10 Best FPS Games You Must Play (Updated 2022)

First Person Games without a doubt feature the most realistic gameplay. Players play in a spectacular POV, and the overall experience as compared to the Third Person is quite extra-ordinary. My favorite thing about first-person shooting games is the level of details you get. In contrast to the Third Person, where you aren’t able to see guns or your environment in detail. First Person Games allow you to see the gun from a closer perspective, and along with that. The animations sync really well.

 Best FPS Games
Far Cry 4 Is crazy

That was my preferred part, yet from what I’ve heard. People seem to love FPS Games because there is no camera advantage involved. As a result, players get to play against fewer campers, and the game becomes very enjoyable.

Now that you know how fascinating First Person Shooting Games are. It’s really time, we look forward to the 10 FPS Games that are Worth Playing in 2022.

Call of Duty Warzone

 Best FPS Games
Warzone Graphics are superb

Call of Duty Warzone is the latest installment in the COD series. The game features two modes, Battle Royale and Plunder. Both mods are in first person and feature really strategic shooting gameplay. The Battle Royale mode is remarkably refreshing and different from others. Players are dropped on an enormous map along with 150 others. Everybody battles until the very end and the goal for everyone remains the same.

 Best FPS Games
One player is chasing through Heli, the other is running in Quads. This picture says a lot about Warzone

The game as I described in the first paragraph is quite strategic. Things like the economy play a huge role, and money can be found from literally everything you do. Once you are able to get a handsome amount of money, you can use it for drops, perks, getting teammates revived, and much more. Other than that, the Battle Royale mode also allows you to drive a range of vehicles.

In Battle Royale Mode, your objective is survival. However, in Plunder everything is circled around money. Players consistently loot places, kill each other, complete objectives, finish off-contract, loot cash drops, and all of these objectives get you more and more money.

The ones who gather the most money win. Unlike Battle Royale mode, plunder allows you to respawn and you can also explore the whole map as there are no circles to narrow the map. You can explore more about these two modes here.

The Gameplay of Call of Duty Warzone is really great. There are a wide variety of weapons, vehicles, gears, skins, perks, and much more. In addition, movement is very strategic, combat is like other COD games but much more enhanced, and the game is very enjoyable with friends.

  • Price: Free
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows
  • Review Rating: 3.6


 Best FPS Games
Graphics are vibrant and fantastic

Released earlier this year through Streamers. Valorant now a days is all over Twitch and YouTube. The game can be found on all platforms, and now it’s heading towards eSports. Valorant features a really nasty CS:GO like 5v5 Gameplay, where players play in a team to win the most rounds. The total rounds are 25, and the first team to reach 13 wins. Like Counter-Strike or Rainbow Six Siege, the Economy is really important. Each round you get money, and subsequently, this money can be used to purchase guns, armor, sidearm, and abilities.

 Best FPS Games
Photo Credits – 100Thieves

The first person gameplay is really fantastic and strategic. Each player gets to chose its favorite character and take advantage of its unique abilities. The gameplay and movement are really fast, as rounds are barely 1.5 minutes. Other than that, players rely on teamwork, holding sites, or pushing the bomb sites. Like many Competitive FPS Games, individual abilities in Valorant matter a lot. Players are always focused on footsteps and continually look for ways to tackle the enemy’s tactics.

 Best FPS Games
Landing Shots in Valorant isn’t easy

I personally love the Combat System in Valorant. The unique abilities of some characters are really fun to use. If used properly, you can literally dominate consecutive matches. Other than that, the graphics are really vibrant, guns have normal recoil, and the game in general is very addicting.

If you are a competitive gamer and would like to establish a good reputation in FPS Game. Valorant would be a suitable choice. The game has a lot of things to explore, and the potential to become really good at the game is vast. Suppose, you decided to play Valorant. Make sure that you take a look at our Valorant FPS Guide.

  • Price: Free to play
  • Platforms: PC only
  • Review Rating: 4.0/5

Hyper Scape

One of my Favourite FPS Battle Royale Game to be released this year is Hyper Scape. This game I mean has completely revived arena shooting gameplay meta. Players drop in a huge futuristic map, along with 100 others. The gameplay is very funky, and most of the time you will be in jumping across buildings or flying around.

