As A PlayStation 5 Owner, Here’s Why You Should Get An Xbox Series X As Well

The best of both worlds if you can spare the money.

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  • The Xbox Series X is Xbox’s premier home video game console this generation, succeeding Xbox One.
  • It compares against the PlayStation 5 on multiple levels, often sparking debate about the best current console.
  • If you can spare the money, the ideal way forward is to own both major current-gen platforms. 

Gaming has never been better in the day and age we live in today. Without casting a lens on the cultural issues and other factors that have weighed heavily on the gaming industry these last couple of years, such as layoffs, console tech is as advanced as ever in 2024, with titles such as Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, God of War Ragnarok, and Returnal pushing the horizons of what once wasn’t even deemed possible

To talk about myself, I picked up the PlayStation 5 the moment it came out in fall 2020 — got lucky without giving in to the scalpers — and ever since, I’ve been in love with it, thanks to Sony’s commitment to making great exclusives.

However, over time, if you prioritize gaming on consoles, which takes the point of inclining toward PC out of the equation in this case, I’ve come to realize that an Xbox Series X is a must-have for stans of this craft. 

Some Overly Enticing Reasons Why The Xbox Series X Experience Isn’t To Be Missed

Xbox Series X
The Xbox Series X Has an Eye for Simplicity | Image Source: Microsoft

Now I say this with due reason. I love all my Returnals, the Horizon Forbidden Wests, and Spider-Man 2s, but the Xbox Series X sports some conveniences I would not want to miss out on. Of course, this is only feasible in the scenario when you’ve got the disposable income to spend on another gaming console because I realize how the majority can prefer investing in a PC instead of getting both systems.

Then again, some differences set apart what it means to own parts of the best of both worlds, starting with the involvement of the sheer value bomb that is the Xbox Game Pass.

1. Unbeatable Value Of Xbox Game Pass — The Best Deal In Gaming

Xbox Game Pass
Xbox Game Pass’ Line-Up of Games is Incredible| Source: Xbox Wire

In 2024, I view Xbox Game Pass as an unbeatable video game subscription service that keeps on growing and improving. As of the time of writing, Game Pass has a game catalog that spans more than 450 titles, and all of those are included as part of your membership, which, by the way, starts at $1 for first-time sign-ups. That’s really as perfect as it gets for someone looking to introduce themselves to the service. 

On a routine basis, Game Pass is $9.99 a month, while the Ultimate tier — though coming in with an added array of features, including PC catalog access, online streaming, exclusive deals, and perks — sets players back $16.99 every 30 days. 

All the more reason to try out Game Pass is how it’s always adding thoroughly high-quality games to its library, with Lies of P being a relatively recent example. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that Xbox exclusives head straight to Game Pass the moment they release, thereby offering more merit to the crux of the discussion here. 

Is Game pass worth it?
byu/kingjabj24 inxbox

Oh, and I’ll just this information in here: Game Pass’ subscriber count has topped a whopping 34 million members (thanks The Verge), automatically becoming the leading video game subscription service among consoles. Not sure if it’s the biggest in the industry, I presume Apple takes the cake there, but it’s surely the greatest

By the way, here’s eXputer’s detailed comparison of all current prominent game subscription offerings. Give it a watch if you’d like to clear some concepts. 

YouTube video

2. While Fewer Than PlayStation, Xbox’s Exclusives Are No Joke Either

This particular factor mainly boils down to your gamer preferences i.e. the type of titles you opt for usually, and the ones you typically avoid. I’ll be honest here, however; this department is something that the PlayStation line-up of consoles has always dominated, with the streak continuing effortlessly with the PlayStation 5.

I need not get into the standard it upholds with its first-party games—you must be well aware as well.

In The End, Are You Happy With Xbox’s First-Party Lineup For 2023?
byu/F0REM4N inXboxSeriesX

That said, it’s not like things on the side of Xbox are down and out. It’s got plenty of high-profile, AAA-grade titles that you should be looking forward to, even if you’re a PlayStation fanatic. Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2, Avowed, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 are a few to keep an eye on.

The Series X Vs. The Series S Debate

Now one would argue this when they’ve locked into the decision of buying an Xbox console: Is an Xbox Series X the better choice or its less powerful, more minimal counterpart Xbox Series S? Again, it boils down to your budget. The Series X gives you the best of Xbox at the best graphical potential available. Here’s what the consensus on the matter is. 

Is the Xbox series s worth buying or should I go for Xbox series x and pay a bit more?
by inxbox

The Series S is cheaper, more portable, and a go-to choice for those who’d like a companion console to their PlayStation 5 without wanting to experience Xbox exclusives to the full

Something To Ponder Before Moving Ahead With The Purchase

Xbox has drastically switched its strategy over time, leading to preferences that seem to pertain more to PC than anything. If you’ve already got a PC, you’ll be able to get into all Xbox exclusives via PC Game Pass for the time to come.

Depending on your situation, upgrading your current rig could be the right choice, but if you feel as if things will be more fulfilling for you with a console, the Series X should sort you out sharpish. 

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