The Future Of EA Sports FC Amidst The Brewing Competition

The soccer video games could change as we know them.

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  • EA Sports FC 24 added enhanced gameplay mechanics and promoted gender equality.
  • EA Sports FC competes with Konami’s eFootball and UFL, which offer less monetized alternatives.
  • FIFA 2K by 2K Sports, known for strong career modes, could challenge EA Sports FC.

The economic infeasibility that led to EA Sports’s decision to transition from the FIFA branding to the EA Sports FC marked a turning point for soccer video games. This has made EA approach its flagship soccer video game series in a new way. I will talk about how this has impacted the soccer video gaming community, the competition from other titles, and what the future potentially holds for EA Sports FC.

EA Sports soccer games are dear to many people around the world. While I was Growing up, we had two options, Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer and EA Sports’ FIFA. Many people preferred FIFA while Pro Evolution Soccer also had a dedicated fan base. EA ultimately won the war between these two franchises but after the rebranding of EA Sports FIFA, we might see new competition brewing. 

I think the world of soccer video games will not be the same, and this is for the good. Sprawling competition for EA Sports FC will highly likely lead to a ton of innovation down the road for this genre. In the market now we will have more options, like 2K’s deal with FIFA to get the license to make soccer games under the FIFA banner. EA had become complacent and this is good news for the fans. 

New Entrants Ready To Kick Off A New Era In Soccer Video Games

EA FC the rebranding of the EA Sports FIFA Franchise has a competition brewing around it | Source: EA Sports

I think EA did a very good job after the constraints of the FIFA licensing agreement ended. Their first game after the rebranding has shown that EA can be innovative, which I felt they were not for many years. For example, the introduction of the PlayStyles system was a very good step. I think it was a realization from EA to step up the gameplay elements to counter losing the FIFA branding. 

The inclusion of female players in the Ultimate Team was a bold move. I highly respect the steps taken by them to contribute to gender equality and to give players more options to build their dream teams. Women’s soccer is very competitive and by including them in the ultimate team EA played their cards well as this can be a good precedent for other sports games to follow. 

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Gameplay Innovations That Gave The Game A New Life

The fans have been asking for a redefined gaming experience from EA Sports for a very long. EA did listen and came up with Precision Pass and Controlled Sprint mechanics which overall offered greater control to the players. These additions remind me of FIFA games before 2018 when the games were more skill-dependent. If I compare EA Sports FC with FIFA 23 for example, I don’t get a scripted feeling while playing and it feels more rewarding.

I am not a casual soccer video gamer but the casual ones often complain about the steep learning curve of the new game, especially the manual defending. Another aspect that I feel needs improvement is the goalkeepers. I felt in their gameplay they are the wobbly wheels that need adjustment. 

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Career Mode, This Neglected Child Might Finally See Love

EA Sports bank on the Ultimate Team and it gets continuous improvements and updates. Many old-time fans like me don’t fancy this mode much but one can not underestimate how successful it is. In the fiscal year 2024, EA generated approximately $4.46 billion from extra content, which includes revenue from Ultimate Team modes across various sports franchises.

The traditional modes like the career mode need some love. It remains largely similar to the previous versions with very minor improvements. Basketball fans are aware of how good 2K is with career modes, as seen in their NBA games. This can be a potential alarm for EA Sports because, if they don’t improve their career mode then many might want to switch.

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The Brewing Competition; A Breakthrough For Players

The future of EA Sports FC can certainly be shaped by the competition that is brewing around. It is not just 2K’s deal with FIFA but Konami’s eFootball and the upcoming UFL Game (Beta Released).


UFL unlike EA Sports FC promises a experience that is not pay-to-win. Even though the EA’s Ultimate Team has been a massive success, the issue is that it is a pay-to-win mode. This focus on fairness and competition may attract players to UFL who want to go away from the microtransaction-heavy games. UFL is a community-driven game but I think it will take them some time to get the ground running as they don’t have the brand recognition nor resources like EA, 2K, and Konami.

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Konami eFootball

This is a free-to-play game. It is very popular on mobile phones and according to me, it used to be way better than EA Sports FC on mobile devices but now Konami’s lack of interest in improving the game gives EA Sports an edge here as well. Surprisingly Konami has been focused on mobile gaming for a very long but what they are doing with eFootball on Consoles, PCs, and now mobile devices means they are no competition to EA. 


The game is not released yet but it is another potential competitor. A company like 2K is no joke because they are famous for making sports games. They have advanced technology and innovative gameplay elements in other sports games. The Proprietary Engine of 2K is the epitome of player movement and on-court interactions that lead to more fluid and realistic gameplay in their NBA games. 

2K are highly focused on a plethora of modes and they are rated very highly. The MyTeam Mode in NBA 2K (Similar to EA FC’s Ultimate Team) offers both offline and online support which can be a USP of 2K if they implement something similar in their FIFA video game.

NBA 2K games are known for their high-quality graphics and authentic soundtracks. The games feature realistic player likenesses, animations, and an extensive soundtrack that enhances the immersive experience.


I am hopeful that FIFA 2K do well, as they can be a serious competition for EA Sports, unlike Konami and UFL. This is only good for the video gamers: the more options, the more cut-throat the competition the better products for the players.

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