Is Xbox Game Pass Worth It? [Explained]

Find out all the details surrounding the Xbox Game Pass and whether it's wise to invest in it.

Everyone is still confused, regarding which console should they buy either a PS5 or Xbox Series X. So far Sony has had the upper hand, thanks to its exclusives. However many journalists are now reporting that Xbox Series X won’t beat PS5, but the Xbox Game Pass will. Likewise, many people are consistently labeling Xbox Game Pass as the last survivor that could save Series X. This raises the question; Is Xbox Game Pass worth it in 2023?

Key Takeaways
  • Xbox Game Pass has a variety of plans:
    • Standard console Plan ($9.99/month): Access to 25+ games on console and online multiplayer.
    • Ultimate Plan for PC and console ($16.99/month): Includes Xbox Live Gold, exclusive deals, online multiplayer, both console and PC access, hundreds of high-quality games across PC, console, and cloud, new games on day one, and EA Play membership
    • PC standard Plan ($9.99/month): over one hundred games, EA Play membership, and new titles on day one.
  • Drawbacks: Missing popular games like Red Dead Redemption, NBA 2K, Assassin’s Creed; game access ends with membership cancellation.
  • Benefits: Supports downloadable games, offline play, games available for 90% discount on purchases.

Xbox Game Pass Details, Plans, & Current Available Games

PC Xbox Game Pass
The PC Game Pass plans

Xbox Game Pass is a video game subscription like Netflix. Players pay $9.99 per month for standard membership and get access to over 100 games completely free. The Xbox Game Pass has a few plans based on the platform.

The Ultimate Plan is the most expensive and likewise features the best benefits. The Ultimate Plan will cost you $16.99, and it also includes the Xbox Live Gold. Therefore, expect exclusive deals, free games, and multiplayer with Gold on Xbox. The most important feature of the Ultimate Plan is that the membership can be used on both the Console and PC at the same time. Therefore, if you own both platforms. You don’t have to purchase them separately.

Xbox Game Pass All Access
Special Game Pass offer for $26.99 a month.

The standard plan differs based on the platform you choose, PC or console. The standard PC plan will cost you $9.99, just like the Console one but the former has more perks, with over a hundred games, an EA Play membership, and day-one titles. While, on the other hand, the basic console plan is called “Core and only offers you a meager 25-plus video games with online multiplayer.

Microsoft Studio Titles like Forza Horizon 4 are always available in Game Pass

Games On Xbox Game Pass

Right now there are about 400+ Games available on Game Pass. Note that these games are consistently rotated and new ones are added.

The Xbox Game Pass has some of the best and latest titles. You get access to games like Doom: Eternal, Forza Horizon 5, Batman: Arkham Knight, Far Cry 6, Minecraft Series, Halo Series, and big guns like Red Dead Redemption 2, Grand Theft Auto 5, NO Man’s Sky, and Mortal Kombat 11.

My favorite feature about the Xbox Game Pass is the access to exclusives. Yes, you heard me right. All the latest titles from Xbox Game Studios are instantly added to the game pass. For example, Halo Infinite and Starfield were available on Game Pass from Day 1 on both PC and Xbox in addition to exclusives like Hi-Fi Rush, Redfall, and Forza Motorsport coming out throughout the year.

Xbox Game Pass Drawbacks

Although, there are a few drawbacks that come to light with the Xbox Game Pass. These are:

  • Not every game is there, for example, popular games like NBA 2K, The Witcher, Call of Duty, and Assassin’s Creed are missing.
  • Don’t get access to the latest titles from other publishers, like EA, Rockstar, or Ubisoft.
  • Not suitable for FPS players. Someday, your favorite title might leave and there is nothing you can do about it.
  • Once the membership ends, you lose access to the games.

Xbox Game Pass Benefits

Xbox Controller
Xbox Controller

Let’s now check out some of the benefits that you can enjoy with the Xbox Game Pass!

  • Games are downloadable, in addition to being available on the cloud.
  • Once downloaded, you can also play the games offline.
  • Compatible with Xbox Play Anywhere.
  • Also features Xbox 360 and Xbox One Titles with backward compatibility.
  • Unlimited Amount of Games can be played.
  • The Xbox Game Pass collection is rapidly growing, with 12 games being added in December 2023 alone.
  • Easy to access, just hit download and play.
  • Players are notified when a game is about to leave, so they can cancel their membership if they want.
  • Discounts of up to 50% are also available on certain Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 games.
  • You can even get titles like Dead Space for a meager $7.99 sometimes if you are an Ultimate tier member.
  • Games can be purchased from the Game Pass Catalog at a 20% discount on PCs and consoles.
  • Game Progress is saved, so next jump you can jump in again and continue.
  • A huge catalog of games to choose from.

Is Xbox Game Pass Worth it?


Looking at the benefits and drawbacks, one can easily say that Xbox Game Pass is without a doubt completely worth it. The Game Pass is not only the Netflix of games, allowing you to play hundreds of games. But, it’s also significantly cheaper and provides some benefits that people normally do not notice.

For instance, you pay $120 a year for the standard Xbox Game Pass on PC. Every month, you get to play games from a collection of 100 old and new titles. The best part is that you can literally play a game within the $10, which would usually cost you around $70. Far Cry 6, a high-budget $70 AAA title, recently arrived on the subscription giving users the chance to play it for just $10.

Furthermore, the variety of these titles is a gamer’s dream, ranging from indie titles like Human: Fall Flat to AAA Bethesda RPGs like Starfield. Hence, there is something for everyone.

Secondly, the game pass also features some really exciting deals and discounts. For example, you can get 10% off on the recently released Ark: Survival Ascended in addition to discounts up to 75% on games like Outer Wilds, Midnight Club: Los Angeles, and Far Cry 3.

Thirdly, if you are my type of casual player, simply playing any game that is brought forward, the game pass is for you. On the other hand, if you are a competitive player, always playing the same game. I don’t think Xbox Game Pass really makes sense for you. Instead, you should fully purchase that Game, and continue grinding.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers
The Game Pass is growing really fast

The last thing I truly admire about Xbox Game Pass is convenience. In other words, the Xbox Game Pass is available on nearly every device. You can download the app, and get new offers, updates, and also some perks. Likewise, it’s really easy to play a game. All you have to do is just hit the download button, come back 30 minutes later, and start playing the game.

Microsoft and Team Xbox have done a wonderful job creating Xbox Game Pass. For me, it is the true Netflix of Games, and to sum it up, I think it’s the best thing to have ever happened for PC and Xbox Players. The Game Pass was recently introduced, and it’s continuing to improve.

So far, it has seen remarkable progress, and it is only a matter of time before players get to see more and more benefits. Lastly, I forgot to mention. If you own both Xbox and PC, just get the Game Pass Ultimate Plan, eyes closed.

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