AC Mirage: Excavation Site [Location & Objectives]

Learn where the Excavation Site is in AC Mirage and what you need to do there in order to progress in the main story.

In Assassin’s Creed Mirage, embarking on the “Find the Missing Brother” quest is an adventurous task where the search for a missing scholar, Ahmad ibn Musa, becomes essential. During this quest, you are entrusted with the mission of uncovering AC Mirage’s Excavation Site. The quest takes place in the Abbasiyah district, where the unfolding investigation leads you to a series of clues and challenges.

Key Takeaways
  • The Excavation Site is crucial in AC Mirage’s “Find the Missing Brother” quest.
  • The site is located southwest of Baghdad, guided by a map.
  • Oasis and a unique scalable structure signal the correct path.
  • Objectives at the site include finding and opening chests while remaining undetected.
  • Stealth and tools like knives and darts are essential for navigating the guarded area in the AC Mirage Excavation Site.

How To Find The Excavation Site In AC Mirage

excavation site in AC Mirage
AC Mirage Excavation Site [image by us]
When progressing through the main quests in AC Mirage, you are asked to find the Excavation Site to progress and complete the “Find the Missing Brother” quest.

  • However, you’re only given a single map, which can be hard to decipher.

Using The Excavation Site Map

AC Mirage Excavation Site showcase
Excavation Site Map [screenshot by us]
Armed with an ‘Excavation Site Map,’ the quest hints and guides you to head southwest of the city of Baghdad.

  • The only clue you will have is a cryptic drawing on a map.
  • You must traverse the vast desert dunes, navigating towards an oasis and river that signals you are on the right path.
  • The oasis is marked by a unique structure that is scalable and doubles as a synchronization and fast travel point.

While we’re on the subject of maps, learn more about AC Mirage’s map by checking out our guide on map size comparison.

Discovering The Excavation Site

Excavation Site Shown On Map [screenshot by us]
As your journey progresses toward the Excavation Site, be prepared to engage with the map, ensuring alignment with the designated southwest portion of Baghdad’s outskirts.

  • You can refer to the image above to find the exact location of the Excavation Site.
  • But for general guidance, head towards the large river southwest on the map.
  • You will find the excavation site between two smaller rivers

What To Do There

Gathering Hints at the Excavation Site [captured by eXputer]
Upon the successful location of the Excavation Site, your objectives subtly shift, revealing a new set of tasks.

  1. You need to scout the area for hints revealing some NPCs you can interact with.
  2. After interacting with them, you will discover three hidden chests that appear as quest markers.
  3. These chests, which will appear as orange in Eagle Vision, become central to uncovering the clues necessary to advance in the quest.

Opening these chests helps you figure out Ahmad’s location.

  • Opening the chests isn’t straightforward, as you need to remain anonymous to interact with them.
  • There are multiple guards around, which makes staying stealthy quite difficult.
  • I recommend going into the quest with multiple tools, such as throwing knives and darts, to help you remain unspotted. 

My Experience With The Excavation Site

Excavation Site Showcase in-game [screenshot by eXputer]
Discovering the Excavation Site was slightly tricky at first because the map wasn’t quite detailed. But by putting the main map and the map we get side-by-side, I could discover the location with ease. The only challenge that comes afterward is trying to remain undetected while opening all three of the chests. I’d recommend mastering the Assassination Focus ability, as there will be instances where you’ll need to assassinate multiple targets in the same vicinity. Check out our guide on the best skills to learn more.

With that, you know all about the AC Mirage’s Excavation Site. Assassin’s Creed Mirage offers many mysteries for you to solve. One example of this is the multiple enigmas. You should check out Reap from the Ruins Enigma to learn more about these enigmas. I’d also recommend checking out my guide on best weapons to ensure Basim is equipped with the best gear. 

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