Did A Nintendo Programmer Just Leak The Next Switch?

Apart from the supposed Switch leak, a new legendary Pokémon and a new mystery Pokémon have also been leaked.

Story Highlights

  • The entirety of the Pokémon Presents was leaked just three days before it had actually happened.
  • Among the many leaks, there the most notable of which was a new graphics enhancement model for newer Switch models.
  • A new legendary Pokémon and a new mystery Pokémon have also been leaked

With a long history of leaks and rumors about a new Nintendo Switch and the overall hype generated by players for a new one, the time for announcements seems close, but this new leak suggests that the Switch may be closer than some of us could have suspected.

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The Switch 2

According to Centro Leaks, the leak was originally posted on 4Chan by a programmer at a Pokémon outsourcing company. Centro Leaks proceeded to confirm that whatever was revealed in the leak was all valid as it had also happened in the official trailers. With this mystery solved, the chances of the Switch leak being true is a viable theory.

The programmer behind the leak can be considered close to the project due to his in-depth knowledge of the leak and the plausibility he had initially gained. Although there isn’t an explanation for why he would leak something three days prior to the reveal, it definitely opens up many discussions for speculative users.

Although the leak does not reveal any details for a new model, it could easily be confused as a new graphics patch for the current Switch rather than a switch 2. This could mean that a new model may not be as far in development as many players may have initially suspected.

The Original Leak

The original leak was deleted from 4chan quite some time ago; this could be due to the sudden traffic and attention it started receiving after most of the leaks were found to be true. Although the leak may have been deleted, images taken by users confirm the authenticity of this massive leak.

There was also a follow-up response from the alleged leaker, but that also seems to have been deleted from the forum post, signifying the discrete and delicate part of this story. A leaker would only delete certain leaks if they were to directly harm him, and seeing how much of the leak was true, in a fit of panic, he removed all instances of his existence from 4Chan for his own safety.

The Pokémon Leaks

Although not the highlight of this leak, there were a few Pokémon leaks which included a new legendary Pokémon and a new mystery Pokémon with a certain ‘green mask.‘ This portion of the leak may not hold much importance to the possibility of a new Switch model; it’s the fact that it was originally confirmed by the official reveal that gives plausibility to the next section of the leak.

The leaker specifically said that a new ‘graphics enhancement patch‘ was being designed for The Indigo Disk, a second DLC currently in the works. This could mean that other titles, such as Bayonetta and Breath Of The Wild, may have newer, more advanced patches already in the works behind the scenes.

The Possibility Of A New Switch

Even though for many titles, such as Bayonetta 3, the Nintendo Switch is not viable enough to act as a container for such volatile fuel. With how much it has started to lag behind this new generation, a Switch 2 is long overdue and something that is most definitely on its way.

Unfortunately, there exist many contradictions, not in the leaks themselves but in the way Nintendo is progressing with things. According to Xfire, Nintendo boosted its production for the Nintendo Switch in 2023 due to increasing demand. Something like this does not go hand-in-hand with our current suspicions of a new model.

The Current Landscape Of Handheld Devices

With the recent success of newer Handheld devices like the Steam Deck and the players absolutely loving all that it has to offer, Nintendo has started to drift away and out of the major leagues. Arguably the only thing keeping it afloat are sequels to already great games, but how long this could keep it in business is yet to be seen.

With the Steam Deck overshadowing the Switch at almost every turn, Nintendo seems hesitant to reveal their next big move, if there even is one at the moment. The rise of handheld hardware has only been increasing as its hype has gone up. This could spell certain doom for Nintendo unless they gear up for their next big project.


With the way things are moving forward, a Switch 2 is sure to come out at some point in the future, but with how Nintendo is progressing with the hardware, it is pretty hard to pinpoint when it is actually revealed. Until then, the leaks will only grow, and speculations will only increase, but the chance of a new Switch will yet again remain variable.

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