 Best FPS Games
This is the best part of the Hyper Scape

Players can consistently double jump, slide like apex legends, there are bouncy pads to help you get across roofs. Other than that there is this feature I really like. Players can turn themselves into a bouncy ball and become completely immortal.

Apart from the flawless movement, Hyper Scape is more than just a regular FPS Battle Royale game. Players are able to get some abilities, and these abilities play a vital role in combats. For example, this Invisible ability can make your player become invisible and help you run off if you were to lose a fight. Other than that, there is the armor ability that gets you armor, and with its help, you can make a comeback in the fight and win the duel.

If you are an arena shooting fan, Hyper Scape’s combat system will be very enjoyable. For those who aren’t a big fan of Arena shooting games, I won’t recommend it because it can become really frustrating. For example, you will often waste more than half of your ammo on the opponent. And there are high chances that he still gets away with an ability or the massive health bar, which I’ve seen takes longer than usual to end. One of our most experienced writer and gamer wrote an in-depth guide on how to win games in Hyper Scape; make sure you check it out.

Do you remember the classic Uber Strike that was once available on Browsers? Well, Hyper Scape features a near-exact combat system like it. Hyper Scape features enigma or energized weapons that are very futuristic. Players always aim ahead of enemies because of the movement, and landing shots isn’t particularly easy in the medium or long-range. Ultimately, the fights are really long and sometimes it’ll take more than just landing shots. In most cases though, enemies are able to run off through abilities, and chasing them isn’t particularly easy.

 Best FPS Games
Chasing Down Enemies is hard but fun

If you are a casual gamer, just looking to enjoy a vast set of features in the FPS Battle Royale Game Category. I’ll highly recommend you to check out Hyper Scape. The game has exotic features, and most importantly it’s first-person gameplay is fantastic. Like other newly released games, Hyper Scape also has some problems with performance. Therefore, make sure you apply some of the changes we mentioned in our Hyper Scape FPS Guide Article.

  • Price: Free To Play.
  • Platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows.
  • Review Rating: 3.8.

Doom Eternal

 Best FPS Games
Look at the size of that gun.

Developed by Bethesda and Released Earlier this year. Doom Eternal has established itself as one of the best first-person shooting games across all platforms. The game is a sequel to the legendary Doom (2016) and likewise features a very similar plot.

Doom continues from Doom 2016, and this time the Demons have come back to Earth. They have wiped out 60% of the earth’s population, and now our character Doom Slayer or DoomGuy must do everything to stop the demonic forces.

 Best FPS Games
Fighting the demons is scary

If you have played other Doom Games, you’ll know that the game is always fast-paced. This one is no different and features some new abilities like sideways move and double jump to get you moving. These abilities completely suit its ruthless combat and first-person gameplay.

Doom Eternal’s Combat is frightening, ruthless, and completely chaotic. Killing the demons is one thing, but if you want to get an instant kill. You can literally slash them in the middle with a chainsaw, punch them so hard that their skulls would break. Not only that you can also continuously stab them until they die. My favorite part is where you take out the demon’s organ, and put it right back in a different place.

Doom Eternal also features a multiplayer mode, that is more like deathmatch. The game’s story itself is really good, and there are just so many ways you can go about it. The guns are really decent as you will get access to Plasma Rifles, Super Shotgun, Rocket Launchers, and many Melee Weapons. Doom Slayer as we all know has some of his own readily available weapons that include the arm-blade which can snap the enemies in middle, allowing you to get an instant kill.

If you are in a for fast-paced, ruthless combat, good plot, and most importantly excellent graphics game. I’ll highly recommend you to start playing Doom Eternal. The optimization is also on point!

  • Price: $69.99.
  • Platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, and Microsoft Windows
  • Review Rating: 4.4 On Google and Very Positive on Steam.

Escape from Tarkov

 Best FPS Games
The graphics are sick

Escape From Tarkov is a next level FPS MMO game. The game has one of the most incredible details ever. We’ll talk more about that in a bit, but let’s get to the plot and gameplay first.

