Here Are Top Games I Can Recommend To Play With A Group

Co-op fun is the way to go.

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  • If you’re always playing with a group and not alone, make sure you’re playing the best games out there.
  • Titles such as Rust, Terraria, Destiny 2, and 7 Days to Die are best enjoyed with a group of friends. 
  • The compatibility of these games in that regard is super high, leaving you with a great experience.

In case you’re playing your titles with a squad of 5-6 friends, but the gameplay isn’t quite cutting it, you need to ask yourself: Am I even playing the right games? Before going on a solo venture, I used to only play online with a group of my accomplices, but at the start, the experience wasn’t as gratifying as I wanted it to be. Then, I decided to switch up our catalog, and voila! 

Turns out there are games out there catered to large groups of friends more than others, offering gamers like me the perfect chance to relish gaming in its true form. Stick around until the end of the write-up as I talk you through the titles you should be playing with your friends. 

Triple The Fun With Your Buddies Around

Make sure to leave a comment below if you can stand by another game that you think should be on here. Before we get started, some honorable mentions include Rainbow Six Siege, Baldur’s Gate 3, Valorant, Minecraft, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. 

1. Rust

Rust Is Hardcore and Super Challenging | Source: Facepunch Studios

I wouldn’t recommend Rust for the life of me, but the situation beckons it right now. For a solo player, this otherwise great game harbors one of the worst gaming communities known to man, so you’d probably want to stay away from it if you’re not the one to take someone’s bull online. However, put a group of friends into the equation, and the paradigm changes.

That way, Rust is an incredibly fun, super interactive first-person shooter where survival is the focus. In case you have friends to play with, this is one FPS you should not skip. Beware though, Rust is known to form a love-hate relationship with players. You may despise it but you’re going to keep playing all the same. 

2. Terraria 

Terraria Blood Moon
Surviving the Blood Moon Sequence in Terraria | Source: eXputer 

Terraria is an exceptionally well-designed game that also happens to boast an incredible progression system, where every upgrade, every adventure out into the unknown in an attempt to gather more valuable resources seems meaningful. Oh, and the best part? The combat of this platformer is pretty terrific as well and certainly does not feel like an afterthought that’s initially ignored in favor of polishing other mechanics. 

It’s a game that you’ll always find me recommending no matter what, probably because I have a few too many fond memories with Terraria. 

3. DayZ


Let me put this in simple terms: You’re going to hate DayZ before you start to love it, because this game is not for everyone. Just like Kenshi, which is one of the most stressful titles out there, DayZ does not hold your hand when you start it up. Forget about any in-game tutorials or guides, because this is as realistic a PvP survival-focused shooter as it comes, and once you start getting the hang of it, there’s just no going back. 

I highly recommend DayZ for its satisfying fun once you get over its steep learning curve, especially with a group of friends who you can count on to survive through the thick and thin.  

Did you say SURVIVAL GAME? “DayZ” will be the last game you play on your quest for a post apocalypse survival if you don’t mind zombies and an incredible challenge,” says one u/CrayyZGames on Reddit.

4. 7 Days To Die 

7 Days to Die
7 Days to Die Is an Enthralling FPS | Source: Steam

What I really love about 7 Days to Die is how it manages to work with different genres in such a versatile manner, while making sure none of its specialties end up falling flat on its face. It’s got crafting, free-roam format, survival, first-person shooting—you name it. Oh, there’s the element of tower defense in there as well, while the game itself distinguishes as an RPG. 

With friends, 7 Days to Die is a supremely fun game with a lot to do and much to explore. I highly recommend that you get to it straight away. 

5. Sea Of Thieves

The game sea of thieves
Sea of Thieves is a Balanced RPG | Source: Rare 

Enjoying a port to PlayStation as well nowadays, Sea of Thieves is Xbox’s premiere RPG that’s not just extremely popular, but exceptionally well-received across the board for its ultra-realistic visuals, fantastic water physics, and great open-world atmosphere where player agency is at its peak. Now that Xbox is headed toward a multi-platform approach, why not get the best out of it? 

6. Destiny 2 

destiny 2 vow of the disciple raid
The Vow of the Disciple Raid in Destiny 2 Has Breathtaking Visuals | Source: eXputer

Lastly, and this one’s special, guys, Destiny 2 is the near-perfect game to pick up when the point is to play online with your mates. Its “Raids” functionality brings everyone together like no tomorrow, and I personally have had an amazing experience playing the game with my colleagues. 

Figuring out a Destiny Raid with 5 of your friends is genuinely one of the best gaming experiences out there!” iterates u/TheRed24.

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