Saddest Video Games That Will Make You Teary-Eyed

Keep a tissue close, just in case.

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  • The video game industry is home to some of the saddest pieces of entertainment on the planet. 
  • Games such as Ghost of Tsushima, Halo Reach, and others can get you teary-eyed at a moment’s notice.
  • Whether it’s through the death of a certain character or the overall premise that the game is based on. 

We all like and love video games that offer nothing but relentless action, and the thrill of adventure as we go through them, quite akin to the recently released Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree, which is now also the highest-rated DLC of all time. But if you’re a prolific gamer who’s tried out quite a few titles over time, you’re sure to come across some games that leave you with a terrible feeling of emptiness after you beat them. 

That, or it’s just the overall foundation of the game that can get you right in the feels. This piece, therefore, highlights some of the saddest games ever made, so if you’ve been meaning to let yourself loose for a while, feel free to take up these curated recommendations. 

These Games Hit Hard Right In The Feels

Please don’t hesitate to post a comment down below and talk about the game(s) that got you emotional as well. Oh, and as you go through the content ahead, please be advised that major story spoilers could follow. 

1. Ghost Of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima Directors Cut
Ghost of Tsushima Directors Cut Just Made Landfall on PC | Source: PlayStation 

Sucker Punch Productions’ Ghost of Tsushima is an action game at its core, with great, sizzling combat mechanics to keep you hooked through and through, but here’s another aspect where the title just excels: The storyline. Being a PlayStation exclusive, the action-adventure puts great emphasis on its plot, with Jin Sakai — the protagonist — going against his code of honor to protect his homeland from the Mongol invaders. 

In the process of that, however, Jin ends up losing his friends — some quite brutally — and even his trusty horse, which is honestly one heck of a moment. It’s the little moments in there that piece together the charming storyline of Ghost of Tsushima, not to mention the heartbreaking ending of the game if you choose for things to go sideways. 

Seriously, don’t sleep on this one if you haven’t played it already. 

2. Shadow Of The Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus Remake - A timeless classic with a new look
Shadow of the Colossus Is a Gorgeous Game | Source: Bluepoint Games

Back when Team Ico released Shadow of the Colossus in 2005 for the PlayStation 2, the game became an instant hit among the masses and critics for all that it brought to the table, including an amazing atmosphere, a large open-world setting, and, of course, a saddening plot. It’s one of the few games out there that essentially have you playing as the villain, because you’re laying waste to beings you’re not supposed to. 

Now, if you’re after a more revamped experience, I suggest checking out the 2018-released remake of Shadow of the Colossus, developer by Bluepoint Games for the PlayStation 4; playable on the PS5 as well, of course. The enhanced visuals followed by the highly improved combat made the action-adventure an experience of its own, with the touching storyline of the title hitting you

Ending the lives of those amazing, beautiful, majestic creatures really shook me to the core, every time. Then we’d return to the temple where the main character grew more battered and bruised to the point where he’d struggle to even stand… and I’d stop to take a hard look at the altar upon which his dead love lay, to imagine the kind of life they once had together.

It must have been wonderful, for the main character to so willingly take on such suffering, just for the chance of her return. Shadow of the Colossus was an absolute masterpiece,” expresses one WoenixFright on Reddit.

3. What Remains Of Edith Finch

What Remains of Edith Finch is a Beautiful Time
What Remains of Edith Finch Is a Bewildering Tale | Source: Steam

Otherwise known as “Depression Simulator,” it’s actually incredible how there are not just one but multiple different tragedies in What Remains of Edith Finch. It’s a sure-fire emotional rollercoaster that will have you absolutely broken by the time it concludes. I played the game 6 months ago and I’m still crying. No joke.  

4. Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption
Red Dead Redemption Is an Open-World Masterpiece | Source: Rockstar Games 

Although the sequel is no slouch in terms of putting up a fantastic theatrical drama, I believe that the first Red Dead Redemption landed a heavier blow in the feels, especially because of the way it concludes. The protagonist, John Marston, is both cynical and a realist, and above all, a family man as well, which is part of what leads to his disheartening demise at the end of the game. 

5. Halo: Reach 

Halo: Reach
Halo: Reach Makes Short Work of Your Emotions | Source: 343 Industries

Being regarded as one of the best Halo games ever made, Halo: Reach ends things on a horrible note, with the protagonist, Noble Six, getting left behind on the titular planet, having to fend for himself solo. That, of course, leads to the blatant murder of the character, an event which is arguably one of the worst deaths in gaming history in and of itself.

6. This War Of Mine

This War of Mine
This War of Mine Is Not Your Average Colony Sim | Source: Steam

As far as colony simulators go, This War of Mine sure packs a heavy punch. The game showcases how life is like for a country’s citizens in the state of war, and take it from me, you do not want to be in a situation as horrid as that. Players have claimed that they had to stop playing the title, since they couldn’t bear everything that happened in it. 

Now take a moment and think about how the events of this game are grounded in reality, and that life is just like those for many out there in the world. 

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