guide on how to get the Milad’s outfit in my The Calling mission walkthrough in AC Mirage. Additionally, if you are puzzled by the ending of AC Mirage, check out Arham’s AC Mirage Ending Explained guide.

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