After The Exciting Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster, I Want A New Entry Next, Capcom

The original was the best; it's time for a new game with the same formula.

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  • Capcom has revived Dead Rising with a “Deluxe Remaster,” which is pretty much a full-fledged remake.
  • The original Dead Rising is the most unique zombie apocalypse ever, and it’s better than ever now.
  • The sequels strayed from the roots, but now that Capcom knows, it’s time for a new “authentic” entry.

When I say “zombie game,” what is the first title that comes to your mind? Is it Days Gone? The Last of Us? If you’re old school, it might be Left 4 Dead, or heck, even Plants vs. Zombies. Now, what if I say “zombie game by Capcom.” That should narrow it down to one name, right? Resident Evil. Guess again, for there is another.

That, my friends, is Dead Rising. A zombie game that is the furthest thing from scary, and the closest thing to a ridiculous zombie outbreak where you laugh more than you scream. And now, this creative piece of fiction is making a triumphant return once again.

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Dead Rising — Where Else Can You Literally Mop The Floor With Zombies?

Today, let’s discuss the game you’ll never imagine when I say the term zombie apocalypse, yet is the most entertaining and innovative implementation of the concept.

So, it’s a zombie game. What overpowered badass will I get to play as? Military personnel? Self-trained hardcore fighter? Well, you’re a news journalist. Don’t let that disappoint you, Frank is a perfect badass, but in the most hilarious ways imaginable. I mean, who else uses trash cans and shopping carts to show the zombies whose boss? They’re all too afraid of the overwhelming horde to try something like this.

The first Dead Rising is a masterpiece and no one will change my mind
byu/BernyMoon ingaming

You’re Frank West, a journalist who got wind of a shopping mall suffering from a dangerous zombie outbreak. This shopping mall somehow bigger than entire cities is going to be your playground. Yes, don’t let the zombie threat fool you, it’s very much a game all about having as much fun tearing these poor lifeless bodies apart as possible. You have access to unique weaponry, yes, but there’s no shortage of stuff to use in the shopping mall.

The most entertaining zombie apocalypse ever | Source: Steam
The most entertaining zombie apocalypse ever | Source: Steam

All jokes and games aside, the charismatic protagonist, hilarious foes, peculiarly charming side characters, and a solid plot all about rescuing these innocent lives make up for a fascinating adventure. Besides, the gameplay mechanics are so damn fun that you can’t help but appreciate this majestic overflow of creative game design. It’s an extremely innovative and beloved experience.

You guys weren’t kidding, this game is ******* awesome. I’m only on case 2-1 at the moment, died a few times trying to explore areas and Leon trying to have a rematch. But I’m enjoying this so far. Also got new drip for a new game.
byu/Justhuman963 indeadrising

Capcom’s Remake Prowess Strikes Again

Wait, why did I say “again” in the beginning? That’s because this is the second time this legendary classic has been revived. Released back in 2006 for the Xbox 360, Dead Rising returned for the PS4, PC, and Xbox One back in 2013. This was just a simple port with a little HD upgrade, but things are way different this time around.

Don’t let the “Deluxe Remaster” fool you, this is nothing short of a full remake complete with brand new features and upgrades, and the glorious RE Engine serving as its foundation. The wacky, zombie-busting fun with witty characters and hilarious game design is back, but it’s way better than you remember.

The gameplay mechanics and design choices are exactly the same as they were, except the title has received a massive visual upgrade thanks to the fancy new engine. But wait, there’s more. Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster is completely committed to self-improvement, and you’ll soon see why.

Way more than a remaster | Source: Steam
Way more than a remaster | Source: Steam

Tell me this. What was the thing you didn’t like in the original? The save mechanic was a mess, wasn’t it? Capcom says, “here, have autosave.” The AI of the people you saved was all over the place, just begging to be killed. The “remake” makes sure they behave appropriately. Next up, the janky controls of the original. And you guessed it, much better this time around. This is shaping up to be a little too good to be true.

Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster comparison
byu/BernyMoon indeadrising

Time For A New Entry Like This One

I can’t thank Capcom enough for this brilliant gesture, but allow me to be a little more selfish here. I’m taking the risk of sounding ungrateful, but the opportunity is too lucrative to pass up. Since Capcom has shown that it knows full well how to replicate the original faithfully, it’s about time it considers a new entry following the same concept.

The less-amazing sequels | Source: eXputer
The less-amazing sequels | Source: eXputer

Dead Rising remake is fabulous news, there’s no doubt, but I’ve been waiting for a Dead Rising 5 for a long time now. Especially considering how all the sequels after the original drifted too far away from the core formula. They became action-packed zombie hunters rather than pursuing the creative hilarity of the OG. I want a Dead Rising 5, but it should be a “return to origins” sort of thing.

The Rise and Fall of Dead Rising
byu/SeoulofSoraka inGames

That’s why the remake of the original sounded so fascinating to me. This is the peak of Dead Rising for me, and I want to see more of it. Reliving this adventure is one way to do it, but another, more mindblowing way can be a brand new adventure that follows the same path. Make it happen, Capcom.

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