Callisto Protocol: 7 Best Weapons [Expert’s Opinion]

Learn how viable the melee and ranged weapons are able to assist players in combat against enemies!

Callisto Protocol has a total of 7 weapons that are presented to players. Some are given in the main storyline, like the GRP or the stun baton, but some are pretty missable and can be skipped over if the player doesn’t derail from the main mission. In my Callisto Protocol Best Weapons guide, I will discuss all weapons in detail, alongside a small ranking of them!

Our Best Weapon Picks And Comparison

Here’s a look at the weapons and their upgrades in Callisto Protocol:

Riot Gun- Stability Upgrade
- Reconfigures the print to add extra foregrip hence lesser weapon recoil.
- Costs a total of 300 credits.
- Adds an extra propellent to the weapon's ammunition to increase the overall damage.
- Costs 300 credits.
- High Capacity Magazine Upgrade.
- Costs 900 credits.
- Explosive Round Upgrade
- Upgrades Projectiles of the weapon and incease overall damage to enemies that are in the general radius.
- Costs 2,700 Callisto credits.
Skunk Gun- Stability Upgrade that decreases weapon recoil.
- Costs 1200 Credits.
- Increases overall damage output
- Costs 1200 Credits
- Makes the weapon accept high-capacity magazines.
- Costs 400 Credits only.
- Swarming Rounds Upgrade.
- Swarms enemies by shot ammo.
- Costs 3,600 credits.
Hand Cannon- Decreases weapon recoil.
- Costs 200 Callisto credits.
- Increases overall damage output
- Costs 600 Callisto Credits
- High Capacity Magazine Upgrade
- Costs 200 credits.
- Users must apply Stability Upgrade first
- Called "TK23 Boom Bullets"
- Adds up an alt-fire module to the weapon to shoot out explosive rounds.
- Costs 1,800 Credits.
Stun Baton- Blocks incoming attacks for 300 Credit Cost
- Enables less damage intake if you pay 900 Credit Cost.
- Costs 2,700 credit to fire a retaliation.
- Called "Increased Velocity Alloy Sheath"
- Increases overall melee combo length in 300 Credits.
- "Block Break" rips off an opponent’s arm if they end up blocking one of your attacks.
- Costs 300 Credits only
-"Damage Upgrade" will enhance overall damage.
- Costs 900 Credits for small upgrade and 2700 for bigger.
- Targeting Module Upgrade
- Costs 2700 Credits to enhance the chance of an aim snap that is dealt to the center of an exposed enemy.
Assault Rifle- Decreases weapon recoil.
- Costs 4,500 credits.
- Increases damage output of the Rifle.
- Costs 1,500 Credits
- Increases overall ammo capacity of the weapon.
- Costs 500 credits.
- Called "TK63 Homing Rounds".
- Adds up an alt-fire module to the weapon to shoot out explosive rounds.
- Costs a whopping 4,500 Credits.
Tactical Pistol- Shrinks weapon recoil.
- Costs 900 credits.
- Swells overall damage potential.
- Costs 300 Credits
- Widens overall ammo capacity of the weapon.
- Costs 900 credits.
- Called "TK 33 Burst Mode"
- Adds up an alt-fire module to the weapon.
- Costs a 3,600 total Credits.
The GRP- GRP Recharge Speed Upgrade
- Costs 300 to 2,700 Callisto Credits depending on the size of upgrade (increase in overall recharge rate).
- Energy Upgrade
- Costs varies from 300 to 900 credits depending on overall energy increased.
- Velocity Upgrade.
- Enhances GRP's Launch Strength
- Costs 300 for small upgrades, 900 for medium and, 2,700 for maximum.


Riot Gun 

Riot Gun
Riot Gun (Image Credits Exputer)

Kicking things off with the Riot Gun, it’s known to be a primary weapon, and it is described as a two-handed shotgun essentially designed for riot suppression. One of the main reasons it is ranked so high is simply the sheer amount of damage it can deal against enemies. 

With a base ammo capacity of 4, it already becomes pretty viable in combat, and it also has pretty good stability whenever players are wielding it in any kind of battle. If you bring it in combat and are being hoarded by enemies, you can surely know the Riot Gun will have your back, as its alt-fire can take out any kind of enemy with little to no effort. 

  1. Stability Upgrade:
    • Cost: 300 credits
    • Reduces weapon recoil by adding a foregrip, enhancing stability during combat.
  2. Magnum Rounds Damage Upgrade:
    • Cost: 300 credits
    • Increases overall damage against enemies by adding extra propellant to ammunition.
  3. High Capacity Magazine Upgrade:
    • Cost: 900 credits
    • Increases ammo capacity, allowing for more sustained fire without reloading.
  4. Explosive Rounds Upgrade:
    • Cost: 2700 credits
    • Upgrades projectiles to explode upon impact, dealing increased damage to enemies within the blast radius.