Escape From Tarkov Plot and gameplay is really straight forward. Players can play in seven different locations, that are all based in Russia. Each of these locations is very unique, and every interior you enter will feel different. The game’s setting is all circled around leftover loot by two Military Companies. Your job will be to go out, do some raids, and grab as many stuff as you can. During the raids, if you died you will lose everything you brought with yourself. On the other hand, if you were able to grab some loot, you can sell it to traders and in return, you can get new quests. This all loot can be stored in a hideout, and the whole point is to keep increasing the items you have.

 Best FPS Games
Escape from Tarkov features a range of things players can loot. The most important pieces of equipment are armor, guns, and attachments.
Escape From Tarkov Is fun if you are a casual player like me

So what did I meant with the next level MMO game in the first paragraph? Well, the game has huge customization and inventory gameplay. Players can build weapons from the attachments they find. And to make it more interesting, the whole game is very realistic. You can literally breakdown a weapon’s all parts, so for example. If you wanted to break down a 5.56 Rifle. You can detach nearly 24 pieces of its equipment. Likewise, if you were able to find all these 24 attachments for your rifle, your gun has various specifications that automatically improve.

Apart from its vast next level loot and customization options, the game has an excellent first-person combat system. Guns and aiming are very realistic, and sometimes it can be hard if your gun isn’t fully upgraded. Other than that, Escape From Tarkov is really slow-paced, but like I said the game is different. It’s more of a high reward and high-risk game, but many people get bored because of its really wild loot and stack system.

Escape From Tarkov is deep, and getting to know all of the game can take some time. However, I’ll conclude by saying that if you really want to spend some time and enjoy a highly detailed first-person game. Escape from Tarkov is the way to go. The game has endless features, and if you can keep up with its slow-paced Meta. Ultimately, the game will become really addicting and I can guarantee from personnel experience. It’s one of the best MMO FPS games out there.

  • Price: $44.99
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows and Mac
  • Review Rating: 3.6

Counter-Strike Global Offensive Best FPS Games

Counter-Strike Global Offensive also known as CS:GO is exceptionally mainstream and frequently viewed as the best FPS game ever. The game is very similar to Valorant. But that would be an injustice saying its similar to Valorant, because we all know for a fact that it was the early Counter-Strike Games that brought the true FPS Gameplay. CS:GO was released in 2012, and since then it has always stayed on the top of Steam Charts.

The game if you don’t know has a very straight forward plot. 10 Players join the game, and 5 players are sided with Terriorts, and 5 are moved to Counter-Terriosrst. The terrorist team’s goal is to plant the bomb in one of the two different bombsites on the map. Meanwhile, Counter-Terrorists are spawned at those bomb sites and their goal is to defend the site and make sure Terrorists do not plant the bomb.  Best FPS GamesAlongside this truly basic and intriguing plot, there is likewise time, which runs for the two groups. If terrorists were unable to plant the bomb within that time, Counter-Terrorists win. However, if they manage to plant the bomb, the tables are turned. Now Counter-Terrorists must defuse the bomb before it detonates

Despite its really simple plot and gameplay, Counter-Strike Global Offensive is currently one of the most popular ESports titles. This is because the game allows every player to become really good. The guns have insane recoil, and headshots aren’t easy. Subsequently, players are always grinding to learn recoil patterns and along with that master the one-tap headshots. Other than combat, movement is simple, the game has a wide range of skins to purchase, and you can buy firearms from a range of weapons available in the menu.

Shop In CS:GO

So if you are in for some tactical competitive FPS action. Simply go with CS:GO, not because it has crazily good reviews. But, it’s gameplay is really straight forward and grinding in the game is really fun.

  • Price: Free To Play For Basic. And $14.99 for advanced.
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Mac.
  • Review Rating: 4.5 on Google and Very Positive On Steam.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

 Best FPS Games
Erangel Map In PUBG

PlayersUnknown’s Battlegrounds is always hailed as the king of battle royale games. PUBG initially started with Third Person Mode, however with community requests. Bluehole decided to add First Person and trust me that was their best decision ever.

