After DOOM: The Dark Ages’ Incredible Return To The Past, It’s Quake’s Turn

I'm excited for a new DOOM, but I want Quake, too.

Story Highlights

  • Bearing a legendary history and a stunning reboot, the iconic series is back with DOOM: The Dark Ages.
  • The gameplay reveal shows a prequel with a medieval setting and design choices closer to the original.
  • DOOM’s return to roots looks stunning; the same can be done for Quake, the gem deserves as much.

DOOM, the legendary FPS that started with all. With revolutionary 3D design, unprecedented FPS mechanics, player-modification possibilities, network play, and a unique graphical style that would forever go down in history and influence a generation of video games, the importance of the original DOOM cannot be understated.

For a long time, every FPS game that succeeded it was called a DOOM clone. In fact, retro-style games paying homage to the DOOM formula still come out from time to time. Plus, the original was not only responsible for a legendary series but also made Quake possible. Reasons to love DOOM are endless.

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Transcending Time, DOOM Still Rocks

DOOM has become so much of an icon that you see it running almost everywhere. From cash registers to calculators, DOOM’s popularity knows no bounds. We owe an entire era of FPS games’ existence to it. Thus, when the legendary grandfather returned in 2016, saying “the hype was through the roof” would be a grave understatement.

And an absolute banger it was. The iconic Doomguy returning to crush demon skulls, except in extremely realistic and mindblowing visuals was an experience unlike anything else. Besides, stunning visuals weren’t the only thing it had. With the classic weapons reborn anew and the gameplay more fast-paced and adrenaline-fueled than ever, few games are as gruesomely action-packed and cathartic as this reboot.

The visual upgrade is downright insane | Source: Steam
The visual upgrade is downright insane | Source: Steam

The game was so universally acclaimed and loved that a sequel became a certainty. So, we got DOOM Eternal. And oh man was it a masterpiece. Taking everything from its prequel and pumping it with steroids, making the action even more soul-soothingly brutal, and boosting the gameplay fluidity to its extreme, it won’t be an exaggeration to call DOOM Eternal the pinnacle of the FPS genre.

Probably the most epic moment I experienced in gaming in recent years (Doom Eternal)
byu/ILikeCap ingaming

I’ll say this as many chances as I get, I love DOOM Eternal to death. It’s among my favorite games. Thus, you can imagine my uncontrollable excitement when the very first reveal on the Xbox showcase was DOOM: The Dark Ages. A prequel that retains all the adrenaline-pumping action of its two predecessors, it’s The Return of the King.

Rip And Tear, Old-School Style

DOOM: The Dark Ages is a prequel in the truest sense. Not just set in the past, but “literally” set in the past. Alongside a medieval setting and a prequel story, the gameplay mechanics and level design are also going to be much closer to the original formula. It’s a time machine back to the series’ glorified origins.

It's time to go back | Source: Steam
It’s time to go back | Source: Steam

As soon as the trailer begins, DOOM: The Dark Ages quickly establishes its medieval intentions and wears them like a pro throughout. However, one thing surely hasn’t changed. Doomguy still rips through everything like they’re paper. Provided he’s doing it with an old-school shield that’s also a bizarre-looking saw, and a gun that shoots out powdered skulls, a journey through time didn’t decrease his supreme authority over this demon fodder.

The modders are fast!
byu/Pretend-Seaweed1926 inDoom

That’s not all. DOOM: The Dark Ages will also take a more classic approach with the gameplay. From the trailer, it looks like the overall gameplay is slowed down a little in favor of more depth. The game features more open areas and an increased focus on gauging the dangers around you. As the directors explained, “Every bullet matters.”

What this means is that instead of rushing through the battlefield like a monster on steroids, you’ll have to play with more strategic placement this time, exactly like the original. Slipping through a barrage of bullets by standing in the right position and then unloading on the unlucky demon who offended you, it’s a throwback to the DOOM that started it all.

How I Wish Quake Returned As Well

While we’ll have to see more gameplay to understand these changes in detail, I’ll never say no to a DOOM game, especially one that aims to bring back the classic experience with mindblowing visuals. 

What I wouldn't give for a new Quake game | Source: Steam
What I wouldn’t give for a new Quake game | Source: Steam

If there’s one complaint I have, it’s how we never got a modern Quake game. It’s true that DOOM started it all and is no doubt a masterpiece, but Quake is nothing to scoff at either. The original Quake was the peak of Lovecraftian horror in games and a landmark in game design. Choosing to bring back DOOM but not giving Quake the same courtesy has to be a crime (no offense to DOOM).

Because of Doom I started playing Quake 1. Id, Bethesda, please reboot this masterpiece. The Lovecraft and Medieval themes mixed with The Nin music creates a game that will scare u and pump up your adrenaline. Sry this is not related to Doom but I just fell in love with Quake
byu/hantar7788 inDoom

When I saw the new DOOM returning to the series origins, the first thing that came to my mind was how much of a masterpiece a new Quake game that does the same can be. Lovecraftian horror is a highly underrated genre, and I’ll pay an insane amount for a Quake 1 resurgence if it ever happens.

I’m extremely happy for DOOM: The Dark Ages, but I hope that this return to the past somehow paved the way for a Quake revival as well. Quake possess equal potential as DOOM if utilized properly. I hope Xbox sees this someday.

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