AC Mirage: The Best Outfits To Choose [Top 5]

Learn everything there is about the best outfits in AC Mirage, alongside their upgrade paths.

AC Mirage’ Best Outfits are hand-picked by myself so that you can provide a cooler outlook for Basim. These outfits also provide additional perks that have their upgrade paths. The perks usually help with combat and stealth. So, players might want to know the best outfits alongside their perks and upgrades. 

Key Takeaways
  • The outfits in AC Mirage provide armor for players and can be upgraded. 
  • The main benefit of using the best outfits is allowing players to use its perks during combat. 
  • The only drawback is that a few outfits can only be acquired mid-game. 
  • Players can upgrade most of the outfits in AC Mirage using Upgrade Schematics. 

AC Mirage Best Outfits 

Below listed is a summarized version of the best outfits with their perks and upgrades in AC Mirage: 

AC Mirage Best OutfitsPerkHow To GetUpgrades
Initiate of AlamutSilent BladeProgress through the Taking Flight mission50% less noise, 75%, 100%
Hidden OneDeadly MomentLoot the first gear chest in Round CityFocus chunks fill 5%, 10%, 15%
Milad's OutfitForgotten TerrorObtain 5 mysterious shardsNo upgrades
Zanj UprisingInfamousHarbiyah gear chestsDecreases the illegal actions' consequences for Basim.
Abbasid KnightLick Your WoundsGear chests in KarkhHP Regeneration every 2 seconds while being unseen.

1. Initiate Of Alamut 

Initiate Of Alamut
Initiate Of Alamut (Image Credits eXputer)
Tier Materials Needed Upgrades 
1No materials needed Opponents will hear 50% less noise caused by Basim during assassinations. 
2Steel Ingot 30, 60 Leather and one Upgrade schematic 75% less noise will be heard during assassinations. 
360 Steel Ingot, 120 Leather, one upgrade schematic 100% less noise will be heard. 

The first outfit is the Initiate of Alamut, which has the Silent Blade perk and is rated as one of the most broken outfits in AC Mirage and can be easily acquired, which is why it should be picked. 

2. Milad’s Outfit 

Milad's Outfit
Milad’s Outfit (Image Taken By eXputer)

Next up, the Milad’s Outfit is one of the best outfits and armor in AC Mirage due to its Forgotten Terror perk, which is used for air assassinations and can be used to disorient bystanders within a 15-meter radius.

There are no Upgrades for Milad’s Outfit.

3. Hidden One 

Hidden One
Hidden One (Image By eXputer)
Tier Materials Needed Upgrades 
1No materials needed Focus Chunks will fill an extra 5% anytime Stealth Kills are performed. 
2Steel Ingot 30, 60 Leather and one Upgrade schematic Focus Chunks get filled an extra 10% during Stealth Kills. 
360 Steel Ingot, 120 Leather, one upgrade schematic 15% extra Focus Chunks upon carrying out stealth kills. 

The Hidden One is one of the best armor equipped with the Deadly Moment perk and is rated as one of the S-tier outfits in AC Mirage. While using the outfit, Basim will be easily able to carry out assassinations with the help of the outfit, and the perk makes it even deadlier, making it one of the main reasons to choose it. 

4. Zang Uprising 

Zanj Uprising
Zanj Uprising (Image Screenshotted By eXputer)
Tier Materials Needed Upgrades 
1No materials needed Decreases the total impact of illegal actions on Basim by 20%. 
2Steel Ingot 30, 60 Leather and one Upgrade schematic Reduces the impact by 30%. 
360 Steel Ingot, 120 Leather, one upgrade schematic Decreases the impact by 40%. 

The Zang Uprising is an outstanding outfit that allows players to steal from chests, as well as reduces the chances of consequences upon doing illegal actions by Basim, and players can obtain one of the best outfits in Harbiyah in Gear Chests in AC Mirage

5. Abbasid Knight 

Abbasid Knight
Abbasid Knight (Image By eXputer)
Tier Materials Needed Upgrades 
1No materials needed Basim can regenerate 1% HP every 2 seconds while being unseen. 
2Steel Ingot 30, 60 Leather and one Upgrade schematic 2% HP can be regenerated every 2 seconds. 
360 Steel Ingot, 120 Leather, one upgrade schematic 3% HP can be regenerated.

Lastly, one of the best outfits in AC Mirage is the Abbasid Knight outfit, as it can provide optimal heals for him and the Lick Your Wounds perk can come in handy, too. 

My Thoughts 

In my opinion, the Initiate of Alamut outfit is hands-down one of the best outfits and armor in AC Mirage because it can be obtained easily after one of the first questlines, while the Hidden One outfit is excellent due to its Deadly Moment perk. 

This concludes my guide on the best outfits in AC Mirage. 

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