Biggest Announcements And Reveals From The Xbox Games Showcase

Talk about outclassing the competition.

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  • Following the onset of State of Play and Summer Game Fest, the Xbox Games Showcase has come to pass.
  • This particular event by Xbox has sprinted ahead of its competition a far mile, offering a top-tier display. 
  • Some of the biggest announcements of the Xbox Games Showcase revolve around Doom and Perfect Dark. 

Following the relatively ho-hum show of the Summer Game Fest and PlayStation’s State of Play that went down in the previous weeks or so, Xbox has reignited gaming spirit with its dedicated showcase, and let me tell you why it was one of the biggest entertainment displays in the gaming sphere this year. Talk about exciting updates on existing games, reveals of an array of new games, and, of course, fresh Xbox hardware as well. 

The Xbox Games Showcase 2024 Did Not Disappoint

I’m going to sum up everything that you should be caught up to speed on in relation to yesterday’s Xbox Games Showcase. There’s a fair bit to unfold here, so follow along with the piece ahead, and don’t forget to tell me about your favorite part from the show down in the comments ahead. 

1. Doom: The Dark Ages

YouTube video

With a release window allotted for 2025, it seems the Doomguy is back, and in even more menacing fashion. Quite honestly, this remained one of the best parts of the entire showcase, because it had been a fair while since we had a new Doom game coming out. 

As per the revealed trailer, Doom: The Dark Ages turns things down a significant notch as far as the timeline is concerned, as the Doomslayer finds himself back to wreaking havoc in this prequel game. That’s right. Doom: The Dark Ages is set before the events of the first Doom that came out in 2016. Oh, and he’s got a massive frickin’ shield with blades coming out of it this time around. 

Seriously, can’t wait. 

2. Gears Of War: E-Day 

YouTube video

We are so back” is what everyone has in mind at the moment, shouting at the top of their lungs that the next mainline installment in the iconic Gears of War franchise by Xbox is finally making a return. I genuinely want this to be the franchise’s redemption, even if it’s chronologically not the very next game after Gears 5, which was launched all the way back in 2019.  

As per the in-engine footage revealed, Marcus Fenix — the legend — and his trusty subordinate Dom Santiago make their way back to the big screen to take on a new Locust threat. No release window was given though, so you could expect the third-person shooter rearing its head next year or in 2026. 

3. Perfect Dark 

YouTube video

One of the reasons everyone’s holding the Xbox Games Showcase in high regard is due to this very reveal of the Perfect Dark reboot, with the showcased trailer going over Joanna Dark’s hunt for the criminal mastermind known as Daniel Carrington. There’s a lot to unfold here, starting with the seemingly spectacular visuals of the title that should be reflective of the final product once the title fully comes out. 

For more information about the title’s systems and how the combat is going to work, Xbox Wire recently published this explainer article on Perfect Dark that you should check out. 

4. Starfield: Shattered Space 

YouTube video

Bethesda’s 25-years-in-the-making Starfield might be getting revitalized altogether with the onset of its first-ever DLC expansion in the name of Shattered Space. The Xbox Games Showcase gave us a good look at what to expect from it, featuring a cosmic anomaly that you, as the player, have to investigate and come out on top of. Aside from that, an array of exciting new updates are here for the base game. 

Official mod support with the launch of Creations, the first new quest DLC with the introduction of Trackers Alliance, new bounty hunting features, and improvements to melee weapons are the highlights of Starfield’s June Update. The June Update is now available on Xbox Series X|S and PC,” confirms Xbox.

5. Assassin’s Creed Shadows 

YouTube video

Assassin’s Creed Shadows is the next mainline rendition in the long-running Assassin’s Creed franchise, and this time, Ubisoft is trying its level best to take a unique approach to the gameplay. For starters, it’s the first major AC game to be set in Japan, featuring two protagonists in the name of Naoe and Yauske, with the latter being a fairly historical figure. 

The Xbox Games Showcase saw Assassin’s Creed Shadows’ first-ever gameplay, and I’ll be honest, I like what I see here. The game comes out on November 15. Better mark your calendars. 

6. New Xbox Series X|S Hardware 

YouTube video

As broken by eXputer exclusively prior to the Xbox Games Showcase, the company has revealed new hardware during the event, with one of them being an all-digital Xbox Series X. But not just that, two more flavorful additions to the Xbox Series family line-up have been made, and one of them seems quite the looker.

You now have a Robotic White Xbox Series S 1 TB to look forward to, along with a “2 TB Xbox Series X Special Edition in Galaxy Black.” The latter looks mesmerizing, to be honest, and I think I’ll be picking it up when it makes landfall this holiday season. However, the prices and regional availability have not been confirmed at the moment. We’ll have more to talk about on that front in a while hopefully. 

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