Fallout 76 Has Come A Long Way; It’s No Longer The Complete Mess You Remember

The game's redemption is going steady.

Story Highlights

  • Fallout 76 was one of the worst games on launch because of its extreme bugs and content shortage.
  • Since then, it has turned a new leaf with consistent updates, fixes, and meaningful additions.
  • With the Skyline Valley update and people willing to play it once again, the game has been reborn.

Fallout was a legendary name, long before the TV series came around. One of Bethesda’s largest franchises, Fallout’s history is rich, and its fans plenty. The series has some legendary moments and features, and then some unfortunate mishaps; it’s all part of the experience.

With the release of the brilliant TV series which is among the best game adaptations around, the interest in the franchise is higher than ever. People who somehow had never heard about the franchise before are now eager to try it. Thus, while the renewed spotlight lasts, let me take you to the entry that deserves a second chance most of all: Fallout 76.

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The Disastrous Launch Of Fallout 76

To understand why Fallout 76 deserves a second chance, I’ll have to take you back to the time when the game first launched. Being the first online multiplayer game from Bethesda and bearing live service elements, these decisions didn’t bode well from the beginning

Bethesda was so infamous for buggy releases and innumerable glitches that it was practically confirmed Fallout 76 would be the same. However, it’s breaking bugs, performance issues, and crashes were beyond even the expectations. So much so that for a couple of months, the game was nigh unplayable. This initial debacle killed any chance the game had.

I’ve compiled a list of all known bugs in Fallout 76 (x-post /r/Fallout)
byu/SirSaltie info76

That’s not all. You know how important versatile and entertaining content is for a multiplayer game like this. Fallout 76 was pretty barren and unengaging, just a mindless track through the post-apocalyptic world. With no genuine sense of progress and achievement, it was no surprise that people got bored pretty quickly. Bethesda’s negligence to address this matter quickly added fuel to the fire.

Fallout 76's launch was pretty problematic | Source: Steam
Fallout 76’s launch was pretty problematic | Source: Steam

You can understand the blandness and extreme emptiness of the game world by the fact that no human NPC existed in the game. The only thing you had were either other players or robots and recordings, a makeshift system to facilitate the quest-giving. It was a hollow, soulless narrative that left a bad aftertaste.

It Has Since Improved A Lot

In a nutshell, Fallout 76 was so riddled with extreme flaws that it was named one of  — if not the worst — Fallout experiences. However, trust me when I say that it has turned a new leaf since.

It took Fallout 76 a lot of time to turn things around, but it did. The introduction of the Wastelanders update is when it began. Countless game-breaking bugs were fixed, meaningful content and story additions were made, human NPCs were finally added to the game, and many miscellaneous QoL updates were issued to make the experience much better than the launch day.

Came back since Wastelanders for the first time and…
byu/Shakikhan info76

The damage was deep and the game’s image was ruined, but the word of mouth and gradual praise of the game’s commitment to redemption finally brought it out of the “worst Fallout game” hole, one step at a time. It continued to receive consistent updates and fixes over time, to the point that it’s a completely different game. There are still problems, but it’s much more enjoyable now.

Wastelanders made some nice changes | Source: PlayStation (YouTube)
Wastelanders made some nice changes | Source: PlayStation (YouTube)

Skyline Valley Breathes New Life Into Fallout 76

It wasn’t until the TV series though that it truly got renewed attention. Fallout’s TV series was so breathtaking and addictive that it brought a ton of fans to the series, people who went ahead and gave Fallout 76 a try. It reached a record-high player count and favorable reviews 6 years after its release.

Fallout 76 has more than 70 000 players on Steam right now!!!
byu/Bgarmy373747373838 info76

Thus, Bethesda saw this as an opportunity to boost the game. With bug fixes and content improvement finally out of the way, it was time to expand Fallout 76. Skyline Valley accomplished this, a massive update that brings a map extension and a myriad of new stuff to do.

I believe the game’s redemption arc has reached its highest point with Skyline Valley. Going through Skyline Valley felt the same to me as any other single-player Fallout does. With the post-apocalyptic settlements, ruined worlds filled with emotional easter eggs, and a sense of adventure, Skyline Valley is doing a splendid job of recapturing the series’ soul and giving Fallout 76 the makeover it should’ve gotten long ago.

Things have never been better | Source: PlayStation (YouTube)
Things have never been better | Source: PlayStation (YouTube)

It Couldn’t Have Done This Without You, The Community

At last, I think this all would’ve been impossible had it not been for the community’s dedicated effort. Bethesda wasn’t alone in reviving Fallout 76, the fans’ efforts were equally important.

As for every Bethesda game, mods and player-created bug fixes were just as important for Fallout 76. Ranging from massive patches and QoL improvements to strengthening the core shortcomings like content, UI, and important details, the mods accomplished a lot. 

I made my fallout game more greener since I prefer overgrowth when it comes to a post apocalypse game.
byu/criteriaz ingaming

Moving on, the committed fans spread the word of the game’s better state again. Consistent word of mouth and the community’s support brought a renewed interest in the game. Finally, thanks to everyone diving back into Fallout 76, Bethesda saw the potential in keeping it afloat. Take a bow, you’ve made it all possible. Now join me in enjoying the revitalized Fallout 76.

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