Valorant 5.08 Patch Adds New Indian Agent “Harbor”

The new initiator agent acts as a perfect opener for starting executes on sites.

Valorant, unlike others of its genre, is more of a tactical shooter. Playing on a team-based level has never been more intriguing, and rage-inducing as well. The game is also very popular amongst fans and pros alike, spanning through championships as well.

The developers keep the game updated in order to keep up with other titles. This makes the gameplay fresh and fun for new and old players after every update. Players always look forward to new patches, mostly to see which map got reworked and which agents got butchered beyond recognition.

Major Takeaway:

  • The new agent is an initiator.
  • The latest bug fixes act more as gameplay deterrents.
  • minor map changes and skin fixes.

Valorant demands cooperation between the player to dominate the enemy team. To get ahead of the curve and perform better in the game. These corporations also go hand in hand with every agent and their styles.

But cooperation with random teammates gets difficult, especially after a new patch when players are adjusting to the brand new changes, fortunately, this patch isn’t one that made too many major changes to the game.

The Valorant 5.08 Patch focuses on the latest agent in the game, Harbor. The new agent fills the initiator role which means he can start fights or is better at starting executes as opposed to other agents.

The first hit of the patch confronts the number of players entering Immortal. They address the issue by stating, “We’ve seen an increasing number of you enter the Immortal leaderboard, even after raising the MMR requirement for Immortal.”

They continue, “We are rolling out a cap to the number of players that can appear on the leaderboard on a region-by-region basis.” Essentially they added regional caps to block out players from more populated regions.

The next are some bug fixes, 2 to be exact. The first one fixes an issue where your molly could counter the enemy molly. The second one is the multiple Viper one-sided walls that had unintended openings. Both of these fixes more or less counter-gameplay rather than bugs.

There have also been some minor gameplay changes like the ally position indicators that would persist on the edge of the minimap even after the ally came back into view, KAY/O’s Suppression Blade position indicator appearing twice.

The biggest fix was the “Recently Seen Enemy” icon indicators could sometimes update the enemy’s position without the enemy ever being seen. This means if an enemy teleports after being seen, the game would proceed to show where they teleported.

Finally a skin fix on the Spectrum Phantom. The issue was that the Spectrum Phantom silencer extended further than intended, making it easier for the enemies to spot. The team had a humorous remark on this, “We’re ready for pros to start using it again…especially when peeking through garage on Haven.”

After seeing this patch, Riot definitely showed how well they can do strict changes to gameplay and keep things extremely fair, even if these patches are a little slow, but as it is with every patch, people will definitely have mixed reactions.

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