 Best FPS Games
Using the rare AWM In PUBG To Get Some Long Range Kills

PUBG Features a typical Last Man Standing Mode. Players drop from a plane in the map, loot, fight each other, hide, and their main goal is to survive till the end. The game has real-life inspired weapons, like M4A1, M-16, Kar98k, Tommy Gun, SCAR-L, Revolvers, and many more. Further, I’d say PUBG has definitely aced the realistic gameplay meta. The game does not have any funky features, everything is very realistic. Along with that, the maps are quite huge, game physics are realistic, vehicles are normal, and in general, the game has very balanced features.

Playing PUBG in First Person is obviously very fun. You will always come across surprises, numerous challenges, and most importantly excellent gameplay. In addition, vehicles are quite fun to drive, the interiors are really good. Not only that, but the guns are also really beautiful and the combat system is very realistic.

In short, if you are searching for a really good battle royale game that features first-person mod. PUBG without a doubt will full-fill your wishes.

  • Price: $29.99.
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.
  • Review Rating: 4.3 on Google and Mixed On Steam.

Apex Legends Best FPS Games

Apex Legends is currently one of the most popular FPS Battle Royale Game. The game was released in 2019 by EA, and since then it has achieved massive milestones, like 50 Million Players within the first month and Best Multiplayer Game Award in 2019.

The Plot of Apex Legends is really tactical and fast-paced. Players are dropped in 60 player Battle Royale Choas. Afterward, like other Battle Royale games, they start looting, get some guns, armor, and items. At the same time, players also watch out for enemies and the safe zone also known as a circle.

The first person gameplay is very similar to TItanfall 2. Well, it’s actually set in the Titanfall 2 universe, so you wouldn’t be surprised. Other than this, the gameplay is very teamplay oriented. Players can play in three-man squads, and every player gets to choose a legend out of the available 13. These legends are very unique, and each of them offers a different characteristic. Whenever you jump in a game, you have to make a suitable tactic and every teammate should pick a legend that suits your strategic gameplay.

All Legends In the game

Note, that players cannot pick the same legend as their teammate. Another significant component that is hovered around its teamplay is the revival of your teammates. If your teammate wasn’t revived after being knocked, he will bleed out to death. However, that is not entirely it. Because, once he is dead, you can pick up his banner and then bring it forward to a terminal or beacon which completely re-spawns the player.

Moreover, communication is very easy and important in Apex Legends. When you see an enemy, loot, or figure, you can point it out through the ping system. After this, AI-generated vocals are passed from the in-game character to others. My favorite thing about Apex Legends is the first-person combat.

Maps are very unique and fun to explore

Guns are really interesting, and most of them are futuristic. Other than this, aiming isn’t easy, however, when you are able to hit shots there is a really satisfying feeling.

Right now, Apex Legends is in a league of its own. The game is very unique and I think its the most enjoyable game if you have the right teammates. PUBG is really straight forward and its gameplay is slow. Thus, if you want to enjoy a fast-paced Battle Royale Game, Apex Legends would do that job for you.

  • Price: Free To Play.
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.
  • Review Rating: 4.3 on Google.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is perhaps the most tactical game on our list. The game has a similar plot like CS:GO, but it’s not as simple as you think.  Players can join a map as attacker or defender. Thus there are two teams with 5 players each. The attackers are given an objective depending on mode, like planting a bomb, capturing hostage, or maybe securing an area. Likewise, the defenders on the other side have similar objectives like defending bomb sites or defending the hostage, and so on depending on the mode. Best FPS Games

What makes Rainbow Six Siege different from other FPS Games is its incredible Operator feature. Players in Rainbow Six Siege are able to choose from dozens of operators and each of them like Apex Legends classes have unique benefits and features. Before the round starts, there is a one minute count down, during which Attackers can see the objectives and defender’s strategies through drones.

 Best FPS Games
Taking a good position for the attackers

On the other hand, defenders in this one minute period are busy with setting up traps, blocking doors, and at the end positioning themselves.

Once The round starts, Attackers can win by killing the defenders or completing the objective. Likewise, defenders can win by killing the opponent team or allowing the time to end. To clarify, the gameplay is no joke and you really need to understand before winning a game. While you are at it, why don’t you check our Ultimate Rainbow Six Guide?

