Valorant’s 25th Agent, Clove, Is Here; Here’s How To Use Them Right

As a mix between a Controller and a Duelist, Clove has a uniquely different playstyle.

Story Highlights

  • Clove is Valorant’s latest agent and features a very unique set of abilities.
  • Designed as an aggressive controller, players are finding it difficult to nail their playstyle.
  • Here are some of the best tips to keep in mind to do well with them.

Valorant recently unveiled its 25th agent, Clove. Described as being a troublemaker, Clove can handle both the heat of combat and the cold of death. Essentially, the character is known for their ability to come back to life after being killed once during a round. This is done through their Ultimate, “Not Dead Yet“, which can be game-changing if used correctly.

A Quick Look At Clove's Ultimate (via Valorant Wiki).
A Quick Look At Clove’s Ultimate (via Valorant Wiki).

Revived players can remain in the round permanently if they are able to secure either a kill or a damaging assist within a set duration. Along with some of their other abilities, Clove is certainly an agent that rewards an aggressive playstyle. But since they are ultimately a Controller, it can be tough to find the right balance within rounds. Here are three tips that can help with that.

About the Author: Danish Bukhari has played Valorant since its release back in 2020. With over 300+ hours played in the game’s Competitive mode alone, he’s well-versed in the strategies and tactics involved in the shooter. 

Keep Your Team In The Loop

While this might seem like something that’s obvious, the truth is that when playing a character like Clove, who’s like a mix between a Controller and a Duelist, making sure your team knows when you’re planning to be aggressive is vital. This is also necessary because Clove specifically can help the team out a lot, even if they’ve been killed.

Clove Can Activate Smokes Even After Being Killed (via Riot Games).
Clove Can Activate Smokes Even After Being Killed (via Riot Games).

Their post-death abilities require clear communication from your teammates if you want to make the best use of them. Especially since their smoke can only be placed within a specific radius of their body. So if you happen to be playing solo, or your teammates simply aren’t where you died, your post-death abilities will basically be useless for your team.

Learn When To Be Aggressive

While Clove is a Controller, their abilities highly reward taking the initiative and securing kills. Simply put, if you plan on staying in the back and dishing out smokes, you won’t be able to make good use of their kit at all. Instead, the best way to use Clove is to stay on the frontline. This might be different from how Controllers are traditionally played in Valorant, so it’s understandable why it might seem off at first.

Clove is ALMOST like a duelist… almost…
byu/frankiexd123 inVALORANT

But finding the right balance between controlling and aggressiveness will ultimately be the key that makes you a pro at Clove. Things like the movement speed boost you get while playing Clove can be massive if used correctly. Proper timing is essential here. But do keep in mind not to be too aggressive, since at the end of the day, you’re not a Duelist. Avoiding unnecessary peeks or engagements can help to keep you alive for longer.

While it’s recommended to be more open to taking on fights with Clove, it’s never a good idea to rush in just because you know you can revive yourself later on,” says Skycoach.

Make Good Use Of Your Post-Death Abilities

While all previous 24 Valorant agents become useless the second you kill them, Clove is special in that they can still be used to help your teammates. This is their biggest upside, but is only useful if you actually make use of these post-death abilities effectively. Remember to help your teammates and stay in the game mentally, even if you’ve been killed.

Staying Active Even After Being Eliminated Is Super Important As Clove (via Riot Games).
Staying Active Even After Being Eliminated Is Super Important As Clove (via Riot Games).

Clove also allows for more interesting team compositions in Valorant. Especially since teams might start running multiple Controllers now, one for the start of the round, and Clove for the near the end once they need smokes after most of the team has already been eliminated. This allows Clove players to be in a unique position where they can help out even if they’ve been killed. 

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