Prioritizing upgrades based on individual playstyles and combat needs is essential due to the high cost of upgrades and limited resources.

Skunk Gun 

Skunk Gun
Skunk Gun (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving onto the next weapon, I have the Skunk Gun, which will be ranked as the second-best weapon in my books. This weapon again holds out on its own and has one of the highest damage outputs any gun can provide in Callisto. 

The weapon works insanely well both at long-range and dishing out death after death in short-range combat. Players should keep in mind that the magazine capacity is on the lower end, and starting out, players can only get 2 bullets in, increasing the need to reload more and more. 

The base ammo capacity is 2; players need about 800 credits to print it. It is basically a one-handed shotgun that can be found in Chapter 3. 


As far as the upgrades are concerned, players will be able to get a total of 4 upgrades as usual, ranging from the High Capacity Magazine Upgrade, Stability Upgrade, Magnum Rounds Damage Upgrade, and the Swarming Rounds upgrade. 

  1. High Capacity Magazine Upgrade:
    • Cost: 400 credits
    • Increases magazine capacity, allowing the skunk gun to accept high-capacity magazines for prolonged engagements.
  2. Stability Upgrade:
    • Cost: 1200 credits
    • Reduces weapon recoil, enhancing overall stability and making the skunk gun easier to handle during combat.
  3. Magnum Rounds Damage Upgrade:
    • Cost: 1200 credits
    • Enhances overall damage output, increasing the skunk gun’s effectiveness in combat scenarios.
  4. Swarming Rounds Upgrade:
    • Cost: 3600 credits
    • Modifies the weapon to continuously swarm nearby opponents with ammo, providing sustained pressure in combat situations.

Hand Cannon 

Hand Cannon
Hand Cannon (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving onto the next weapon, I have the Hand Cannon, which will be an early-game gun that is handed to players whenever they are playing the Aftermath chapter. The weapon is a pretty solid choice, and it will be able to carry you through early-midgame pretty easily *if* you manage your ammo well. 

It is described to be a custom and powerful pistol that is able to assist players in combat pretty well. It can be printed at the reforge for a total of 800 credits, and it will have a base ammo capacity of 6. 


As for the upgrades, there will be four upgrades once again, one of them being a stability upgrade and the other three being a High Capacity Magazine Upgrade, Magnum Rounds Damage Upgrade, and TK23 Boom Bullets. 

  1. Stability Upgrade:
    • Cost: 200 Callisto credits
    • Reduces hand cannon recoil, improving weapon control and ease of use.
  2. High Capacity Magazine Upgrade:
    • Cost: 200 Callisto credits
    • Increases pistol ammo capacity, allowing for more sustained fire without reloading.
  3. Magnum Rounds Damage Upgrade:
    • Cost: 600 Callisto credits
    • Increases overall damage output of the hand cannon, enhancing its effectiveness in combat engagements.
  4. TK23 Boom Bullets:
    • Cost: 1800 Callisto credits
    • Adds an alt-fire module to the hand cannon, enabling the firing of explosive rounds for increased firepower and crowd control.

Stun Baton 

Stun Baton
Stun Baton (Image Credits Exputer)

As for the next weapon, I have the Stun Baton on hand. It is quite possibly the only melee weapon that you are able to get your hands on, and it will be obtained through the “Outbreak” story chapter whenever you are in the early game. 

The stun baton is quite strong and allows for close combat that can remove enemies with little to no difficulty. However, since you are in such close range to the enemies, you are quite vulnerable to their attacks, which is where the dodging helps you to evade their attacks and output melee attacks against them in return. 


As for the upgrades, the upgrade tree for the stun baton is quite large as compared to the guns since the game is so focused on melee combat as well. They are listed as follows: 

  1. Blocking Counter Attack:
    • Cost: 300 credits
    • Unlocks a new low attack that triggers when successfully blocking an enemy’s final attack, providing a counter opportunity.
  2. Blocking Protection:
    • Cost: 900 credits
    • Reduces damage taken while blocking incoming enemy attacks, enhancing defensive capabilities.
  3. Blocking Feedback Damage:
    • Cost: 2700 credits
    • Releases a charge in retaliation when blocking an enemy attack, dealing damage to the attacker.
  4. Increased Velocity Alloy Sheath:
    • Cost: 300 credits
    • Extends the overall melee combo length, allowing for longer combos.
  5. Block Break:
    • Cost: 900 credits
    • Enables the player to break an opponent’s block, potentially disarming them.
  6. Targeting Module Upgrade:
    • Cost: 2700 credits
    • Increases the chance of an aim snap to the center of an exposed enemy, improving accuracy.
  7. Riot Control Swing:
    • Cost: 300 credits
    • Adds a heavier attack to the stun baton’s arsenal, providing additional combat options.
  8. Damage Upgrade Level One:
    • Cost: 900 credits
    • Increases overall damage output of the stun baton.
  9. Damage Upgrade Level Two:
    • Cost: 2700 credits
    • Further increases the damage output of the stun baton, making it even more potent in combat situations.

