Here’s Everything Hogwarts Legacy Fans Want To See In A Potential Sequel

With the sequel to Hogwarts Legacy feeling inevitable, many fans are suggesting what they'd like to see in it.

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  • With Warner Brothers looking to expand its IPs, a Hogwarts Legacy sequel might be on the cards.
  • Fans are hoping the second game will add some essential features the first one missed out on. 

With Warner Brothers looking to expand its IPs even further, it seems that a sequel to Hogwarts Legacy is all but certain. While the first game didn’t quite win a lot of awards, it was still well-received by both critics and fans. This came as a surprise to many, especially considering the sheer amount of delays that it went through. But in the case of Hogwarts Legacy, it lived up to the expectations that fans had for it.

The game delivered a magical adventure set in the world of Harry Potter, giving players the chance to enroll in Hogwarts as their own playable character. For a lot of fans of the franchise, this undoubtedly felt like a dream come true. But while it offered a lot of fun and unique experiences, like any other game, there were quite a few things that fans felt were missing from Hogwarts Legacy.

But luckily, with a potential sequel feeling inevitable, fans might eventually get to play a version of the game that has all those missing elements. Having played through the game, I can tell you that the sequel will definitely need to have the following features if it wants to keep fans interested.

Continuing Beyond Hogwarts

With how well Hogwarts Legacy was able to showcase what the life of a student at the magical school is, it only makes sense for the sequel to go one step beyond that. Continuing on the narrative set out by the first game, Hogwarts Legacy 2 could focus more on the life of students after their time at the school. This would be a great way to show other parts of the Wizarding World while keeping the sequel fresh and interesting.

Similar to how players pick their Life Paths in Cyberpunk 2077, maybe in Hogwarts Legacy 2, players can select the role their grown-up wizard character will fulfill in the Wizarding World. Maybe they could return back to Hogwarts as an instructor. Or even become an Auror for the Ministry of Magic. Giving these options to players, while naturally progressing the story of their characters sounds like an amazing experience.

A gryphon flying over areas in Hogwarts Legacy.
A gryphon flying over areas in Hogwarts Legacy.

Alternatively, the game could just focus on one of these Life Paths. But with how vital it has been for players of the series to see themselves and their choices reflected through their character, funneling the entire playerbase into a singular role might be problematic. But realistically speaking, adding multiple roles that change up player progression might be too much work for the devs to handle.

Either way, it’d be neat to see the sequel go beyond Hogwarts in some capacity. It doesn’t necessarily have to show the entire Wizarding World to us, but sticking in the school for too long might make it feel like a retread of the original title. And I think that’s going to be one of the biggest challenges for the sequel: being able to distinguish itself from what came before. 

Giving Players The Choice To Be Evil

Hogwarts Legacy did give players the choice to make certain decisions over its runtime. But these never really amounted to much. For the most part, the decisions you make in the game don’t really end up changing the story in a meaningful way. This isn’t like in Elden Ring. In that game, you can kill any NPC you want. Or unlock new endings based on quests that you’ve done over the course of the game.

Instead, the endings in the first game mostly came down to specific dialogue options you picked toward its conclusion. Sadly though, as per the game’s canon, you’re meant to be this savior, who at most, does morally questionable things over the course of the campaign. You never really get to be some kinda Voldemort-wannabe, even if that’s the role you want for your character.

A player casting Avada Kedavra in Hogwarts Legacy.
A player casting Avada Kedavra in Hogwarts Legacy.

This is something that the sequel can work to expand. By adding a proper morality system in the game, Hogwarts Legacy could give players the chance to roleplay as a dark wizard if they want to. The game could also potentially lock out certain endings, or alter game progression based on a player’s choice to be good or bad as they play. Think along the lines of Baldur’s Gate 3, which has an amazing progression system based on player morality.

Of course, going with this route would mean that the game needs to be designed in a way that’s fundamentally different from how the first one was. But I think that this ultimately will be better for the game as a whole. We’ve already seen Spider-Man 2. Despite being decent on its own, didn’t do much to distinguish itself as a new title.  This led to quite a lot of backlash from fans. And the game couldn’t even secure a single award

Adding Quidditch

Needless to say, the fact that you can’t play Quidditch in Hogwarts Legacy is a huge misstep by the developers. It feels like one of the most quintessential parts of the Harry Potter experience. So its absence is very apparent in any game looking to replicate what it’s like to be a student at Hogwarts. Hopefully, the potential sequel addresses this issue.

A player with a broom in Hogwarts Legacy.
A player with a broom in Hogwarts Legacy.

While the first game made a story-related excuse to explain why Quidditch wasn’t playable, I don’t see fans accepting that in the sequel. Especially when you consider the game already allows you to fly around on a broom anyway. Figuring out the physics involved in a flight system was likely going to be the tougher part of designing Quidditch. So in a lot of ways, the first game has already laid down the groundwork.

Hopefully, the sequel builds up on this and delivers in spades. It’s likely Quidditch will be relegated to some kind of mini-game, similar to how Summounder’s Court was, in Hogwarts Legacy. Having it be a part of the story could be annoying for players who don’t want to participate in the game. So I doubt the developers will ever go too in-depth with its functionality. Still, just having it an as option would make the sequel an easy 10/10 for some fans. 

A Deeper Combat System

Hogwarts Legacy gave players quite a few spells to fling around. But most of these felt like they were more or less just different flavors of the same thing. Spells like Levioso and Descendo, for example, literally just hurled things at enemies in a similar fashion. For the sequel to be good, the combat needs to be revitalized and made more interesting.

The easiest way to do this is to add more spells to the game. This can be done by simply adapting more abilities from the books and movies into the game. But I think it would be alright to go beyond the source material. This way, the developers could add interesting additions and wouldn’t be bound by what’s already been mentioned in the original story.

The severe lack of spells
byu/KageTheFemboy inHarryPotterGame

The first game also suffers from spell variety. While there are a number of noteworthy fire spells, for folks who want their characters to be an ice-caster, you’re out of luck. That’s because there is only one ice spell in the game. Hopefully, this problem is addressed in the sequel, alongside the rougher edges getting a bit fine-tuned. Who knows, the devs could even create a class-based system to offer unique playstyles for different kinds of players. 

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With these changes, the sequel could potentially live up to the hype that the fans had for the first game. And undoubtedly will have for the second one. Who knows, it might even manage to reignite that initial excitement in fans. Many were raving when Warner Brothers released that initial preview. And while the final game did impress, it left many things to be desired too. Hopefully, the sequel will deliver all that and more. 

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