Stellar Blade’s New Combat Footage Shows It’s Basically NieR With Guns

The title will release late April.

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  • Stellar Blade is an upcoming action game developed by Korean studio SHIFT UP and published by Sony.
  • Thanks to a PlayStation store update, we finally have some new footage of Stellar Blade’s combat.
  • The footage showcases Eve taking out numerous enemies with the use of powerful firearms.

Perhaps one thing that many players excited for Stellar Blade, including myself, have wanted to see for the past few months is a deeper look at the game’s combat. Thankfully, our wishes have been answered. Thanks to a PlayStation Store update spotted by Twitter user Okami13, we have gotten a much better look at what Stellar Blade’s fast and acrobatic combat is all about. 

The footage shows Eve doing a variety of new moves such as a powerful “Beta Attack” which is charged by doing damage to enemies, and “Burst Attacks” which are counter-attacks that you can do following a parry or a perfect dodge. Perhaps the most interesting new addition that we have seen is the inclusion of guns in the mix. Yes, you heard it right, Stellar Blade has guns and seemingly a wide variety of them as shown in the combat footage.

In the footage, we can see Eve using a laser rifle, a multi-missile lock-on launcher, a literal hand cannon, and some other cool-looking firearms. Many players who’ve seen the footage are referring to Stellar Blade as “NieR with guns.” However, the only thing I’m reminded of as I see the footage is Warhammer 40k Space Marine, with its mix of satisfying hack-and-slash combat and punchy third-person gunplay. 

YouTube video

Punchy is the perfect way to describe the gameplay we have seen. Eve’s attacks feel appropriately meaty and powerful with some very impactful feedback on anyone who’s at the receiving end. Copious amounts of liquid flows out with each hit, whether it’s blood from the monsters or oil if you’re fighting machines, really showing the game earning its 18+ rating. 

Last month, Stellar Blade director Kim Hyung Tae cited numerous action games as inspiration for Stellar Blade. Games such as NieR Automata, God of War, Sekiro, and Bayonetta were cited as direct inspirations for Stellar Blade and some of it is clearly visible in the gameplay we have seen so far. Stellar Blade is set to launch next month on April 26 exclusively for the PlayStation 5. 

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