Assault Rifle 

Assault Rifle
Assault Rifle (Image Credits Exputer)

The next weapon will be the assault rifle, which is one of the end-game weapons you can get your hands on. However, while it has decent stability and a decent ammo capacity, it isn’t all that great at dishing out great damage compared to the skunk gun or the riot gun. 

Against end-game enemies, it doesn’t really stand out, and players will have to rely on weapons they could get in early-game, such as the skunk gun. 


The assault rifle will have the same three upgrades that all the other guns had: the high capacity magazine upgrade, magnum rounds, and stability upgrade, alongside its very own TK 63 Homing Rounds upgrade. 

  • High Capacity Magazine Upgrade Costs players 500 credits, and it will simply enhance the overall ammo capacity of the rifle. 
  • Magnum Rounds Damage Upgrade: With 1500 credits gone from your end, your overall damage will increase whenever the assault rifle is being wielded. 
  • Stability upgrade: With a whopping cost of 4500 credits, it will reduce the overall weapon recoil. 
  • TK63 Homing Rounds: With an overall cost of 4500 credits, it will add an alt-fire module to the weapon. 

Tactical Pistol 

Tactical Pistol
Tactical Pistol (Image Credits Exputer)

The final gun that will be achieved will be known as the tactical pistol, and if we’re being honest, it’s not all that good. The overall damage of the gun itself is pretty disappointing, considering that you quite literally get it in the extremely late game, as you will be able to get it when you get through the “Below” chapter. 

Its saving grace might be that it will have a decent base ammo capacity of 10, but other than that, it’s pretty much replaceable by any other gun out there. 


As for the upgrades, it will have the Magnum ROunds Damage Upgrade, High Capacity Magazine Upgrade, Stability Upgrade, and the TK33 Burst Mode upgrade. 

  • Magnum Rounds: With 300 credits gone, it will increase the overall damage of the tactical pistol. 
  • High Capacity Magazine Upgrade: With 900 credits, it will increase the ammo capacity of the pistol. 
  • Stability Upgrade: With a cost of 900 credits, it will reduce the total amount of weapon recoil. 
  • TK 33 Burst Mode: Costing 3600 credits, it simply grants the pistol an alt-fire mode. 

The GRP 

GRP (Image Credits Exputer)

The GRP isn’t really going to be listed as the worst weapon since it’s not really known to be a “weapon” that can actually deal physical damage, but it is rather handy to push and pull weapons and use environmental kills to take enemies out. 


Like the Stun Baton, the GRP has a large upgrade tree: 

  • GRP Recharge Speed Upgrade Small: It costs 300 credits and increases the GRP recharge rate. 
  • GRP Recharge Speed Upgrade Medium: Costing 900 credits, it will enhance the recharge rate even more. 
  • GRP Recharge Speed Upgrade Max: Costing 2700 credits, it maxes out the overall recharge rate for the GRP. 
  • Energy Upgrade Small: Costing 300 credits, it enhances the GRP’s overall maximum energy. 
  • Energy Upgrade Medium: It costs 900 credits to do exactly what the small upgrade does but more. 
  • Energy Upgrade Max: Completely maxes out the energy of the GRP for 2700 credits. 
  • GRP Velocity Upgrade Small: With 300 credits on the line, it will enhance GRP’s launch strength. 
  • GRP Velocity Upgrade Medium and Max: With 900 and 2700 credits, it will enhance the launch strength even more. 

My Recommendations For The Best Weapons

Callisto Protocol’s melee combat shines above everything else, which is why the Stun Baton is the only weapon that I would recommend getting maximum upgrades for. As for the ranged weapons, the assault rifle absolutely kills, and there is no competition. However, you’ll need to be careful regarding the ammo of this weapon.

Callisto Protocol
My Hours in Callisto Protocol (PSN ID: ELiTExNoGuns)

The Hand Cannon pistol that you start out with is also really powerful, and you don’t really need to purchase the other pistol that unlocks during the end game. The same can be said for the shotguns since the Riot is also amazing, and you don’t need to waste credits on the Skunk Shotgun.

And there I have it! All 7 weapons and how they perform in combat! And with that, I will wrap up my Callisto Protocol Best Weapons guide!  

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