The Undying Wish For Revival Of Sixth Generation Games On Modern Consoles

Imagine how fantastic it would be to play your favourite games from boyhood on current consoles.

The sixth generation of video games was an intriguing one. The generation witnessed Nintendo’s first push into disc-based systems, Microsoft‘s first console, and Sega‘s last console.

The PlayStation 2 nonetheless dominated the sales rankings. During this time, mobile gaming was still quite popular and PC gaming was booming even if arcades were on life support. 

Those who were fortunate enough to possess a sixth-generation gaming console have a special affinity for the games that came with it.

Because of more advanced hardware provided by newer consoles, many people have forgotten the legendary games from the PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, Sega Dreamcast, and Nintendo GameCube despite the fact that they are perhaps the most groundbreaking consoles in gaming history.

There stay so many of our treasured games on sixth-generation platforms. Remakes have the power to appeal to the nostalgia of fervent fans while also drawing in new players to an age-old tale. I’ll cover my personal favorite games from the sixth generation that I desperately want on modern consoles. 

Major Takeaways:

  • Sixth Generation development is the most revolutionary era in gaming.
  • Unfortunately, as consoles became more modern, some of the games remained confined to older consoles.
  • Some of these deserve a desperate revival on newer hardware.

First, God Hand, an over-the-top beat ’em-up featuring wacky characters and a strong emphasis on humor that was particularly created with hardcore gamers in mind. The “God Hands” are a pair of divine arms used by a martial artist in the game’s plot.

God Hand Wallpaper
God Hand 

The gameplay revolves around the ability to map different fighting styles to the PS2’s face buttons in order to link moves together and generate special combo attacks.

Overall, there are more than 100 distinct movements to choose from (from fundamental punches to capoeira martial arts) and an almost infinite number of combination assaults to execute.

How drastic it could be on PlayStation 5 is still something to look forward to but because CapCom shut Clover Studios down, we have zero to no chances of God Hand happening again.

Moving forward to the hack-and-slash platformer from 2003, The Hobbit from PlayStation 2. 

The Hobbit Wallpaper
The Hobbit 

An open world might be incorporated into The Hobbit remake, allowing the player to better explore the depicted medieval setting. A minor graphics update might also be made, however, I feel that the game’s aesthetic contributes much to its charm.

Next on the list is Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, which was published in 2001, detailed Harry Potter’s adventures during his first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone Wallpaper
Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone 

The player might investigate the castle and its surroundings while learning the mysterious secrets that were buried there. The fact that it can only be played on sixth-generation consoles restricts its playability, but a remake would enable devoted players to renew their affection for the title.

The next game I was hooked on back in the day is Rockstar’s Bully, commonly referred to as “Grand Theft Auto in school.” The game’s storyline is surprisingly sweet as the protagonist seeks to shatter traditional barriers and bring the separated friendship groups together, despite the title’s implied intention to bully children.

Bully Wallpaper

Bully might receive a much-needed graphical boost from a remake, along with an enhanced combat system. Even though it may be claimed that these tiny shortcomings add to the game’s charm, a Bully remake with enhanced gameplay might render this game perfect.

One of the most overlooked games from the sixth generation is; Jade Empire, released in 2005. The innovative action role-playing game Jade Empire from Bioware was praised for its excellent cinematic elements and outstanding production values.

Jade Empire Wallpaper
Jade Empire

Jade Empire’s morality system, which lets players select between two opposing philosophies, is one of the game’s most intriguing features. Players essentially have a choice between playing a heroic role or being more egotistical.

Even though the camera doesn’t always cooperate and the story can be quite predictable at times, things that are expected to be made better on modern consoles, Jade Empire will be a fun experience for any RPG lover thanks to its engaging battle system and captivating environment.

Since the game was released more than ten years ago, a sequel now appears doubtful.

The popularity of the open-world gaming subgenre has exploded to the point where open-world games now predominate sales charts. Open-world games have been available since the 1970s, but the PlayStation 2 is largely credited with giving the genre its modern form.

I’ll be listing a number of open-world games that are still stuck on PlayStation 2 despite their staggering potential.

Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction was released exclusively on the PlayStation 2 in 2005. This game is a proper guide to what a mercenary is. The real-life leadership deck for Iraq, which is also featured in this game, served as the model for the 52-card deck.

Merceneries; Playground of Destruction Wallpaper
Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction

It’s one of the most distinctive video games produced by Lucas Arts. This game is more than just an open-world, third-person GTA shooter.

There’s a slew of novel features that Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction offered back in its glory days that we now take for granted, not to mention the added expanse of effective communication with your partners in crime.

Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction is one of the classics I would never get bored of. It is terrible to see it confined to the PlayStation 2.

Last on my list is the most controversial release by Rockstar, Manhunt. Following James Earl Cash’s narrative, the player must explore the eerie realm of Carcer City and do heinous actions in a number of snuff movies in order to release James.

A sequel to the game known as “Manhunt 2” was released in 2007 which again was for Playstation 2 and Microsoft Windows. A Manhunt remake may depict these horrific events in considerably more gory detail than its forerunner was able to. 

Manhunt Wallpaper
Manhunt Wallpaper

There are more of my favorites that I find hard to fit in this limited-worded article, but I would love to see above mentioned and more of the overlooked games from the sixth generation that never got a chance to be remastered.

The nostalgia and attachment to such games will only give a boost to these on modern consoles. Although success with remakes is not always guaranteed, I still hope we see some of the titles from our childhood back on our table.

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