Killing someone in Siege requires a lot of patience and skill

When I think about Rainbow Six Siege, I’m always impressed by its extraordinary strategic and tactical gameplay. The game requires a lot of team effort, and I really mean it. Other than that, the First Person Gameplay is literally the best you can ask for. Fights can be really intensive, and the guns available are really overpowerful. Thus, you will see a lot of recoil on guns. But hey, if you are struggling with recoil and getting good at the game, make sure you read our article on How To Become Absolute Pro At Any Competitive Game.

In addition, players can also lean left and right during fights. This allows them to shoot from really narrow angles. You always have to be aware and sharp while playing siege. Another Important feature I forgot to highlight is how quickly players die in Rainbow Six Siege. Unlike Doom Eternal and Hyper Scape that we listed on this article, I can tell you from personnel experience that if you are exposed to the enemy, it won’t take him long to take you down in just seconds.

Well, It took longer than usual explaining Rainbow Six Siege. But to conclude, I’d say that Rainbow Six Siege features a really versatile and refreshing FPS gameplay. Every round, it feels different, there are no repetitive things. The game gives you a lot of variety to choose from, and other than that it is very competitive.

  • Price: $14.99 for Basic
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One.
  • Review Rating: 4.4 on Google and Very Positive On Steam.

Titanfall 2

 Best FPS Games
Titfanll 2 Story Is Fantastic

If you loved Apex Legends and its gameplay. I’m certain you will adore this game from Respawn as well. Titanfall 2 is another exceptionally well known and fan-favorite FPS Game. The game allows you to play it either multiplayer or campaign.

When you first meet BT-7274

The game’s story is very long and has a huge background. However, I’ll shorten it for you. We play as Jack Cooper, who is a skilled rifleman that always wanted to become a titan pilot. Somehow he ends up meeting a Vanguard-class Titan called BT-7274, with whom he goes on a long journey to fight injustice. So you might be thinking, what are titans?

Players control these Robots, which are known as Titans. Since everything about these titans is quite complicated, we have different pilots, that are trained soldiers with various abilities to control them.

Now If I mention more details, the plot will be spoiled, so I’ll avoid it. From personnel experience, I can guarantee that the story is very emotional and the FPS experience is incredible.

Some Titans from the game

The Multiplayer of Titanfall 2 has 11 unique modes and explaining each of them could take a lot of time. But, just to give you an idea. All the modes are very similar and they are all circled around Titans (Robots).

There are a lot of titans, and every titan has unique abilities. In the same vein, each Titan has its weaknesses that can be targetted by players. Winning or losing a game gets you “merit” based on your performance. These merits can be used to unlock more weapons, customization options, abilities, or also level up. You can also buy more Titans through credits, that can be earned from completing challenges.

Combat is very cool.

The gameplay is really fast-paced across all modes. In addition, there are vast amounts of weapons to choose from. All of the weapons are futuristic, like its sci-fic gameplay. But, it all adds up really good, and the multiplayer is well worth it.

Often people say that Titanfall 2 is a failed project from Respawn. Some go on to say that Apex Legends is a refresh version of Titanfall 2. But to clarify, I’ve played both games, and I’ve to say Titanfall 2 is in a league of its own. The game is very different, and its modes, story, and overall gameplay is quite unique when compared to Apex Legends. The game has remarkable reviews across all platforms, and I’ve to say its a fairly underrated FPS Game.

  • Price: $29.99
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.
  • Review Rating: 4.9 on Google and Overwhelmingly Positive On Steam.

The Best FPS Game In 2022? Best FPS Games

I’ve explained each game with a lot of details so you could know that each game is different. You simply cannot compare which FPS Game is the best, and this is why there are no rankings in this article. Some players may go on to like Battle Royale Games, and the likes of PUBG and Apex Legends would really suit them. In the same vein, some easygoing players like me will go with Doom Eternal or Escape from Tarkov.

In addition, if you are a competitive gamer and you always want to push limits, becoming the best. You should definitely look forward to CS:GO, Valorant, Hyper Scape, Call of Duty Warzone, and Rainbow Six Siege. Other than that, If you want to play a multiplayer game that has a good side story to it. Titanfall 2 should be your ideal choice. At the end of the day, if you are an FPS Game Fan. I’ll recommend you to play all the games listed in this article.

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