Ghost Of Tsushima’s PSN May Be Online-Only, But People Still Can’t Play It

The circumstances are different from Helldivers 2, but the end result is the same.

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  • Not long after Helldivers 2, Sony once again put a PSN restriction, on Ghost of Tsushima this time.
  • It’s been made clear long before release that the requirement exists but for online mode only.
  • Nevertheless, GoT still got delisted, gamers are furious, and Sony lost customers; was it worth it?

It hasn’t been long since Sony dropped the bomb which is the PSN requirement on the Helldivers 2 players. The decision was a breach of its fans’ trust and a move that dealt a deadly blow to the beloved game. Helldivers 2 was a success unlike any other, yet got its name dragged through the mud.

I was relieved when Sony recanted this decision, but the damage had been done. Helldivers 2 is still unavailable in certain regions it was delisted from. At least I thought this debacle would prevent something like this in the future. Unfortunately, it happened again with the Ghost of Tsushima port, but it’s not as bad.

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Ghost Of Tsushima Has PSN Requirement, But It’s Not What You Think

After Helldivers 2, another Sony game comes in with the PSN requirement. This time, it’s a port people have been desperately waiting for ever since it’s release. Sucker Punch’s massive samurai adventure Ghost of Tsushima has come under fire because of the PSN requirement. However, unlike Helldivers 2, things are a lot different and more logical this time.

Yes, Ghost Of Tsushima will require a PSN account for online play on PC
byu/nolifebr inghostoftsushima

Sony has made it clear long before its release that the PSN requirement is strictly for the online multi-player Legends mode in Ghost of Tsushima and the PlayStation overlay. Online connection or PSN is not applied to the single-player campaign, which is honestly what the game is all about.

The PSN requirement is for multi-player only | Image Source: cl3arlycanadian (Reddit)
The PSN requirement is for multi-player only | Image Source: cl3arlycanadian (Reddit)

At least Sony’s Transparent This Time Around

I’ll be honest with you, things would’ve been a lot better if Sony had just dropped this ridiculous necessity of PSN on PC ports altogether. However, at the very least, it has the decency to come clean about it and let everyone know clearly long before the game’s release so that players can make their choice.

GoT's Steam page clearly lists the requirement beforehand | Source: Steam
GoT’s Steam page clearly lists the requirements beforehand | Source: Steam

With Helldivers 2, the problem was how the decision was implemented when fans had already spent hundreds of hours enjoying the game, and were now at the risk of losing it all. Regions in which the PSN account couldn’t be created would’ve been the prime victims. It’s also downright unfair and a blatant insult to restrict something this late into the game.

Because people ask why some others complain about the PSN linking
byu/EmbraceMonky inHelldivers

With Ghost of Tsushima, Sony has come forward about it long before release. This is Sony’s way of saying “The PSN requirement is here to stay, I’m letting you know so that you don’t complain.” There’s no way in hell I’m alright with anti-consumer strategies like these, but at least it gives ample reason never to get into a game in the first place

This brings me to the next point. By killing its reputation and blatantly antagonizing players in whatever way, who’s Sony hurting in the end?

Ghost Of Tsushima Still Got Delisted; The Ones Suffering Are The Players

The situation may have been way different than what it was from Helldivers 2, but look at where it got us. Ghost of Tsushima has now been delisted in over 180 countries. While there’s no official confirmation yet as to whether it’s done by Valve or Sony, the one who drew the short straw from all this is you, the consumer.

Ghost of Tsushima is a brilliant action game no fan should miss out on. Calling it one of the most desired PC ports would not be an understatement, but what’s the use? Imagine being a dedicated fan of the game desperately waiting for the port. When it finally arrives, you can’t even play the single-player mode because it’s not available in your region. It’s a kick to the face.

It's a shame many people are losing access to this gem | Source: DKGames (Youtube)
It’s a shame many people are losing access to this gem | Source: DKGames (Youtube)

If Sony did it, it’s because it wanted to stop the fiasco from happening again by not selling it to people who don’t meet the PSN requirement. If it was Valve, it was done to make sure its reputation is not tainted by selling a game with certain content restricted in a full-price game. In both cases, the ones suffering are the patient fans.

Was It Worth It, Sony?

All in all, the situation’s a lot different and more logically debatable this time around, but the fact remains that it has created a mess. Everything’s still confusing, but at least one thing’s clear, the players who can’t enjoy it after years of waiting are the real victims here. I only have one question for Sony. Was enforcing this PSN requirement worth it?

Take a step back and look at the price it had to pay. This restriction has shaved off a massive potential profit Sony could’ve made. Not being available in 180 countries is an unreal handicap. On top of that, Steam is issuing refunds to players who purchased it in affected regions.

Even if people wanted to play only the single-player, they can’t now. That means Sony lost a ton of potential buyers, and thus loyal fans that would’ve brought it future business had they liked the game. What possible reason is there that Sony couldn’t just drop this obstinacy and preferred facing towering losses? It’s beyond me.

Whatever it was, Sony, I hope it was worth losing and disheartening this many fans worldwide.

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