Recommendations From PS Store’s Summer Game Fest Promo

Discounts galore on some of the best games available right now.

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  • The PlayStation Store has been habitual with tantalizing discounts and sales all year round. 
  • The latest promotion on the storefront is oriented around “Summer Game Fest.” 
  • Discounts on great titles such as Sleeping Dogs, Titanfall 2, and The Lost Crown have been applied.

It’s that time of the year again when the Summer Game Fest is looming large, not just in the form of a full-fledged broadcast, but on popular video game storefronts across the board as well. The effects of the event are being felt in ways more than one, therefore, as the PlayStation Store applies a series of discounts and sale promos on hundreds of different games. 

If you find yourself strapped for time right now, let this article serve as a handy guide for you to sift through the most enticing options available on the storefront at the moment. I’ve hand-picked these for your convenience, but given the scale of the discount, I may not have been able to cover every single major game. 

Some Of The Best Discounts On The PlayStation Store Are Now Live

But that is where you come in! Make sure to comment down below and spread awareness about some of the other titles that you spot on the PlayStation Store worth checking out. 

1. Resident Evil 4 

Resident Evil 4 Gold Edition on the PS Store
The Resident Evil 4 Gold Edition on the PS Store 

Starting off the list is Resident Evil 4, the 2023-released remake of the olden classic from 2005. Capcom has genuinely hit the nail on the head with this brilliant iteration, creating a faithful reimagining of what is otherwise one of the greatest games ever made. Terrific visuals, the same-but-improved atmosphere, and refined gameplay have come together to push Resident Evil 4’s sales beyond the 7 million mark, and rightfully so.

eXputer reviewed the third-person shooter and rated it 5/5, calling it true perfection and “a flawless recreation of an already phenomenal game.” The Gold Edition of Resident Evil 4 is currently 20% off on the storefront, coming for $39.99, and throwing in an array of costumes, weapons, and other bonus items in the process. 

2. Ghost Of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima Is One of the Best Games Ever Made
Ghost of Tsushima Is One of the Best Games Ever Made

Sucker Punch Productions, the creator of the Infamous franchise, has outdone itself with Ghost of Tsushima, a high-tier samurai action-adventure with a graceful open-world setting. The game’s storyline, followed by its incredible combat, put this one right up there with the top dogs of the industry. Its recent PC release has reignited fan spirit even more, as Ghost of Tsushima goes on to outsell even new, top-anticipated releases like Hellblade 2.

The Director’s Cut version of the title is a cool 58% off right now, allowing players to get their hands on the Iki Island expansion, an online co-op mode called “Legends” and a bundle of other goodies. At $29.39, Ghost of Tsushima is an absolute steal for your PS5, thanks to the Summer Game Fest.

3. Street Fighter 6 

Street Fighter 6
Street Fighter 6 Is the Most Refined Street Fighter to Date 

Rolling over 3 million copies as of January 2024, Street Fighter 6 means serious business with its exceptionally polished gameplay, one that the franchise wasn’t able to achieve up until now. It’s got some of the best characters in the series and then some, not to mention fantastic graphics that put you in awe the moment you start playing, and a surprisingly nice storyline as well.

It’s off 50% at present on PlayStation, should you choose to get it sharpish. 

4. Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs on the PS STore (1)
Sleeping Dogs on the PS Store 

Moving up, and I can’t and won’t stop recommending this one every time I spot it, Sleeping Dogs is available for dirt-cheap on the PlayStation Store right now. As I said before, no Sleeping Dogs sequel in 2024 is a serial crime on its own, considering the IP’s sheer potential for large, booming success.

The title in question sports one of the most gorgeously detailed towns you’ll ever witness in a video game, not to mention the exceptional combat making your playthroughs ever-engaging and entertaining in all right ways. It’s also a game that will have you keep coming back to it every now and then, and every time you do that, you’ll long for a modern-day iteration of Sleeping Dogs, like the rest of us on here

5. Titanfall 2 

Titanfall 2 Is a Surefire Masterpiece
Titanfall 2 Is a Surefire Masterpiece

If you’re a first-person shooter fanatic, I highly advise picking up Titanfall 2, and I really cannot stress this enough why you should go after this title with your eyes closed. Well, for starters, despite coming out about 8 years ago, it’s still the closest it gets to the most innovative first-person shooting experience, thanks to its hybrid gameplay, an amazing storyline that will have you on the edge of your seat, and admirable graphics.

It’s one of those franchises that remain in dire need of a resurgence, and it’s sad on its own that Respawn never got to revisit the Titanfall series. Get the game for about $5 and thank me later.

6. Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown

The Lost Crown
The Lost Crown Is a Pleasant Surprise 

Ubisoft was panned for going the wayward route with the next iteration in the beloved Prince of Persia franchise, but boy were we wrong. The Lost Crown is an exceptional Metroidvania that somehow captures the essence of the franchise while propelling it to greater heights all the same in typical side-scrolling fashion. 

eXputer rated the Ubisoft effort 3.5/5.0 in its review, praising its thrilling combat, engaging exploration, and impressive level design that makes The Lost Crown well-desired. 

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